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» ClickBank Thank You Pages & Downloads - Made Secure - Easily «

CB Thank You Page Protector is a PHP Script for ClickBank vendors available from http://www.marketingrocket.com/tscbsecure.php and http://www.scriptrocket.com/tscbsecure.php

The script prevents unauthorized users from accessing ClickBank Thank You Pages, Downloads, or sharing links to these pages or downloads.  

Each product's Thank You Page can be customized as much as you want, and can include dynamically customer-specific information such as the date/time of purchase, the customer's name, customer's country, the receipt number, etc.

Additionally, CB Thank You Page Protector can send an automatic thank you email to each of your customers. Once again, this can be customized as much as you wish, and can include customer-specific information such as the customer's name and receipt number.  You can use this feature to build relationships with customers, tell them about other products that you offer (and thus boost your sales), and to remind customers of what they purchased, their receipt number, how the charge will show on their billing statement, etc., (which can help reduce charge-backs and refunds).

Finally CB Thank You Page Protector also includes an automatic notification email.  You can get the software to automatically send a notification email to an email address of your choice after each sale. The notification email can also be fully customized, and can include customer-specific information. You can use this feature to notify yourself or your staff about new customers, or to interface with external third party systems and software such as autoresponders and customer-service applications.

CB Thank You Page Protector is affordable and very easy to setup - it's both cheaper and easier than competitors such as DLGuard and EasyClickGuard.

To find out more about CB Thank You Page Protector, or to get a copy for your website, please go to http://www.marketingrocket.com/tscbsecure.php or http://www.scriptrocket.com/tscbsecure.php

Check it out!

Posted on:9:37 pm on July 26, 2013
» Open-Water Sea-Swim for Charity - Please Support! «

A Personal Message from Sunil Tanna:

On Sunday July 17th, I will be attempting an open-water sea-swim in the scarily cold waters of the English Channel, from Bournemouth to Boscombe Pier, a distance of about 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers). This is a very daunting challenge, but it’s for a really good cause - to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, which is a charity that fights heart and circulatory disease by funding research and education, as well as helping heart patients.

   * The charity accepts donations not only from the UK, but all over the world, so please consider making a donation at http://original.justgiving.com/sunilswimming
   * You can make a donation of as much or as little as you want - minimum £2 - remember every little helps
   * You can make donations now, or at any time upto or include October 16th 2011.

Additionally if you have a blog, forum, Facebook page, etc., please consider mentioning this on your page, and suggesting to your readers that they make a donation too.

Your support is worthwhile, can make a real difference, and is very much appreciated.

Thankyou for your consideration.


Update: I took the whole family to Bournemouth at the weekend, but because of really severe weather (massive waves and high winds), the BHF’s water safety advisors postponed the swim. I hope to have a new date to do the swim shortly, and preferably will be doing the swim in the next 2-3 weeks. I’ll post an update on the new date as soon as I have it from BHF.

If you want to make a donation to support the British Heart Foundation's excellent work, you can still do so using this link - thanks

Posted on:5:23 pm on July 18, 2011
» Intermittent forum problem - registration, log-in, posting, reply, etc. «

We had a problem yesterday for a short while, and about a week ago when users were unable to register or post or reply to threads on this forum.  The problem however fixed itself, in both cases after a short period.

Basically all forms (except the search form) on http://www.ebookfriends.com didn't work - it was as if you entered no data, so for  example if a new person tried to register they couldn't get past the Terms and Conditions page.

We are looking into this problem, and it seems to be a server configuration issue -  but apologies for anybody who was inconvienenced by it.

If it happens again to you: PLEASE WAIT A COUPLE OF HOURS OR SO, THEN TRY AGAIN... If the problem persists then contact us

Posted on:4:15 am on Nov. 8, 2007
» Version 5 Beta release available «

To download the BETA release

Please go here


Read the terms and conditions on that page

If you agree, enter the password:  version500

(password is case sensitive)

Then download and enjoy

Remember to report any problems to webmaster@ebookcompiler.com and/or posting in this discussion thread.

Posted on:3:58 am on Sep. 15, 2005
» Answers 2000 Blog - eBook and Internet News «

Go to http://blog.ans2000.com/

If you wish to add our news to your site, go here: http://blog.ans2000.com/htmljavascript-syndication/

Posted on:6:16 am on Sep. 8, 2005
» Free Copy of Pay Per Click Galaxy ($97 software for $0) «

Go here for details:


Posted on:6:25 am on Aug. 24, 2005
» Affiliate Commission Rates Raised: 75% «

Previously all affiliate links to our sites paid net 50% (after ClickBank's fees) commission on sales

We have now raised the commission rate on many products to 75%.  This is initially for a limited time only. I plan to run this at least the first half of August, possibly the whole of August, and if it works out may extend it to additional products.

If you are not a member of our affiliate program, instructions on how and why to join are at

For linking instructions, as well as commission rates on each product, please go to

Finally if you are looking for other affiliate programs to join, here are the ones that I recommend. Note the green $ sign next to some programs means that we have received payments from the company listed (after all getting paid is the whole point of affiliate programs)

Posted on:1:02 am on July 30, 2005
» New Fast Board Search - Try it! «

This board has just been upgraded with two new features

1. A fast search function, that delivers results (and better results than before) in seconds, whereas the previous search used to take several minutes.

2. An archive function (see archive link on front page) which allows you to view all historic posts.

Please note:

- Free Ads and private forums is not archived

- Search results don't immediately include new posts, there is a little delay before they appear.

Posted on:8:11 am on June 27, 2005
» Rules Change «

We have made a few slight modifications to the posting rules,

1. primarily intended to clarify them.

2. We also want to make clear that we don't wish to claim copyright over your posts -- however we do claim the right to make use of your posts in this forum and elsewhere.  (see the rules to see what I am trying to say)

Existing members should click the Register link to review the revised rules.  (You do NOT however need to re-register). Continued participation in the forum indicates your acceptance of the new rules.

Thank you.

Posted on:12:53 am on Feb. 10, 2005
» New versions (updated) - PPC Galaxy, CoverFactory, EBookPower + 5 New PHP Scripts «

We have released new versions of CoverFactory and EBookPower (Advanced Multimedia for Activ E-Book Compiler)

We also have 4 new PHP Script products.

To read more, or if you have questions or comments please post to the appropriate thread:

Advanced Multimedia 5.01
Product Info: http://www.ebookpower.com
Discussion: http://www.ebookfriends.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=1&topic=539

CoverFactory 2.10
Product Info: http://www.coverfactory.com
Discussion: http://www.ebookfriends.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=9&topic=3

Pay Per Click Galaxy 2.00
Product Info: http://www.marketingrocket.com/prodgalaxy.php
Discussion: http://www.ebookfriends.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=11&topic=6

PHP Scripts (Top Site, Poll, Click/Counter Tracker, Feedback Form)
Top Site Product Info: http://www.scriptrocket/tstopsite.php
Poll Product Info: http://www.scriptrocket/tspoll.php
Click/Counter Track Product Info: http://www.scriptrocket/tsctrack.php
Feedback Form Product Info: http://www.scriptrocket/tsfeedback.php
Discussion: http://www.ebookfriends.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=12&topic=1

CBRocket PHP Script
(allows visitors to search ClickBank without leaving your site)
Product Info: http://www.scriptrocket.com/cbrocket.php
Discussion: http://www.ebookfriends.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=12&topic=2

Posted on:6:24 am on Dec. 20, 2004
» CoverFactory 2.02 - Create super sharp eBook Covers «

We have just released version 2.02 of CoverFactory. This is a program for creating 3D style images of books, software boxes, floppy disks, zip disks, membership cards, binders, CD-ROMs, books/boxes/binders with CD-ROMs

* FREE upgrade for registered users

* Not bought it it? FREE Trial, then $39.95 (+VAT if applicable) if you want it

More info at http://www.coverfactory.com/

or discuss in our forum

Posted on:6:57 pm on Mar. 22, 2004
» eBook Covers, CoverFactory 2, Quick Tips «

Latest newsletter, if you don't already subscribe, and want to get future issues by email go to http://www.ebookcompiler.com/list/

Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter. Please send comments,
questions or suggestions to webmaster@ebookcompiler.com











Before I start with the usual introduction, I'll just make a
quick point - if you are interested in E-Book Covers, please be
sure to read section 2 of this newsletter, BEFORE September 30.

Okay, on with the news...

On a personal note, many readers know from previous newsletters,
that I and Shalni got engaged last year. Now, we've finally tied
the knot: we got married in Ealing, London, on July 11.

On the business side, I'd like to thank the many readers who have
sent us suggestions for future enhancements to Activ E-Book
Compiler, either by email or posting to our forum:

While, I certainly can not promise that every suggestion will
eventually be added - I can promise that every one will be read
and considered. Users' ideas and suggestions have historically
been one of the useful ways to help Activ E-Book Compiler evolve
- and I really want that to continue in future. So, if you have
ideas that you haven't told us about yet - or - you've already
given us some ideas, and have subsequently thought up some more -
I really would appreciate you passing them on to us!

We also have a brand new software package, which is complementary
to Activ E-Book Compiler (and in fact most eBook compiler
packages). More on that in the next section...



