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Archived Message:

where do I start ??

Greenwean Hello everyone, I'm new here, you all seem very friendly !  I've written a book and want to promote it as an ebook.  Up to now I've spent so much time trawling the net trying to find any information that will help me, now I've found this site, and there's so much info, I don't know where to start !

My book is written, my site is set up, so could anyone tell me please, where do I go from here ?

Posted on: 6:47 pm on March 2, 2004
EBookCompiler Hi there

What's your web site URL

Maybe you could give us a clue what specific you are looking for help with it?

If you are selling an ebook, and need help promoting it, top things I would do:

1. Create a sales letter on your site.  Check the sales letter is clear, and the order to process works. (Get a friend to test it or look it over at least).  Also check page titles and text near top of the page contains the most likely keywords people searching for your type of site would use - seewww.searchenginerocket.comfor tips, or get a copy of web position (there is info about the free trial version of this there too)

2. Submit to search engines, starting with google.  I'll take about 1-2 months for them to index you.

3. Submit to pay per click search engines, if you can find the money, in particular Overture, FindWhat, possibly Kanoodle, Ah-ha.  Don't go crazy with bidding, and ignore the very small pay per clicks at least for now.  THere's a list of quite a few atwww.ebooksubmit.comandwww.searchenginerocket.com

4. Start an affiliate program (if you use ClickBank to sell you have this already).  Find some friendly small but popular sites on your topic, see if you can ask them nicely to consider promoting it.  No spamming - just a nice personal approach. Give them free copies if necessary.

5. As with #4 but with newsletters publishers

6. Set up some kind of incentive for sites on your topic to link to you. An affiliate program would do nicely. Failing that free content to other sites in exchange for links (e.g. provide articles for them to publish in exchange for  linjk back), or...

7. Take a look atwww.ebooksubmit.comfor additional ideas.

It's hard to say more without knowing what your topic/site is about, and whether there are specific things you want to achieve.

Posted on: 10:59 pm on March 3, 2004
Greenwean Thank you for your reply.  I've already done quite a bit of research, brainstorming, checking keywords etc.,  got loads of info re advertising and traffic etc., although anything else will be appreciated. !  My site is completed but not as yet registered or submitted, I wanted to get this book thing sorted out first.

Thanks for the links as well,  I'll check them out.  What I really meant to ask was, how do I go about setting up the process of selling ebooks on my site ?  downloading etc.,  I've found a lot of info and adds on this site, but wouldn't know which one to choose, does anyone have any advice, I need the easiest option !!  I'm not a computer expert it would have to be written so that the average idiot could understand what to do !!

Thank you in advance.

Posted on: 7:03 am on March 4, 2004
dreuby Hi, I've posted an answer to getting started, etc in answer to your other question:

Posted on: 4:04 pm on March 7, 2004
EBookCompiler You mean the tech stuff of selling downloads

Start here

This is pretty basic, but enough to get started. You can always improve it later.  It's usually best to start simple rather than aim to do the whole tomali in one bite

Posted on: 5:46 pm on March 10, 2004
mags Hi All

I've just popped into say hi. I've been buzzing about and nosing in all the forums. It seems you all have a lot of get up and go, which is great. Enthusiasm is the only thing that spurs you on sometimes.

Posted on: 11:18 am on April 27, 2004
Ebook Architect To answer Greenweens question about setting up the selling process on your site, here is what I recomend you do.

1) Set up your sales your sales page and use a company called 2checkout as your third party credit card processor (www.2checkout.com). They offer great rates (only $50 to start up and no monthly fees). If you want to see how it looks from the buyers end go to my website (located in my signature below) and click on the buy button... you will notice that it is completely seemless. When you go to buy, it looks like you are still on my site, but you are really on 2checkouts secure site. Don't worry, you don't need to buy anything off of my site I just wanted you to see the example.

2) Next, the user can convert to the currency they wish

3) once they click the final purchase button, they are automatically passed back to the downoad page on your site and sent an email with a link to the download page. (the link is "masked" which means that people can't revisit the site or send the URL to their friends because it only works once).

That's pretty much it. The company is very reputable and is VERY easy to use. When I first started with selling ebooks I was awful on computers and I could figure how to set the ecomerce up on my site in about a day.

Hope this helps.

Don't forget to check out my site below to see an example of how the purchase screen looks.

Posted on: 4:36 am on February 4, 2005


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