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Archived Message:

Greetings to All!

Sundancer   I hope I am doing this correctly.  If I was supposed to repy to a post, please forgive me and let me know how to do it right.
  I have just started an ebook project for a regional  community service website I am volunteer webmaster for.  We planned to mirror an etext archive, but never heard back from them, so we decided to create a little open access CyberLibrary for authors to have a place to "donate" a copy of their "free to give" promotional ebooks (with their own  "affiliate" links) and folks to come download them.  It is only a couple weeks old, so it's still a little rough.  It's also designed to be accessible from Lynx and older browsers , so it will never be very fancy.
  I love to read, and I used to write a lot of poetry, song lyrics, and little stories, but since I volunteered to be a webmaster, I seem to write more HTML code than anything else the past couple years.
  I am interested in learning about the formats of ebooks, the software to make them, and sites that offer information for folks to get started making their own and resources for those who already are authors so I can share what I learn and link to great resources for my visitors.  
  EBookFriends was one of the first sites I found when I started getting into EBooks and joined this forum not only to meet folks who share my passion and learn more, but, hopefully, to give back by being as much of a  value-added member as I can be.
  I run Win98, Linux, and FreeBSD on my workstations, and will LOVE the day I can run an EXE book on the UNIX types of systems as well as the Windows one.
  I hope to get started on an EBook of my old poetry and other little pieces this summer after I get a little more work done on the sites I am working on and have a little time for myself. :D
  I appreciate this forum and all of you who have made the nice contributions I have read so far, and am looking forward to getting to know you all better.
  I am adding my favorite sig to this so I can see if it is too long and if I'll have to find a shorter one if it goes over the three lines.

Posted on: 12:11 pm on May 5, 2003
EBookCompiler Welcome

To start a new topic, you click the New Topic button (which I guess you must have already found!)

When you want to reply, when viewing an exisitng topic, click Post Reply and it gets appended on the end of that topic.

I do not know much about FreeBSD.

I understand on Linux there is a program called Wine which emulates the Windows API.  I do not know if this is mature enough to work yet, but eventually the goal of that program is to allow Windows programs (EXEs) to run on Linux.  For Activ E-Book's it might be possibly one day (or perhaps even already???) to set up a Windows version of IE, plus the ebooks under Wine.

I would also say it is not inconceivable that one day one might develop an Activ E-Book Compiler, or a cousin of that program, for non Windows operating systems.  Right now, there hasn't been sufficient demand

Good luck with your project!

Posted on: 3:26 pm on May 5, 2003
Sundancer Thanks, Sunil!
I have a little experience with forums, but I was always busier setting them up for clients than getting around in them, and have made errors on another board because I thought theirs worked the same and ended up accidentally posting off thread.  This one is nice!
FreeBSD is great!  Much the same as Unix and Linux. It has a Linux emulator so I can run all my Linux stuff there too.   I have not yet tried WINE. There is also WABI.  I hope to check them both out soon and if EXE books work in either or both I will come back and let eveyone know how it worked out, if that's OK and not a dead topic by the time I do it.
Sorry my sig was too long, I changed it right after this post.  Thanks for fixing it for me and keeping me in compliance.  Bless you for your commitment to quality!

Posted on: 4:55 pm on May 5, 2003
dreuby Welcome, Sundancer.  That sounds like a project that will keep you busy - I hope it all goes well!

Hope you enjoy your time here - I always enjoy "talking" with other ebook creators and readers.

Posted on: 7:51 pm on May 5, 2003
Sundancer Thank You!  It is going well.  I was working on a "mirror" of the project optimized for use with Will Master's Ebook Generator, which would allow visitors to compile their own "ebook" of the pages they picked.  This version will have absolute links, so once they had a copy, they could download without actually having to go to the site.  ( A new concept in "library cards".  Then they could come back from time to time and make a new one to catch the updates).   Space was becoming more of an issue, but a new net neighbor just offered to donate 50 megs and has set up a subdomain on his server for it!  
...And I am working on a slim volume to add, as well, due in large part to the folks I have met here that helped inspire me to give it a go.  So thanks again, with blessings!  

Posted on: 10:15 am on May 17, 2003
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Posted on: 2:38 am on November 15, 2003


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