E-Book covers are those 3D style graphic images of books (or
software boxes etc.) that you can use to represent your e-book in
advertising, on web sites, on the first page of your e-book, etc.

Over the last couple of years, in this newsletter, we've discussed
a whole variety of different methods of making them including
templates, tutorials, using standard drawing programs, and others.

Long-time readers will also remember that our company experimented
with offering an online method of creating e-book covers
("CoverFactory Version 1". The idea was you visited a web site,
entered your data into forms (e.g. what kind of cover you wanted,
what text you wanted and so on), and the Cover was then generated
automatically. While this idea was okay, most who used it, told us
that they would prefer to work on their own computer, rather than
via web-browser.

So... now we've done that.

CoverFactory Version 2 is a ground-up rewrite, than runs on your
computer and lets you create an unlimited number of great looking
e-book covers - very quickly and very easily. If you've ever
struggled very paint programs that simply aren't designed for 3D
drawing jobs - you will not believe just how easy it is to
produce REALLY GOOD covers using CoverFactory 2.

As well as creating e-book covers, CoverFactory 2 can do it a
whole more. It can create 3D style images of books, books+CDs,
boxes, boxes+CDs, binders, binders+CD, floppy disks, zip disks,
CD-ROMs, business cards, membership cards with rounded corners.
For CD-ROMs (and books/boxes/binders with CD-ROMs) there are over
150 ready CD-ROM graphics (gold, silver, etc.) to start from. For
floppy disks - over 200 ready graphics. For Zip disks - over 100!

Your creations can include shadows, reflections, special effects
like Lens Flare. You can make graphics that look like buttons,
have borders, are turned to grey scale, etc., etc., You can
rotate your object in all three dimensions, you can move the
object position, and the more.

The way CoverFactory 2 works is simple. Click New, pick the type
of object that you want to create (book/box/etc), and a wizard
then guides you thru setting up the content of the object (example:
what to put on each side). Once done, the screen is filled with
a Tabbed interface. Each Tab shows one side of the object, plus
a couple of extra Tabs let you modify the Layout, and see the
final "3D" image.

Need to change something? Each Tab has a list of Properties on
the right hand side - just Double Click and edit it.

Want to add some text, or a picture (or a rectangle, or ellipse,
or a polygon, or a barcode, etc., etc.) on top of one of the
sides of your object? Just draw it - and when you look at the
"3D" version - it magically appears!  

Did you draw the text (or rectangle, or ellipse, etc.) in the
wrong place, or wrong size, or wrong color? You can edit it any

Make a mistake? There's 10-step Undo and Redo.

Need to see more detail? Just Zoom In and Zoom Out.

Want to save your work so you can do more editing later? You can!

...And when you're done, you can copy the finished image to the
Windows Clipboard - or save into a JPEG, PNG or BMP format file.

There really is so much to CoverFactory 2 that I can't hope to
describe it all in this newsletter... that's why I want you to
download and try out the FREE trial version - and then you can
see what you think.

By the way, I do know that there are already some rival programs
that let you create covers on your computer. However, I think
you will find CoverFactory 2 is in a different league - it
certainly is compared to the ones that I've seen. CoverFactory 2
is packed with tons of features, very simple to use and super
fast. By super fast, I mean it will render high quality 3D
images in seconds - whereas some rival programs can take 10
minutes or more to produce their best quality images (and that
could easily be 10 minutes *each* time you make an edit and want
to see what the effects of it are).

As usual, comments, questions or suggestions are appreciated.

Please read both the next two little bits, before you download
and try it!


You can find out about CoverFactory 2, at the web site

If you want to download go to

Now I expect that as soon as I send this newsletter, many readers
are immediately going to think about downloading. Perhaps, so
many that it might even slow down the web site.

So, if you do have trouble, please don't keep retrying again and
again - wait an hour or so, then come back. Also, I'd appreciate
if not everybody picked download link  1 - just pick any of the
download links (1, 2, or 3) at random, and this should hopefully
spread the load, and let everybody who wants get the software
sooner. (Or you can safely ignore this paragraph if you
wait a two or three days from this newsletter before downloading).


CoverFactory 2, like Activ E-Book Compiler, is shareware. This
means that you can download a limited version for FREE. If you
like the program and want the full features, you need to

The FREE trial version of CoverFactory 2 is limited in two ways:
(1) You can't keep the final "3D" image, and (2) each side of
the "3D" image is overlaid with the word UNREGISTERED. Both
these restrictions are of course removed, if you do register.

Registration for CoverFactory will cost US $39.95. However, as
an introductory offer, any user who registers *ONLINE* before the
end of September 2003, can register for the lower price at US

This special offer is already programmed into the web site (the
exact end of the lower price is midnight UK time 30 September),
and because of this, I won't be making any exceptions, nor will
I be extending the special offer period. If you want the lower
special price - you know what to do.



If you read the section above, you'll have a pretty good idea
about what CoverFactory 2 is about.

There is one more piece of news...

On 1 October 2003, CoverFactory 2 will beginning having an
affiliate program. Participation in the affiliate program will be
free of charge - and you do not need to even use the software
yourself if you don't want to. Likewise, if you do use the
software, there is no requirement to participate in the affiliate

For those who don't know, the affiliate program is basically a
free opportunity for you to earn money. The way it works, is that
you place special links on your web site. If visitors to your web
site, click the link and later buy CoverFactory, you can earn
a commission.

The affiliate program will be run through ClickBank (just like
the EbookCompiler.com affiliate program).

The ClickBank rate for CoverFactory 2, will be set at 50% (as
usual that 50% of the price exclusive VAT and less ClickBank's
fees). If my math is correct, you should earn approximately
$17.97 per $39.95 sale of CoverFactory.

One of the things that I hate about some affiliate programs, is
when they offer you an "early bird" chance to promote a new
product - but you have to do it immediately. If you run an
email newsletter or need to update your web site - that isn't
always possible.

Hopefully the approach that I'm trying with CoverFactory 2, will
mean that those readers who wish to immediately on launch
participate actively in the affiliate program, will have enough
warning time to be ready to do so.

The affiliate program will of course continue into the future, so
if you want to promote some time in the future, after October 1,
you can do that too.



I have to say that I love our forum, http://www.ebookfriends.com/

It really is great to talk to different people creating e-books -
and what's more I keep learning new stuff thanks to many of them.

If you are interested in learning how to get your e-books to do
more, it really is a must visit. Users come up with so many tips
and tricks - that I'm constantly amazed.

Here are a few fairly recent discussions that I found particularly

From users:
(or rather, mostly from one especially clever user - thanks!)

How to use CSS to force page breaks when printing:

Using JavaScript to play sounds:

Tools to clean up HTML files generated by Word:

And one from me:

Hyperlink to a random HTML page:



I thought this was such a cool HTML trick that I just had to
share it. To be honest, it's not of huge use in e-books (although
it can be used if you want to save a few bytes), but it can
work wonders if you want to make your web site pages load faster.

It's probably worth saying right now... this particular tip is
aimed squarely at those who already have some prior experience
with HTML editing.

Let's say you have a 200X200 pixel picture in GIF file. You've
optimized the file (using a GOOD paint program - not all paint
programs optimize GIFs), and it's down to 50K in size. Can you
reduce it further?

Surprisingly, you might be able to!

If you slice up the GIF into (say) four 100X100 pixel images and
then re-assemble them in your page using an HTML table - you
might find the graphic comes out smaller! For example, instead of
one 50K image, you might get four 10K images (total 40K, thus
saving 10K).

How can this work? Because a well-optimized GIF file will
only contain the minimum number of colors necessary to display
it - and using less colors, can mean a smaller file size.

Now you know how the trick works - you can even use it cleverly,
when choosing the size of your slices. Try to pick slices that
only contain a few colors (and if you're good at HTML tables, you
don't even need to make the slices all the same size).

There are a few notes of caution:

1. It only works for some GIFs, and perhaps some PNGs. Not
JPEGs. Not BMPs.

2. It only works for **some** GIFs (experiment and see).

3. It works best for GIFs with large areas of solid color.

4. When you re-assemble your slices you will need to use
an HTML table to lay them out next to each other. Don't
forget to use CELLPADDING=0, CELLSPACING=0, BORDER=0 and
to put in the WIDTH= attribute in the table cells.

5. Experiment with different slice sizes. The optimal number and
size of slices, will depend on the size and content of the image.
A badly chosen slice size, could actually produce in a larger
result than the original.

For my 200X200 example, divided into four slices, the HTML
would look something like:-

    WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100>     WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100>
    WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100>     WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100>



As usual, I'll finish with a quote:

 "The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance
  may deride it, but in the end; there it is."
  -- Sir Winston Churchill

Thanks for reading! Send any comments, questions, or suggestions
to webmaster@ebookcompiler.com

After every newsletter, I always get a few emails from people
telling me that they want to change their subscription address.
If that's you, here's what you do:

1. Unsubscribe your old address:

2. Subscribe your new address:

3. Don't forget that after you subscribe your new address, you
will be sent a confirmation message, which contains a link that
you must click, to activate your new subscription!


Copyright (C) 2003, Answers 2000 Limited.
For terms of use http://www.ebookcompiler.com/legal.html


Posted on:2:51 pm on Sep. 22, 2003
» Kanoodle Free $5 «

I was unsure at the time of the last newsletter whether Kanoodle was still offering free $5 bonus when opening  a new pay per click advertising account with them.

