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Archived Message:

*waves nervously and creeps in

ghostwriter Hi

I'm new to ebookfriends and I thought the best place to start may be in here.

Ebooking in itself is new to me too. I've heard about ebooks, of course, but not really explored this world lurking companionably behind them.

There seem to a lot of you. What do you enjoy about ebook writing and how did you start?

I love writing and reading and have just started my own business doing just that - how great is it doing what you love to do, and getting paid for it. Magic!

I'm looking foward to getting to know some of you and enjoy your masterpieces.


Posted on: 12:17 pm on November 20, 2009
RiffRaff Hello, Lucy....!

Posted on: 7:51 pm on November 25, 2009
ghostwriter Hi RiffRaff

What do you do hereabouts?


Posted on: 10:41 pm on November 25, 2009
RiffRaff According to Mrs.RiffRaff, as little as possible....but when I escape from supermarket support duties and working my fingers to the bone between 9 and 5, I try to sell my (small) range of musical instrument tuition ebooks....now released on CD, courtesy of eBay rules and regs.

Posted on: 4:37 am on November 26, 2009
ghostwriter Sounds to me you need a break!

What's the community like here? I'm just learning about the whole e-book world, but I have 2 little people under my so find time at something of a premium and trawling websites ishigh on my luxuries (which don't come around all that often!).

How did you get into writing?

Posted on: 7:20 pm on November 27, 2009
RiffRaff A break! Yes! At last! A woman who understands me! Run away with me today!
I see us sailing around the South Seas on some twin masted schooner-or-other, trying to eke out a meagre but happy living selling bits of artistic driftwood and the like.....!
There is, you'll have spotted, a teensy-weensy flaw in my pipedream...well, a few, actually. One, I have no money. Two, I live in the UK, where twin master schooners are a tad thin on the ground, and three, I don't think Mrs.RiffRaff would be all that impressed with me leaving.....thinking again, perhaps I'm a bit hasty in assuming number three!
The original ebooks idea initially stemmed from trying to teach a pal a few guitar tricks...it seemed easier to do it "graphically", so I designed a little visual demo to illustrate certain points.....It was he who suggested trying to market the idea. Searched around for a good compiler, and chose Activ....(commission cheques welcome, Sunil!)
Originally sold as downloads off the eBay site, until they decided that it was/could be a bit of a minefield as regards copyright etc., so was forced to alter the format and bang 'em out on CD instead. Pain, really : the buyer now has extra P&P charges as a result, and, of course, has to wait x days for it to arrive.
As regards writing, I've had a few ***** s at BBC comedy sketch competitions and the like over the years, but.....
[sigh] so little time, so much left to do.....
Nah...again, it's pipedream stuff...I'll leave it to the professionals!

Posted on: 10:18 am on November 28, 2009
RiffRaff How intriguing!
That "asterisked" word above was simply "kcarc" (but backwards).....
Looks as though the forum has a rather over-zealous filter!

Posted on: 10:49 am on November 28, 2009
ghostwriter LOL, I ran off already! I'm abroad, living the dream. Yeah right! Living IN a dream owing to general lack of sleep based on my 2 pre-schoolers' ideas of what a good night's sleep should be.

Interesting how you ended up doing what you're doing.

I have a feeling I may be on the cusp of one of those 'accidental successes' as well. I just threw together a planner to sort my family/business/me out and suddely it's a WAHM planner that loads of my friends want copies of. I'm trialling it in December then redrafting mid-Dec so I can get my 2010 one printed off.

I'm really excited (for me, not anyone else!!)It would be cool if I could make some money out of it as well of course!

Right, to bed now.

Nice chatting

Posted on: 10:32 pm on November 28, 2009
aditya31 yes, writing an e-book are both fun and getting paid, two for one.

Posted on: 8:10 am on August 10, 2015


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