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Archived Message:

Free Software in return for testing - Power Domain Search 7

EBookCompiler Power Domain Search version 7 is ready, (I think)

If you have not ran across this before, info about the previous versions is available at:http://www.marketingrocket.com/pwrds.php

The new versions is a big improvement over previous versions - some hightlights include
- new more powerful search functions
- shopping cart for putting together your domain picks
- new domain registration partner (cheaper registrations)
- help instructions
- advice articles on buying, selling, trading domains etc.

Some other changes:  

The old version I gave away some copies, and also sold some for $9.95.  I also had resale rights option (allowing co-branding) as an option

The new version - will be free from me.  The resale rights option will still be there for those who want it (and you can give it away as a bonus, sell it, or whatever).

Okay now to the nitty gritty

I need some help testing the new version

You will need Windows 95, 98, NT4, XP, 2000 or Me + Internet Explorer 4 or later

I want you to download and try out the program, and post here if you find a bug

While testing the version is for your personal use only -
when we're done - you get to keep the program + take free advantage of the resale rights option if you want.

Testing will be over the next few days only, as I think I am close.

So... if you want to participate:

Please post here:
1. Your Email Address
2. Which version(s) of Windows you'll be testing on
3. Which version(s) of Internet Explorer you'll be testing on
4. When you post check the email notification option in post options

I will keep this thread for posting bugs/updates

Posted on: 5:31 pm on December 31, 2001
Louis 1. Your Email Address


2. Which version(s) of Windows you'll be testing on


3. Which version(s) of Internet Explorer you'll be testing on


Posted on: 6:17 pm on December 31, 2001
Barbara Wilson Email address - barbara@ecoverdesigns.com
OS - Win 98
IE version - 5.5

Posted on: 7:22 pm on December 31, 2001
Frederik Samsing Email address: fredsamsing@hotmail.com

Windows version: 98

Internet Explorer version: 5.5

Posted on: 7:55 pm on December 31, 2001
Frederik Samsing Just forgot to tick email notification

Email address: fredsamsing@hotmail.com

Windows version 98

Internet Explorer version: 5.5

Posted on: 7:58 pm on December 31, 2001
janajoel As an A.B. Board visitor, I'd like to opportunity to test your software:
email: joel@famous.as
O/S: Windows 98
I.E. Ver.: 6.0

Posted on: 8:21 pm on December 31, 2001
Mike Ambrosio Hi.  Please include me in your software test.  My OS is 98 and my browswer is IE 6



Posted on: 9:14 pm on December 31, 2001
Gary Hendrickson Hi,

I'd be interested in participating in your testing.


I use Windows 98 with IE 6


Gary Hendrickson

Posted on: 11:50 pm on December 31, 2001
tctan I'd like to opportunity to test your software:
email: tctan@newbiemakemoney.com
O/S: Windows 98
I.E. Ver.: 5.0

Posted on: 1:52 am on January 1, 2002
ScottDaMan Very interested in your test.

1. Your Email Address

2. Which version(s) of Windows you'll be testing on

3. Which version(s) of Internet Explorer you'll be testing on
IE 6.0 and Opera 6 if you want me to.

4. When you post check the email notification option in post options

Posted on: 3:38 am on January 1, 2002
jepullen jepullen@yahoo.com

98 / nt4(sp6) / w2k(sp2)

ie5   ie5.5     ie6.0

Thanks for responding to my questions.

Posted on: 5:06 pm on January 1, 2002
dwood Email address: dwood.alltel@prodigy.net
Windows version: 98 SE and XP

Internet Explorer version: 5.5 and 6.0

Posted on: 5:21 pm on January 1, 2002
EBookCompiler Thank you all for the great response

I've just sent you all email with download instructions, etc.

Good luck and have fun.

If for any reason you didn't get the email, you can reach me at webmaster@ebookcompiler.com

If there's anybody prevaricating and thinking about this, I will accept additional people until midnight tomorrow (2nd January)

Posted on: 6:47 pm on January 1, 2002
davez I'd be interested in testing to help out.
Win 98 SE
IE 5.5
NN 4.76

Posted on: 8:07 pm on January 1, 2002
Neil Tarvin Well, I didn't notice anyone with Win 95 jumping in here, so i'm game...


Win 95 (OSR2)

IE 5

Posted on: 5:30 am on January 2, 2002
EBookCompiler Thanks I sent you two guys email

Everybody else was sent email yesterday.  Some people didn't get it, so I sent again including CC to myself - it only came thru this morning (slow).  

If for any reason anybody hasn't got download instructions, please email me and I'll personally send them to you

Thanks again everybody, enjoy the program, and looking forward to hearing back from you all.

Posted on: 4:47 pm on January 2, 2002
cohodeb I'd love to help test it!

Win 98 and / or 95
IE 5.0

Posted on: 9:05 pm on January 2, 2002
EBookCompiler I forgot to post before

The software is complete and the final version is available here:


If anybody wants a rebranded version containing a link back to your site, drop me a note

Posted on: 6:20 pm on January 12, 2002
Troy troy336@aol.com
O/S  Win XP
IE  6

Posted on: 5:58 am on January 28, 2003
EBookCompiler Troy check the date on the previous post - we finished the testing, released that version nearly 2 years ago.  Subsequently we stopped distributing that program some time ago.  Some sites which we gave permission to redistribute this program may still have it available

Posted on: 2:23 am on January 29, 2003


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