Seems they are. For some reason a different page shows up on the computer I was testing on initially (it still does and I have no idea why)

You should see the offer (assuming you don't have the problem I had) by going to

Posted on:11:53 am on Mar. 7, 2003
» Advanced Multimedia Extension 5.00 released «

A new version of this optional add-on product for Activ E-Book Compiler is released today.  This is available from the web site http://www.ebookpower.com

There is also a new (free) demo :-)

For more info or to discuss, go to:


Posted on:6:18 pm on Feb. 3, 2003
» Two Free E-Books for Authors «

Two free e-books to read, enjoy, give away or make money from (both are rebrandable with your affiliate links)


Contains resources to submit your ebook, like E-Book Directories, etc.
(not the same as the content of the ebooksubmit.com site)

Interviews with 12 authors
(similar to the ebookinterviews.com site)

Posted on:5:51 pm on Sep. 22, 2002
» French translation, HTML tricks «

EBookCompiler newsletter from 2 September 2002

If you are not a subscriber and wish to subscribe go to


Thanks for subscribing to my newsletter, please send comments,
questions or suggestions to webmaster@ebookcompiler.com













First of all, apologies for the relatively long gap since my last
newsletter. Those subscribers who subscribe to some of my other
newsletters, will be receiving new issues of those too, in the
near future.

On a personal note, I will be getting married next year. We
haven't set a definite date yet, but I'll post some news and
perhaps a few digital photographs in our forum at
http://www.ebookfriends.com in case anybody is interested.



Most readers will probably already be familiar with my site
http://www.ebookinterviews.com which features interviews with a number
of e-book authors.

I have recently added some more interviews, and there are now 4 interviews from this year including on the site as well as 6 from
last year.  The four newest interviews are:

* William Teunis who teaches CGI programming
* Mark Mcrae who is a financial market trader
* Richard Grady who writes about wholesale, auctions and more
* Kathy Sparks who is a Certified Professional Virtual Assistant

All these authors were kind enough to share their experiences,
some tips, and their future plans - hopefully you will enjoy
reading them!

As long as you have completed an e-book, you too can submit your
interview if you like (there is a form on the web site). This
could be good extra publicity for your site, plus maybe a nice
(and well-deserved) ego massage :-) There are some guidelines
on the site for submitting interviews which I do recommend you
read before submitting - but the most important one - is try
to make it interesting and helpful for other authors!

To read the latest interviews or submit your own go to




I have probably skipped some stuff here because of the relatively
long interval since my last newsletter... but here's the

Activ E-Book Compiler 4.22 includes a feature (described in the
Advanced Features section of the Help) allowing you to translate
or modify most of the text for menus, toolbars, dialog boxes,
etc. This should work reasonably well for languages which use the
Western European character set such as French, German, Spanish

Claude d'Ampleman has been kind enough to share his French
translation of this text - to read about and download it, go to


Note: long URL, be sure to copy the whole thing to your browser's
address bar.

Activ E-Book Compiler's built-in search function, displays the
search form in a dialog box. However what if you wanted to make
the search form part of the content of your e-book pages?

Shane McMurray was kind enough to share his idea for solving this
question. See:

I have released a new version of Piranha Feed (my script to allow
easy integration of data feeds from Amazon Associates program).
This doesn't add any new features, but it does have a new way of
working... for those who are interested in now supports Amazon's
new Web Services interface.

If you subscribe to my affiliate newsletter as well, I'll be
sending a copy of that newsletter, with more detailed background
on the upgrade, in the next few days.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to
to find out!

There are two new reviews at marketingblast.com

PopUpMaster Pro - a toolkit and guide to creating and using pop
ups to promote your site

Link Building E-Guide - a guide to increasing web site traffic
using reciprocal linking strategies.

Some of you know that I had three web sites hosted at ThinkHost
(an excellent value low-cost web host). I recently moved them
to another host.

I'm sure somebody will ask about this, so just for the record
I was EXTREMELY happy with ThinkHost's service. The reason I
switched these over, is it was simply easier for me to put
them on the same account as most of my other sites, as then
I have 1 less company to deal with, a standard configuration
across more sites, etc.

My original and unedited ThinkHost review is still online at:

For more web hosts check out my directory at



Neil Shearing has produced a very nice FREE e-book, which you can
download, read or even give away from your site. It contains 101
short easily-digestible business articles, including some
excellent advice and tips.

Download a copy of Neil's e-book from


Neil's e-book looks like a book. I have mentioned this many times
before, but for those who forgot, and new subscribers, this
effect is produced by using a web page template designed to
achieve this appearance, called "EBookStarter".

For info on EBookStarter go to:

For discussion on this topic (long URL copy the whole thing)



This is a nice little trick if you want to print a neatly
numbered list of passwords from one of your e-book projects.
(Requires Microsoft Excel)

1. In Activ E-Book Compiler go to Edit Security.

Click Save, and save the password list into a text file. You can
now close the compiler.

2. Start Windows Notepad. Open the text file, then do Select All
followed by Copy. You can then close Notepad.

3. Start Microsoft Excel with a blank worksheet, and click Paste.

4. Your passwords should now be listed in column A of the
spreadsheet, the row number corresponding to the password number.

Go to Page Setup and make sure the option called "Row and column
headings" (in the Sheet tab) is checked, then click OK. This
tells Excel to print the row numbers when printing the

So, if you print the spreadsheet, hey presto, a numbered list of

If you don't have Excel, you can save the password list into
one of the programming formats like .ASP (step 1) and print from
Notepad. These formats do include the numbers of each password,
but it ain't as pretty.



I thought some readers might enjoy reading this somewhat tongue
in cheek article that I recently ran across:


There's a discussion about the article at geekvillage:





If you want to make a hyperlink that is not underlined, here is a
quick and simple way to do it

Code for normal HTML link:

Link to Yahoo

Here's the code for same link, but removing the underline:

to Yahoo

If you want to remove the underlines from ALL hyperlinks on your
page, add this code just before the tag:


Sometimes you might want to highlight words in your page. Try
this HTML code:

This is highlighted,
but the rest isn't!

The color "yellow" in the above corresponds to an HTML color name,
but you can also use the hexadecimal HTML color codes. For cyan
(a sort of greeny-blue), you would put:

This is highlighted,
but the rest isn't!

And if you don't know those hexadecimal codes, there's a chart



This one will only work with Internet Explorer 5 or later. In
e-books it will work if the user has Internet Explorer 5 or later
on his system:

Insert the following code where you want to force a page break
to occur:

(Page breaks will of course still occur if the text is too long
to fit on the same page!)



 "The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The
  optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."
    -- Sir Winston Churchill

Thanks for reading, and until next time!

Posted on:1:23 pm on Sep. 3, 2002
» Answering email «

I won't be answering email from evening (UK time) of Friday August 16th to Monday August 19th inclusive.

Any email sent to webmaster@ebookcompiler.com or my personal address, will be answered, just not immediately.  So please be patient.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Posted on:5:45 pm on Aug. 16, 2002
» Welcome our new moderator «

Please take a moment to welcome our new moderator

Posted on:3:51 pm on July 2, 2002
» EBookCode.com: Design Tips + Script Examples «

New site with design tips and some scripting examples for Activ E-Book Compiler.  Some of the examples on the site are based on discussions in this forum (but cleaned up)


Please post any comments, question or suggestions to this thread:

If you have a script example or tip that you think fits the theme of this site, email it to me at webmaster@ebookcompiler.com or post in this thread.

You will be credited with a link to your site, and your resource box  (you get about 4 lines including a link to advertise your site/product/service)

Posted on:2:56 am on May 13, 2002
» EBookInterviews.com «

Sorry the site was offline for a few hours earlier today due to a problem with the machine hosting it

The problem has now been fixed.  If you get an empty page, "new server is ready", hit refresh


Posted on:3:17 am on April 20, 2002
» UK micro mart magazine - Article about e-books + Activ E-Book Compiler «

The UK's micro mart magazine contains an article about e-books and Activ E-Book Compiler

Pages 124-125 in Micro mart magazine, issue 692 (April 11th 2002)

Posted on:5:14 pm on April 16, 2002
» Free Software - Power Domain Search 7 «

Get a free copy of the new version of Power Domain Search 7 + Resale Rights also free in return for help testing

More details at:


Posted on:5:33 pm on Dec. 31, 2001
» Christmas Holidays «

I will endeavour to catch up with as many outstanding emails as possible on December 24th, but after that my Christmas vacation begins.  I expect to begin answering emails again on December 28th.

There will also a short break for New Year holiday.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

I wish you all a merry Christmas, and happy and prosperous New Year!

If sending email questions, please be sure to include as many relevant details as you can, as collecting all the details over a series of emails can be a considerable time eater-upper, and slow down you getting an answer.

It always helps to be clear and complete in your emails, but it is especially helpful at this busy time of year.

Posted on:3:55 am on Dec. 24, 2001
» Bargain Traffic «

I have been an Overture (formerly known as Goto.com) advertising for well over 2 years, and have found it EXTREMELY good value.

So far I have spent several thousand dollars with them - and yes it was worth money.

