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Archived Message:


ebookbobby hi fellows,
i am 30 male from india ,a medical professional...intersted in ebooks.
i am new to e book publishing .i wouldlike to publish an ebook soon...i would like to know
1.how the book is published?? does it require a fee???
2.how will i get money ,i mean what is the mode of transaction
3.is there any market for medical books in ebook malls
4.is there any free software which can help me writing these books
hoping to get a reply soon

Posted on: 11:43 am on July 25, 2005
Storyman Hello Bobby,

Welcome to the forum.

If you do a search for 'selling ebooks' and 'marketing ebooks' you'll find loads of information. Some of the information/advice is good, some bad. As with anything when they promise that you'll make cart loads of money sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true.

"how the book is published?"

Most often ebook publishing means distribution through the Internet. Some ebooks are too large for download and the publisher releases the ebook on CD-Rom.

"does it require a fee?"

Some ebook compilers do charge a fee, most don't. The reason for the fee is related to the security system imposed on the ebook. Each ebook compiler has a different approach to making your ebook secure from being unlawfullly redistributed--some offer no protection at all.

If you do a search through this forum you'll find several threads concerning ebook security. Before making a decision on which ebook compiler is the right one for you decide on how you intend to market. The two main apporaches are: 1) payment is required before the ebook is downloaded; 2) the ebook is downloaded with a few sample chapters unlocked. My preference is for method two because I want the user to pass a copy of the ebook on to friends (known as viral marketing) and Activ's security system minimizes the registration codes, used to unlock the ebook, from working on two computers (the probability is 0.1%).

"what is the mode of transaction?"

Again, search through the forum for additional information. Finding a method for collecting money isn't the real problem (there are many services that will provide that will help you.) The real problem is what happens after the transaction is made. This is where the type of security system you use becomes important.

The choice is that you can use a fee service (or write your own if you know PHP) or use software program that has a one time fee. Basically what happens with the fee service is that after the ebook is purchased the user is sent a link to where they can download the complete ebook.

The other method (the one that I use) required a one time purchase for a system that allows the user to pay for the ebook, then immediately be given a registration code to unlock the ebook.

Of the two methods I prefer the second because: 1) The ebook is known to work on the user's computer. 2) Completion of the sale is immediate. 3) The user is not required to endure another download. 4) The ebook can be shared with a friend, but the friend will still need to purchase a registration code to look beyond the free demo pages. 5) Reduces charge-backs because the ebook is already working on their system and they are using the same ebook that they previewed the demo pages.

"is there a market for medical ebooks?"

This one you'll have to research. Who is your intended audience? Medical professionals? ???

"is there any free software?"

Are you interested in free software or the best software to accomplish your objectives? For me I focus on my objectives, then find the right tool for the job.

Every now-and-then, I'll reevaluate the software I'm using. Not that I'm interested in the latest bells and whistles, but what makes the job easier and/or accomplishes my goals. Recently, I reevaluted the ebook compiler that I've been using (it's been Activ eBook for some time now). What I found is that for my purposes Activ is still the best compiler out there. Most of the others were eliminated because they either didn't have any theft prevention or if they did it required a fee of some sort.

Most of the ebook compilers have a demo version. Try them all and see what you think. The thing to check out is how the ebook is made secure and the hidden cost to do so. You won't find a hidden cost with Activ. Do a search in the forum and you'll find several threads related to the subject.

Your questions are always welcome.

(Edited by Storyman at 11:28 am on July 25, 2005)

Posted on: 7:27 pm on July 25, 2005
ebookbobby THANKS A LOT  storyman ...that was very much informative to me......surely in days to come i will  need more of ur advises...
so how many books u have published and what was your experience so far???
how long have u been publishing e books???
and wat type of e books do u publish???...and was e book publishing economically satisfactory for u
can u give me a link so that i can see ur e -books


Posted on: 10:08 am on July 26, 2005
Storyman Hello Bobby,

Most of what I do is geared toward in-house corporate material and/or for college instructors who want to publish electronically. Teachers like ebooks because it increases their profit (there is no need to go through the student store) and at the same time reduces the student's cost (not to mention it eliminates recycling of course material.)

Something else that I should mention is that the final ebook file size is important. The smaller the footprint the better it is for your customer as well as for your bandwidth usage. To that end consider optimizing all images and using CSS for design.

Personally, I feel that ebooks are just starting to hit their stride in that they are finding new uses. A lot of web sites make a lot of promises of getting rich quick with ebooks. Like anything it takes time to learn your market and to find out what works and what doesn't. Don't be discouraged if your first attempts don't become best sellers. As Edison said when asked about his thousand failed experiments before discovering the first light bulb, "I didn't fail a thousand times, I just found a thousand ways not to make a light bulb."

Posted on: 7:18 pm on July 26, 2005
ebookbobby thanks story man that was inspiring???
wats ur opinion about my compilation of medical question and answers???more than 5000 questions
do i have to copy right my work???/

Posted on: 9:52 am on July 28, 2005

( no question marks after that ..i didnt mean  It as in above reply)

Posted on: 9:54 am on July 28, 2005
Storyman Hello Bobby,

You are in India, right? If that is the case, then you will want to look into their copyright laws. In the US copyright applies as soon as you create the work. (For US readers the advantage of actually filing is that if you file within 3 months of creation and need to bring legal action you'll be able to recoup legal cost--otherwise you will not. Verify this by going to the government's copyright site.) Whatever you do don't take someone's advice about legal matters from something you see on the Internet. If the person happens to be dead wrong what are you going to say in court, "...but your Honor, I read it on the Internet." Consult an attorney who speacializes in intellectual property rights.

5,000 is certainly a lot of questions. It's difficult to answer your question without knowing the type of questions.

For marketing purposes, I'd suggest you group the questions together by subject. For example, "Questions/Answers About the Spine," "Everything You Ever Wondered About the Skin," or "What You Need to Know About Skin Disease." You get the idea.

What I've found with marketing on the Internet is that niche marketing works best. That isn't to say that is the only thing to work, just the nature of the beast.

Posted on: 5:02 pm on July 28, 2005


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