You can advertise on their site (and you adverts also appear on major search engines like Yahoo and Altavista) - provided you have at least $20 per month.    The way it works is you "bid" on each keyword combination that people search on.  The more you bid, the higher up the results you come.  You only pay when the person comes to your site, NOT for merely being included in the results.

The minimum cost of a visitor is $0.05.  So for $20 per, you can get up to 400 visitors.  Doesn't sound much?  It's actually bargain.  The key point is these are highly targeted visitors who just search on the exact topic of your web site (so provided you bid only on relevant keywords that describe your site), are highly likely to become customers.

For example (your results may vary)

You spend $20, and get 400 visitors.

5% of these visitors buy.  5% of 400 = 20 customers

If each customer, say buys a $10 e-book -that's $200 of sales - or $180 profit

And, once you've set it up, all your need to do is add more funds to your account periodically, and you'll keeping making money every month.

Anyway the point of this post, is there is currently, a special offer, giving you an extra $10 worth of free traffic. To get it go here: http://www.hits4me.com/z_goto.asp

I would recommend the Self Serve option - there are tools within the member's area to get you started and find the right keywords to bid on.

If this doesn't all make sense, and/or you want some tips -visit these links before signing up

This explains how pay per click search engines, like Goto/Overture work:

Two sets of free tips:

I have also written an e-book on pay per click, which is available at marketingrocket.com - the market has moved on a bit since then - so I am currently revising it (so I'm not going to suggest you purchase it, at least not right now).

And then once you've read the above, if you decide to go ahead, sign up for your overture account here:

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» Newsletter 11/24 «

This is a copy of the EBookCompiler.com FREE email newsletter sent out 11/24.  if you want to subscribe go to http://www.suniltanna.com/list

Thanks for subscribing to my opt-in newsletter, please send
comments, questions or suggestions to webmaster@ebookcompiler.com











Before I start this issue, I just wanted to cover a couple of
admin points:


After every issue of this newsletter, I get a few emails
about people changing their email addresses, and so on. So, to
make it as easy as possible, a brief recap on subscribing,
unsubscribing and so on...

- If you want to subscribe a new email address to the newsletter
 go to http://www.suniltanna.com/list/
 Enter your email address, check which newsletters you want
 to subscribe to, and then click the button. After subscribing,
 you'll get an email sent to your address, which you must click
 on to confirm your subscription (if you don't you won't be

- If you want to change which newsletters you subscribe to, then
 you can go to http://www.suniltanna.com/list/
 Enter the email address that you've already subscribed, and
 pick a different selection of newsletters.

- If you want to unsubscribe, I'll miss you, and urge you not to
 (I'd rather you tell me what I could include the newsletter to
 make it more interesting for you!), you can go to

- And finally, if you change email address, unsubscribe your
old address using the procedure above, then subscribe your
new address, using the other procedure above.


My other newsletters... This newslettter is specifically about
Activ E-Book Compiler, and e-books in general. As you probably
are aware, I also have newsletters on other topics such as
domain names, Internet marketing, etc. I do describe these as
"occassional" but I haven't been sending out so many newsletters
recently... I hope to to start sending out more on each of the
topics more regularly. There is some overlap between some of the
subjects, so if you're subscribed to more than one newsletter,
there may be some similarities - (for example, I'll include a
similar admin note in the coming issues of the other newsletters)
however they aren't duplicates!



Many of you know (and already have e-books listed) at my e-book
directory at http://www.ebookjungle.com - that's


As this web site, you can list e-books for free, and yes, this
site does get visitors, in fact quite a lot and growing.

One thing that confuses some people is that to be listed in
EBookJungle.com you must include a button link (you get the
instructions when you submit) on the web page that describes
your e-book.


There's a really sneaky reason for this - and the best part is
everybody benefits.

I designed EBookJungle.com so it is very easy for search engines
to crawl the site, index it, and for the site to (generally)
get high rankings on relevant keywords. For example, it did
take a while, but Google, has finally indexed most of

EBookJungle.com is doing very well in Google's results! Here are
some links to some search results, that have brought me visitors
in the last day or so:
(these pages may display differently by the time you check
them - and also they are long URLs, so be sure to copy the whole
URL into your web browser).

#2 ranking for MCSE ebooks

#3 ranking for free ebook golf rules

#3 ranking for management ebooks

(I could go on but hopefully you get the point)

Now the important part is **WHY** EBookJungle gets visitors from
search engines:

1. I designed the pages to index nicely in search engines (well
that was the plan, and it does seem to have worked in practice

2. I didn't use a standard CGI script. For example, you'll
notice, none of the category pages include a ? in the URL
(which is a big no-no as far as most search engines are

3. EBookJungle.com has good link popularity - meaning many
sites link to it. (This is why I require the link back - but
there's another reason too... keep reading).

Earlier, I mentioned that EBookJungle's design is for YOUR
benefit too. There are two reasons:

(a) A direct benefit - you get listed on a high traffic site, for
free (and as I've mentioned a big part of the reason for it being
high traffic is because it requires these link backs).

(b) When search engines rank YOUR site, part of the way
they rank it is based on your "weighted link popularity". This
is basically a combination of how many sites link to you, and
how popular those sites are.  All those link backs to
EBookJungle.com are designed to increase EBookJungle.com's
link popularity weight.

Okay let's sum up:

(a) You can list your e-book on EBookJungle.com for free

(b) You need to link back from your web page to EBookJungle.com
to get listed

(c) You benefit in two ways: (1) You can get traffic directly
from EBookJungle.com - and (2) being listed really can help
improve your search engine ranking - because your being listed
on a "popular" site.

To get started:



I quite frequently get questions about how EBookJungle.com
checks the link backs, whether some people can "cheat", etc.

So I'll tell you the answers:

- The way it checks, is a "spider" an automated program visits
each site periodically to check the link back. If you remove
your link back, you loose your listing (you can it back, but
you have to wait a while) by re-adding the link back to your
web page.

- Occasionally the spider will come across a page which can't
reached (for example the web host is doing maintenance or
rebooting their server). In this case, the page is temporarily
removed, but will be re-added when the site is available again.
The spider is a little more fussy than human browsing, so
this does happen from time-to-time and you might get email
notification - but if it happens you don't need to do anything
(provided you haven't removed your link back!)

- I'm absolutely sure that no subscriber to this newsletter
would want to "cheat" - but if you know a person who is
"cheating" - the person they are cheating most - is themselves!
A person can't cheat in any obvious way. If they remove their
link back, they loose their listing. If they submit a "dummy"
page instead of their real page, they are actually not getting
the full benefits of the link popularity boost they could be

(To avoid confusion, I will mention that there are some sites
that I added myself to get the directory going, and these
sites, which are a decreasing proportion of the total, get
away without needing a link back).



I'd like to announce two new products an update to an existing

1. New Product: Build Your Mail Order Empire

This is an e-book how to start a mail order home business -
complete with resale rights and ready-to-go sales letter.


2. Update: Web Templates Treasure Trove

This is a TOTAL UPDATE to the web page templates package that
I announced in my last newsletter

By "TOTAL UPDATE" I mean it includes

- All new web page templates (101)

- Totally revised instructions (both beginner and advanced)

- A bonus resource section containing links to over 200 cool
 web sites to help you build and improve your web site.


(Anybody who purchased the previous version, please email
me including your FULL NAME and I'll send you the update
free of charge).

3. New Product: CoverFactory.com

This is a new web site that let's you create 3D e-book box
graphics and covers online - even if you have no graphics


(I'll talk about covers more in the next section).


I know I've mentioned this before, but I get an unbelievable
amount of email about this (it's probably the #1 topic for
questions). So if you've forgotten, lost the link, or are
a new subscriber...

An e-Book templates which looks like a book is available at:



I've recently updated this page (which is about creating those
cool 3D e-book cover graphics).


It includes links to cover creation tutorials, templates, and
designers who will make 3D covers for you.

One particular point that I wanted to mention, was the link to
the free templates page has changed (I know this was frustrating
some people).

The "old" free templates page that I had found was at an NBCI
site, by somebody called James. Unfortunately it seems to have
disappeared - if anybody knows if it's moved somewhere else -
please tell me!

The "new" free templates page doesn't seem to have quite
as many choices, but so far it's the only free template page
that I've found.


My new site, CoverFactory.com, is yet another way to create
e-book covers (even if you're a graphics klutz like me!). The
way it works, is you design your cover by picking from menus,
drop down lists, etc. It takes about 10 minutes if you've never
done it before - and less once you've got used to it.

The best part is, you see your cover as you design it, and
can go back. If you like the final result, you can purchase
the 3D cover that you made for $9.95. This includes 6 images
(large, medium and small versions of your cover in 3D and 2D).
Check it out and see what you think:



That's all well and good, you have a whole bunch of different
choices to get a 3D cover - but WHY should you want to make one?

The simple answer is looks nice, on your web site, (and some
people like to put them on the first page of their e-book),
and it gives a more professional image (which can help sales)

But, what few people mention is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to users
these cover graphics... ADVERTISING

If you make an HTML table containing your graphical cover,
and a compelling description of your e-book this can be
an absolutely killer advert for your product - way more
effective than banners, etc..

You can use this advert:

(1) on your own web sites

(2) let your affiliates include it on their sites,

(3) if you have written several e-books, include ads for one
   e-book inside its sister e-book(s).

If you don't know what I mean by this type of advert, go here:


Type in your ClickBank nickname (or just type in xxx if you're
not a ClickBank member) and see the ad that I use for Activ
E-Book Compiler. It works - and it works really well.



This is probably not something that interests everyone, but one
thing that has come up from time to time is "hardware keys".

A hardware key is a little piece of electronics that plugs into
a computers USB serial port, or parallel port. The idea is
that it protects a particular piece of software (usually high
value items that come on CD-ROMs) from being copied - because
the software will only work if the hardware key is present.
The USB/Parallel port is still perfectly usable, as the printer
or whatever can be plugged into the back of the hardware key.

Now for those of you who are creating high-priced e-books on
CD-ROMs, it has occurred to me, that thiis could well be of
interest. In other words, we could add support for hardware
keys as an OPTIONAL feature of Activ E-Book Compiler (so it
gives you another way to control distribution of your e-book,
but if you don't want to use hardware keys you can stick to
what you're doing already).

Assuming we went ahead, the program feature to support hardware
keys, would be available at no extra cost.

However, the hardware keys (which are specially programmed
with your name, so only your key works with your e-books) do
cost money to buy.

How much?  Well it depends on the volume. If a lot of people are
interested, we can buy hardware keys at around $20-$30 each, and
maybe for even less. If few are interested, it could cost as
much as $50 per key.

So, I'd appreciate if you contacted me if you think you might
be interested in a hardware key option: Please let me know how
interested you are (e.g. slightly, very, give me this option
now), and how many keys do you think you'd need (a) initially,
and (b) over a longer period of time (example: per month or
per quarter). There is absolutely no obligation to buy anything,
it's just so I can get firmer prices from the manufacturers
based on the number, we as a group, would actually need. If you
questions, I'd be happy to answer them too.

...And if you're not interested in hardware keys - then you
absolutely do not have to use them, you can stick to doing things
exactly as you do them now.



And so ends another newsletter...

 "Liberty is its own reward."
- President Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)

Thanks, and until next time.  And don't forget, I really do
want to hear from you!  Please send your comments on anything
that I mentioned in this newsletter (or anything else for
that matter) to webmaster@ebookcompiler.com

Posted on:6:49 am on Nov. 24, 2001
» E-Book Covers + Free Covers «


We have a new service, create e-book covers online at:

You design your cover by picking from forms/menus/etc.  If you like the design you can purchase the final version of your image for $9.95.  For this price, you get six images - large, medium and small in 2D and 3D

You don't not need to pay anything until you have finalized your design and decided you want it.

It will probably  take you around 10 minutes to create your first cover


In case you are wondering... not counting the text (which you can put your own words, fonts, colors in for), just for the "basic" cover, there are over 345,000,000,000 combinations [and growing] - so very unlikely somebody else will create the same cover as you.


I have just updated this page, which contains links to various tools, templates, tutorials and designers for creating cover graphics.

There used to be a link to a free template site that I discovered at NBCI.  Unfortunately the site disappeared (NBCI don't have free hosting anymore).  If anybody knows where the site is now (maybe it moved) please email me at webmaster@ebookcompiler.com

I did however, find another free template site, which i've added to the page


Posted on:5:32 pm on Nov. 21, 2001
» Connectivity issues - Nov 12/13 «

My host which most of my sites are on had some connectivity issues with their upstream  provider on November 12-13.  These seem to be solved.

If you're reading this message, I guess they are solved.

The consequence of this, where you may have had problems accessing my various ebook.com sites, suniltanna.com and my other sites.

Ans2000.com, MarketingRocket.com and Hits4me.com which are on different connections are not affected.

As I say, the problem seems to have been temporary and seems solved now.  Thanks for your understanding and patience

Posted on:2:38 pm on Nov. 15, 2001
» I'm back «

I'm back from my travels now

Jay dealt with email sent to webmastrer@ebookcompiler.com while I was away

We have caught up with all outstanding email now - but if anybody's message slipped through the cracks, please email me at webmaster@ebookcompiler.com and I will make sure that you are answered quickly


Posted on:3:58 pm on Sep. 20, 2001
» I will be offline, overlaying links, free e-book, pay-per click software + reminder «

This is a copy of our newsletter I sent out today

If you want to subscribe go to



In this issue:

1. Very Important Admin Issues

2. More "Overlaying" Links

3. A Really Nice (and Helpful) - Free E-Book for You

4. Pay Per Click Software (I love this one!)

5. A Reminder


1. Very Important Admin Issues

I will be unable to answer email in the first two weeks or so of
September because of other commitments.  Basically this means
if you send me email at one of my personal addresses, example:
suniltanna@suniltanna.com - then you won't get a reply until I
get back online.

This does NOT mean that you can't contact our company if you
have problems or questions.

My colleague (and incidentally he's my father) Jay Tanna will
be answering email sent to webmaster@ebookcompiler.com while
I'm offline. (Starting from early next week - I will still be
answering emails sent to me until Sunday at least).

My dad is quite a computer whiz, but he's also quite new to
E-Books, so please be gentle :-)

And of course, our forum at http://www.ebookfriends.com will remain
open while I'm offline.


2. More "Overlaying" Links

In the last issue I sent an alert about the eZula TopText and
Surf+ programs, which alter the appearance of web sites (it adds
their advertiser's links in the browser of people viewing YOUR
web site, without your consent and with no compensation to you).

After I sent this email I got a huge reaction.  Many people were
extremely concerned about the integrity of their sites. Other
people didn't understand how this was possible (but it is!). Many
people decided to take action.

Once again I urge you to educate yourself on this issue, Get
involved this is one of the most important issues on the Internet
today. It directly affects YOUR web site, and YOUR surfing

For those (most?) opposed to this technology, and want to fight it,
use every _legal_ and  _ethical_ measure at your disposal.

Here are some resources that may help you educate yourself

** Great Starting Point **

MSNBC story on this topic:  (Excellent starting point)

** Discussion Forums **

(See Stop Scum forums)

(Search Engine News and Chat Area)

(see Scumware forums)

*** Fighting eZula, Surf+, etc. ***


A Fictional Story For Non-Techies

Many people have difficulties understanding what this issue is
about, or how this affects them.  This is a FICTIONAL story that
I wrote which some people have found helpful. Please feel free
to pass this story on if it helps you or your friends better
understand any of the issues

This story is FICTION - and any similarity to any person live or
dead - any business, organization or entity - or any event in the
real world or cyberspace is purely coincidental.


KwikZeeMart is a successful store in my town. It's a successful
store thanks to the hard-work and business expertise of the owner
Abu KwikZee.

One day, I decide to open my rival store - EvilMart.

I do not have better or cheaper products than KwikZeeMart. I do
not have loyal customers. Still I need a way to take away their

I could start by throwing camouflage netting over KwikZeeMart. A
few sharp eyed people might see through the netting and buy from
KwikZeeMart , but many won't.

On the door, I could also stick a "Closed" sign: "Please go to
EvilMart round the corner"

I could also cover the KwikZeeMart's big expensive electric sign.
I would not change it, I will just overlay it. I will just put a
huge sticker with an ad for my store on top of it.

If KwikZeeMart distributes any marketing brochures, literature
etc., I could place a sticker on top of these too, with the
name, address, etc., of my store on top. I could also change
the recommendations on the marketing literature, so where it
says Abu recommends XYZ, the XYZ is covered with a sticker
saying ABC (ABC is of course only available at my store).

Finally, I could have my sales people wondering the aisles at
KwikZeeMart. If any potential customer picks up an item, my
salesperson could say "Hang on, why don't you come over to
EvilMart instead". Perhaps also applying a green or yellow
sticker, overlaying the item in question.

Abu, owner of KwikZeeMart, can still pay his landlord for
the renting his store.

Abu can still pay for lighting up his electric sign.

Abu can also still pay for distributing his marketing literature.

This is probably all be fair and legal, right (?!?!?!)

After all, I would only helping people see the information in a
different way. I would not actually alter anything at KwikZeeMart
- just "overlay" it.


My attorney reviews the plan. While "overlaying" may be legal, he
says that I would be physically infringing on KwikZeeMart's
property - which is probably illegal. (A techie friend, tells me
that in the computer world my initial plan would be the equivalent
of hacking into KwikZeeMart's server)

So okay, I won't actually physically do these items.

I will instead distribute sunglasses, which give the appearance of
these effects. I will make the wearing of such glasses required
or virtually required when a person obtains some other unrelated

Now I think that I have a plan that might be fair and legal.
Right (!?!?!)


I would need a way to get people to wear my special sunglasses.

Obviously I am concerned that people may not to put on the
sunglasses of their own accord, or may take them off later.

(I also have been informed the sunglasses may make some people go
a bit dizzy and fall-over, but I won't worry about that for now,
except insofar as it might cause people to take off the glasses).

I call up my friend Kevin (I like to call him Kevaa). Kevaa will
give away free music CDs and DVDs. The sunglasses will be included
with every one of these CDs and DVDs.

I am not actually sure that the CDs/DVDs in question belong to
Kevaa in the first place, but that's his problem. I am happy as
long as he keeps dishing out the sunglasses.

Kevaa will install the sunglasses on his, er, customers when he
gives them access to the free CDs and DVDs. The sunglasses are
sticky (is that superglue on the rims?) which might make them hard
to take off once put on.

I am sure that this would be okay, as Kevaa will include a note
with the sunglasses saying "Provides a better view of the world,
and helps you see things you'll like". So users are opting in.


I thought further on opening the EvilMart store.

Obviously I do not want to go to the time, trouble and expense
of actually opening and running a store.

Instead I will provide my "sunglasses-marketing-service" to any
store that wants to crush a rival, in return for paying me.

I may also just crush a few stores to demonstrate the
effectiveness of my "guerilla marketing" sunglasses. This might
also encourage the soon-to-be-crushed to pay me too - to avoid
them being crushed by the sunglasses steamroller-marketing machine.

A perfect business plan?


Some weeks later...

I implemented my sunglasses idea, and now I am getting a lot of
criticism for it.

Some of my victims - sorry slip of the tongue - I mean "stores
that I'm providing an enhanced view of", are upset and looking at
taking legal or consumer-pressure measures against me.

"No!" I say. "It's matter of consumer choice. People can wear
whatever sunglasses they like!"

This story is a work of FICTION - but many of the issues covered
in the story, might be considered analogous to eZula or Surf+.
I hope it helps you better understand or explain some of the
issues involved in the debate. And feel free to pass it on.


3. A Really Nice (and Helpful) - Free E-Book for You

Many people send me their completed e-books.  I love to see them,
but sadly I don't always get the time to look at each one in
detail.  (Some days I get 10 or more e-books sent me!).

Occasionally one e-book really does catch my eye, and I'd like
to tell you about one that I received this week - and have
permission to pass on to you.  It's called Search Engine
Ascent, and it's by Neil Durrant.

Get a free copy at

Password is

All lower case, no spaces.

Neil's e-book contains a wide range of tips and information
about search engine marketing. Good reading, and definitely
helpful if you want to promote your web site!

This e-book can also be customized with YOUR business
information, so you can give away copies to YOUR customers,
that earn YOU commission.

For instructions on how to customize the book check the section
inside the e-book called "Customise this book"

In case you didn't realize, this customization is made possible
by the Rebrander features of Activ E-Book Compiler.  If you
are still struggling to understand the Rebrander, there is
a simple example here:



4. Pay Per Click Software (I love this one!)

Many of you are familiar with Pay Per Click Search Engines like
Goto.com, and FindWhat.com.  These are search engines where you
pay to be listed, and the more you bid (like an auction) the
higher up the results you come for your keywords.

The amount that you are charged is based on the number of people
who click-thru to your web site.

I have found these search engines (especially Goto and FindWhat
but there are many others to choose from), a great, low-cost
and effective way to promote my web sites.  I even wrote an
e-book about it:


Anyway, one of the minor annoyances about these search engines
is it takes time to manage your bids - and if you don't spend
the time you can end-up wasting money by bidding more than you
need to  

German software house, Tangare have a really cool software
solution to this problem, and sent me a copy of their software
to try out.  I loved it.

Read my review at:

Basically I would say this is not for everyone, but if you are
seriously using Pay Per Clicks, then it's pretty much essential.

The software costs $149 - so you need to think carefully - but if
you spend over about $50 per month on Pay Per Clicks, then it will
pay for itself very quickly.

If you spend less than $50 per month on Pay Per Clicks, it's
a harder decision, but it may still be worth it, as it will
pay for itself over a slightly longer time frame.

Anyway, the simplest thing is to download a free evaluation copy,
and decide for yourself.

Start here:


5. A Reminder

Don't forget you can list your e-books for free at


Please follow all the instructions carefully (and check your
e-book is not already listed) before submitting it. So far the
only people who submitted but haven't had their creations listed,
are those who missed a step.

Also when you get a chance, feel free to drop into our forum at


Posted on:8:36 pm on Aug. 31, 2001
» Free Ad Take advantage now «

Another place to list your ebooks

If you are selling your ebook via ClickBank, then you may already be listed.  Enter your clickbank nickname into the search box to see.  

If you are already listed, you have a free ad, and a no action is necessary.  A link back is optional, but if you want to, insert this code into your web page (not your e-book, but your web site)

Another place to list your ebooks

If you are selling your ebook via ClickBank, then you may already be listed.  Enter your clickbank nickname into the search box to see.  

If you are already listed, you have a free ad, and a no action is necessary.  A link back is optional, but if you want to, insert the linking code into your web page (not your e-book, but your web site).  Go  to http://www.ans2000.com/a2k_avguide.htm and do View Source, find EBookJungle.com and you can find a button I made.  Copy this section of HTML code

Will look like this:
Click here

If you are not already listed,  click Submit, and follow the instructions.  A link back is required in this case, same HTML code as above.

IMPORTANT - Earlier submissions have an advantage in terms of the results, and will generally be listed higher and more prominently.  So submit, including getting your link back as soon as possible to maximize the benefit of being listed.

Posted on:5:03 pm on Aug. 15, 2001
» Welcome Back! «

Welcome Back!

Posted on:1:54 am on Aug. 8, 2001
» Easter holidays «

Our office will be closed for Easter from Friday 13th April to Sunday 22nd April inclusive.  This means there may not be anybody answering the phone or fax if you call during these times, there may not be anybody there.

During the weekdays concerned e-mail will be answered as normal except on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Have a happy easter.  I will remind you about this in our newsletter.  If you are not a subscriber, send a blank e-mail to ebookcompiler-subscribe@listbot.com to subscribe

Posted on:1:07 pm on Mar. 31, 2001
» Add video, sound, multimeda to your E-Books + the real power of ClickBank «








One of the most frequent topics in the questions that I get in my
e-mail are questions about adding sound, videos or other
multimedia elements to E-Books.

While Internet Explorer's dialect of HTML supports some features
for adding sound and video to web pages, and you can use those
features in E-Books (for example, the BGSOUND tag which plays a
sound in the background when a page is loaded), the basic problem
is that the "standard" HTML tags are just not adequate for
producing a full multimedia presentation.

Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of an optional
add-on product for Activ E-Book Compiler, which makes creating
multimedia E-Books a snap - the "Advanced Multimedia Extension".

What this new product allows you to do is simple:

* Easily add sampled sound (.wav) files to your E-Books

* Easily add MIDI music to your E-Books

* Easily add videos (.mpeg or .avi files) to your E-Books. You
 can display this videos fullscreen or in a customizable
 pop-up window (you can customize the caption, zoom factor,
 whether the video starts automatically etc.)

* You can also control CD Audio from your E-Books (for example,
 to play a specific track when a certain link is clicked).

* And lastly, you can issue "MCI" commands from your E-Book. This
 feature is for the more advanced user only... but it allows you
 to control *any* Microsoft Multimedia Compatible Device, for
 example a video-disc.

Now I am quite sure that I will get many questions about this
new product, so I'll try and pre-empt the main questions in this
newsletter (but do e-mail me if your question isn't covered).

Q. Why would I want to do this?

A. Obviously some of you want to do this kind of thing already
  (hence the questions that I regularly get in my e-mail on this
  topic), but put simply, multimedia allows you to offer a more
  complete presentation, make your E-Books even more compelling,
  and even create new types of product...

  If you're selling E-Books - your customers will love multimedia,
  meaning that you can sell more copies, or the same number
  of copies at a higher price.

Q. How does this work?

A. It builds on the Activ Script features of Activ E-Book Compiler.
  When you have the Advanced Multimedia Extension installed, your
  E-Books get access to a whole series of additional Activ Script

  For example, in a normal E-Book you can use HTML like this:


  to make a link, that when clicked, displays the E-Book's
  search screen.

  When you have the Advanced Multimedia Extension installed,
  there are additional commands for controlling Multimedia,
  for example, VIDEOFULLSCREEN will play a full screen video,


 will make a link, that when clicked, plays a video in full
 screen mode.

Q. What do I need to know to use this?

A. I want to make clear that this is NOT for everybody.

  You need to have some familiarity with HTML and to have
  at least experimented with Activ Script.

  If you are the kind of person who is happy editing HTML files
  in Notepad, Edit, etc., and has played with the Activ Script
  features of Activ E-Book Compiler, then you will using the
  Advanced Multimedia Extension easy.

Q. Where do I get multimedia files from?

  We do NOT supply the multimedia files.  You will either need
  to capture them using your video/sound/MIDI software, or
  download them from a suitable Internet site, buy a CD-ROM
  of files, etc.,

Q. How much this overhead does this add to my E-Books?

A. The over-head is 61.5K - meaning your E-Books are 61.5K larger,
  plus any amount that is needed to store your multimedia files.

Q. Aren't multimedia files very large?

A. Yes they can be.  If you plan on using many multimedia files,
  or large videos, etc., we would recommend that you distribute
  this type of E-Book on CD-ROM, ZIP Disk, etc.  We also
  recommend that you don't compile the multimedia files into the
  E-Book, but put them in a separate folder on the CD-ROM.
  Instructions on this are provided with the package.

Q. Are there instructions?

A. Yes.  Every new command is documented in the instructions
  but as I said earlier, the assumption is that you have some
  familiarity with HTML and Activ Script.  You do NOT need to
  be an expert, but you must have some basic familiarity with
  HTML editing.

Q. Where do I get more information?

A. We have set up a new web site about this new product, and it
  also includes a free demo that you can download which shows
  some of the capabilities of the system.  For more info, visit:




Many of you use ClickBank as your payment processing solution
for selling E-Book downloads or passwords (and I do myself too
as you know).

The obvious benefit of ClickBank is that it costs less than $50
to get started (one time set up fee), there is no monthly fees,
no minimum volumes, and best of all it's pretty easy to set up.

While these are great benefits (and yes ClickBank has a downside
too - it is more expensive per transaction than using your own
merchant account), are you exploiting the real power of ClickBank?

The real power of ClickBank is that it allows you to set up
an affiliate program (paying other sites a commission when
they help you make a sale) at no extra cost.

Used properly - an affiliate program can massively increase
your sales.

Here is what you need to do for build a successful ClickBank
affiliate program.

1. Log in to your ClickBank account, and set as high an affiliate
  commission as you can, while still making a decent profit. The
  higher commissions you pay, the more affiliates will link to
  you, and the more sales that you will make...

  ClickBank charges $1 + 7.5% per sale, and the rest is split
  between you an the affiliate.

  So, for example, if you charge $20 for your E-Book

  ClickBank takes $1 + 7.5% of $20 = $1 + $1.50 = $2.50

  Leaving $17.50 to split between you and the affiliate,
  So 50% commission, would pay the affiliate $8.75 (and you'd
  also get $8.75)

  And 20% commission, would pay the affiliate $3.50 (and you'd
  get $14.00)

2. Take a long hard look at your web site:

  (i) Consider removing links (or making less prominent) links
      to alternative forms of payment.  Affiliates will not
      want to link to you if most of your sales are made via
      PayPal and they don't get any credit for them!

 (ii) Make sure your offer is the most prominent part of your
      site (if necessary you can change your ClickBank home
      page to point to the specific page on your site with
      your offer).  Affiliates will not want to link to you
      if your main page contains 500 different links, and
      only 1 of them earns them commissions.

(iii) Work on your sales letter.  Affiliates can spot a
      merchant who knows how to offer an attractive deal
      to customers, that sells - and will prefer to link to
      them as opposed to lacklustre sites.

3. Add a page on your site about your affiliate program.

  You should explain your affiliate program, provide
  banners, text links, articles or any other useful tools
  that you can use to help your affiliates.

4. List your program in affiliate directories.

  Spend some time hunting down the main affiliate directories
  in a search engine, and submitting your affiliate program to
  each of them.  When writing your description, remember that
  you are selling the benefits of joining your affiliate
  program, not the product itself!

  If you need a submission service to expedite this process,


5. Recruit affiliates *yourself*

  The best affiliates who will help you make the most sales will
  probably be the ones whom you recruit yourself.  This should
  be part of a long-term strategy and does *not* offer instant
  results - but it can pay-off big in the long run.

  Even if you recruit just 1 affiliate per week, who is active
  enough to make a sale per week - after a year - you will be
  making 52 extra sales per week.  (52 sales per week, for a
  $20 product with 50% commission, is an extra $2,000 per month
  in your bank account).  Best of all, these affiliate will
  continue selling even if you're too busy doing something else
  (for example: taking a holiday) to promote your site yourself.

  Here are some things that you can do to help recruit affiliates:

* Make friends with other webmasters

* Join webmaster discussion boards or discussion lists - and
    _PARTICIPATE_ in the discussions.  

    Try to join discussions where your can use a signature
    which links to your affiliate program.

    NEVER post simply to get your link seen, or post
    self-promotional messages.  Most people are not taken in by
    these, and the few who are, will not be good/professional
    marketers, and so will generate few sales anyway.

  * If you are promoting your site using Ezine articles or
    adverts, banner exchanges, etc., see if you can promote your
    affiliate program instead of your product sales (you are
    giving up some sales now, in the hope of making more sales

 One last tip - a handful of the *best* affiliates will outsell
 thousands of average affiliates.  So whenever there is a
 choice, always try to concentrate on quality rather than



I regularly receive some great success stories from our users -
it is great to see some people succeeding so spectacularly, and
putting the software to some really innovative uses.

If you have a success story to tell, then I would love to hear
it, and please let me know if it is okay to share it with our
other newsletter subscribers.

Obviously not everybody succeeds immediately, so don't be
disheartened if you haven't yet achieved your goals:

 "Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking
  for it."
 -- Henry David Thoreau.

Thanks for subscribing, please feel free to forward this e-mail
to a friend.

Sunil Tanna


Posted on:1:14 pm on Mar. 20, 2001
» Free publicity for Free E-Books «

Thanks for subscribing to our opt-in list for ebookcompiler.com
users.  Please send comments, questions or suggestions to
webmaster@ebookcompiler - or join as at our forum at





...Rebrander Example
...ASP passwords
...Clip Art E-Book






As many of you know, as well as being the publisher of
EBookCompiler.com - I am also the author of the E-Book "Buying
Traffic for Pennies" which is about effective low cost pay per
click advertising,


One of the best places to advertise cheaply and effectively has
been Goto.com,.  Until a couple of days ago you could get
visitors from Goto for just $0.01 each.  Goto announced on March
1st a price rise - the minimum cost per visitor is now $0.05.

What are the implications?

Well... nobody likes a price rise, especially a 500% one!

So if you are a Goto advertiser, I would suggest you pass your
comments on to them (as I have done).  The announcement message
from Goto, did after all, ask for comments.

Having said that, your next step should be to see how this affects
you.  I posted some initial thoughts to the marketingrocket.com
subscribers list yesterday - if you want to read the archived
message, I've posted a copy in the announcements area of
ebookfriends.com at:
(it will be the 2nd from top announcement by the time you read
this e-mail)




While PayPal is a good service, and I know many of you are using
them to sell E-Books or other products, they have also been in
the news recently, and not for good reasons:


The article also refers to people's comments about PayPal at
AuctionWatch, here is the main relevant thread:


Now I have no personal experience of PayPal, and I know many
people use them without any problems too - but in the end it's
up to you to assess the risks and choose the right payment
system for you.

If you are looking for alternatives to PayPal look at section
4 on this page:




If you check our forum at http://www.ebookfriends.com/ you will
find a number of tips on using the software, and more being posted
regularly both by us (Answers 2000 Limited), me personally (Sunil),
and forum members.

Here are a few tips (all these require version 4)

A simple example of how to use the Rebrander:

For those of your running NT, an ASP example of selling one
thousand passwords:

Clip Art E-Book - how to make a book containg graphics users can



Have you created a free E-Book?  How would you like some free
publicity... an Australian firm is looking for great E-Books to
include on their CD-ROM.

This could a great chance to increase your profile... if you're
interested, please contact them directly.  He are details of
the offer:


MSIncome.com is looking for authors of free ebooks
who are willing to have their book included on a EBook
CD library being produced in Australia for distribution.

This CD is going to be a large collection of EBooks covering
a wide range of topics with a multimedia front end and a
complete search engine for the customer. We are making it
as generic as possible so everyone has the ability of having
their work seen.

Initially the CD will only be available in Australia, however as
our marketing grows we will offer the CD to our International
friends. It will have a very lucrative pricing structure and enable
people to sell it from their site.

Our first run is only a 1000 units however we have booked
double this amount to cater for demand. If you would like your
EBook included on this CD please send a link to us at
staff@msincome.com. We will keep you advised on production
and distribution. Please only send us the books you have
complete rights to.

Quentin Brown
CEO MSIncome.com



I have recently begun playing around with SubmitPro. I checked it
out initially last year (when it was good), but I've been using it
again recently and it seems to have got even better since then.

SubmitPro is an unusual submission service - it does not rely on the
"submit to a zillion search engines" formula that many competitors
do (and experienced marketers will know that these competitors are
not necessarily offering good value - it's far more important to
get a good rank on one or two popular engines).

The submission part of SubmitPro will submit as many times as you
like to the top 100 search engines, verify your submissions and
keep track of when you submitted.

Additionally you also get a nice (but fairly) short search engine
guide. This is, I suppose for some, fairly basic information - but
it's honestly written by an old-hand at search engine promotion
and does contain some worthwhile insights.

However SubmitPro is not just about submission, there is also a
pretty good doorway creator, and an ad tracking tool (which can
track all your campaigns).

Overall I find SubmitPro to be refreshingly hype free, honest and
on the ball. I therefore have no hesitation in highly recommending
them if you're looking for a submission and doorway creation tool.

More info at



 "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't,
  you're right!"
  -- Henry Ford

Thanks for subscribing, please feel free to forward this e-mail
to a friend.

Sunil Tanna


Posted on:6:28 pm on Mar. 2, 2001
» MarketingRocket.com - Goto's pricing changes «

This announcement is primarily intended for owners of "Buying Traffic for Pennies" - http://www.marketingrocket.com/buytraffic.html - but it also contains relevant information for anybody (I understand this is over 30,000 people) who is a Goto advertiser:

Goto raises minimum bids

A lot of you are who own "Buying Traffic for Pennies" are Goto
advertisers (this is one of the main topics covered in the
book).  Today Goto announced they are raising the minimum
bids on keywords from $0.01 to $0.05.  This change applies
to all new accounts and changes in bids starting now, and
to existing accounts from September.

So what are the implications of this change?

My first thoughts were extreme anger:

(a) because it hurts many small advertisers


(b) because no prior notice was given of the change - so if you
spent a lot of time preparing the bids in an Excel spreadsheet
which you had not yet submitted, your time was potentially


(c) I have been a long time GoTo advertiser - and don't like
being treated this way

From the initial reactions of various webmaster discussion forums
- the reaction of many small business advertisers seems to be
entirely negative - nobody likes to pay more for the same

But once the anger subsides the next step is to consider the
implications for your business.

Here are some thoughts on this topic:

1. If your ROI (Return On Investment) is still good, then you will
want to continue advertising on Goto.  That is to say if you make
more than $0.05 per average visitor - this is still good traffic
to buy.

If you take the example in the book on the "Proof" page I turned
$100 of advertising into over $5,000 of sales. Now under the new
rules, I would have spent more than $100 (but not 5X as much, as
some of my bids were already over $0.05) - and still would have
made a substantial profit .

So how do you know if the ROI is there?  Calculate your earnings
per visitor (see "What's a visitor worth?" ).

2. Given that advertising costs with Goto are rising, is more
important than ever that your site *sells* your products
effectively.  The more effectively that you sell, the higher the
return on your advertising.

Here are some resources that you might like to look at:

Million Dollar Sales Letters

Hypnotic Writing:

3. If you can't raise you earnings per visitor sufficiently,
then it may time to look other sources where you can buy
traffic from:

* ClickXchange

* Other Pay Per Click Search Engines: example: FindWhat

4. If you are selling a product or products, maybe it's time to
consider setting up a pay-per-sale affiliate program.  This lets
other sites carry your ads in return for a percentage of each
sale they help you make. It's low risk - if the other sites
don't sell - you don't pay.

If you don't already have an affiliate program, then you will
need to either join an affiliate network, or buy the software so
you can run the program yourself. I recommend this popular


There are some more alternatives as well as background information


(By the way if you need help setting up a ClickBank, Commission
Junction, GroundBreak or other affiliate program and are in the
UK we are available to do consultancy work on this, call us on
0208 810 9975)

5. It is not impossible that Goto may change their mind about
this change if they see it will mean many of their current
advertisers leaving. So...

* If you are a current Goto advertiser, then e-mail that you
received from Goto probably says that you should "feel free to
email" them with your comments or questions (mine did).
The address given is Goto's client services department (not the
same as the reply address on the email).

Alternatively if you want to call them, here are the details:

Monday to Friday: 6am to 7pm Pacific Time
Saturday: 7am to 4pm Pacific Time
  (877) http://www.GOTO (1-877-999-4686 -- Toll free in the US)
  (626) 685-5700

* Goto participate in searchengineforums.com, so if you post
there (keep it polite!), your comments will be read by them.
Here is the URL:



In conclusion:

I know there are a lot of angry people about there about what
Goto has done but remember

(a) There are still plenty of other sources to buy traffic

(b) If you are selling a product - even with the price raises,
you can still make Goto work for you - strategy is now more
important than ever!

(c) Pay-per-click traffic is only one source of traffic to
your web site (and Goto is only one of many pay per click

Posted on:5:50 pm on Mar. 1, 2001
» Activ E-Book Compiler version 4.01 «


The important news today, is we have just released a new version,
4.01 of Activ E-Book Compiler.  This is a modest upgrade over
version 4.00 which we released last week.  

Having said that, I would recommend that everybody who is using
4.00 does upgrade to 4.01 at their first opportunity.  

If you are using a previous version of Activ E-Book Compiler (for
example 3.0x or 2.0x) then, you may upgrade whenever you're ready.

A complete technical explanation of why we recommend this upgrade is being sent to our opt-in mailing list.  To summarize though, a problem shows up as a delay in starting E-Books, compiling,  etc.  when certain 3rd party software is also installed.  The problem does NOT cause any data loss.

The problem is completely and totally resolved in version 4.01.

To download 4.01 go to (be sure to press Refresh to get the
latest version of this page):

We have also published upgrade instructions at:


Special thanks go to David Sheridan who helped us in tracking down the problem and verifying the fix for this issue.  David is involved in providing services to accountacy firms in England and Wales, and if you are interested in this type of service, you can find out more at

Posted on:2:42 am on Feb. 11, 2001
» Activ E-Book Compiler 4 available «

Version 4 of Activ E-Book Compiler is now available from our site.

Registered users can upgrade FREE

Unregistered users can try the new version FREE

Some of the new features are listed at http://www.ebookcompiler.com/powerfeature.asp

For upgrade instructions please go to

And to download the new version go to

An announcement is also being prepared for subscribers to our opt-in list.  If you are not a member of the list, please join by sending a blank e-mail to ebookcompiler-subscribe@listbot.com

Posted on:2:40 am on Feb. 11, 2001
» Activ E-Book Compiler Version 4 news «

Activ E-Book Compiler version 4 will be officially announced in the next few days.  

We did hope to finish this before 31st January, but we will miss our self imposed deadline by just a few days (but not by much).  

Sincere apologies for that - it is the first time EVER that our company has missed such a deadline.

The upgrade is FREE for all registered users.  

I am not going to go into all the new features and enhancements in version 4 (they will be summarized in the official announcement e-mail)  - but let me say there are a lot...   Whether you sell E-Books, create E-Books for CD-ROMs, use E-Books for training within your company, or use free E-Books for marketing or to promote your affiliate program, I am confident that you will find the upgrade worthwhile and exciting.

If you subscribe to our opt-in list you will get the announcement via e-mail - if you are not subscribed, send a blank e-mail to ebookcompiler-subscribe@listbot.com

Posted on:2:32 am on Jan. 31, 2001
» Reminder - Xmas closing «

Our office is closed for Christmas until 4 January (as announced in the e-mail)

We WILL be responding to e-mail and monitoring the forums even while closed, but just a little slower than usual.

Have a merry Christmas!

Posted on:5:38 pm on Dec. 21, 2000
» Free Xmas Present «

We have a free product that you might like to download, our
Christmas 2000 Fun Book!

Inside the book you will find fun, games, free gifts, and a
chance to win up to $11,000,000 (really - and it's FREE).

The book is, of course, made with Activ E-Book Compiler,
and demonstrates HTML, graphics, Java and JavaScript in
an E-Book.  I won't claim it's the best book ever - but
it does show you some of what's possible.

Please feel to pass this E-Book on to other people as
well - just make sure you give it away free.

Here are some ideas for things you can do with this E-Book:

* Try it yourself!

* Give it to your friends!

* Give it away free to your customers and business associates
 as a "thankyou"

* Give it as a free bonus with your product or service

* Give it to people who sign up for your opt-in e-mail newsletter

The more people who download the book, the better, as it also
serves an serious purpose - it reminds people of the important
work done by Save The Children. So please do pass it on.

For download info please go to


Posted on:3:25 pm on Dec. 7, 2000
» Welcome - We're open «

Welcome to EBookFriends - we're open!!

Please enjoy the forum

Posted on:3:23 pm on Nov. 22, 2000
» (Press Release) Breaking Down Electronic Barriers for E-Book Authors and Publishers «


Eva Almeida
EBooks N’ Bytes
Tel: +1 250-632-4291

Sunil Tanna
Answers 2000 Limited
Tel: +44 208 810 9975

Breaking Down Electronic Barriers for E-Book Authors and Publishers

Kitimat, BC, 22 November 2000 – Two of the leading E-Book Internet sites were pleased to announce the creation of a joint discussion forum, EbookFriends.com, open to E-Books authors and publishers from all countries, and completely free to use.

“Programs like Activ E-Book Compiler (www.ebookcompiler.com) make it easy and cheap for an aspiring author to write, publish and sell their own books in electronic form. Almost anybody can do it – and they don’t need to be a technical wizard”, said Eva Almeida. “But even so, a lot of authors do find it helpful to talk to other E-Book writers.”

The purpose of the new EbookFriends.com forum is to provide a home for a friendly community where authors and publishers can talk about all aspects of E-Books. This includes the technical details of creating and publishing, as well as business issues, and social chat.

“Writing can sometimes be a solitary occupation, but my experience is that many authors are very sociable people”, added Sunil Tanna. “Based on the feedback we get from our customers, I am very confident that there is huge desire for a place that will facilitate networking between E-Book writers and publishers.”

As of today, EbookFriends.com, is open and available to all, and the first members have already been welcomed aboard! Whether you’re already involved in E-Books, aspire to be a writer, or are just curious, you’re invited to join us.

- END -

Answers 2000 Limited is a UK-based software and internet development company. The company owns a number of popular web sites including WildComputer.com and Hits4me.com. The company is also the developer of the popular Activ E-Book Compiler, easy-to-use, yet powerful E-Book creation software (www.ebookcompiler.com).

EBooks N’ Bytes is a leading E-Book portal on the Internet, and is also the central hub of a network of E-Book-related sites, and home of the popular newsletter Ebooks N’ Bytes Informer.

Posted on:2:42 am on Nov. 23, 2000

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