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Archived Message:

Review of LeahMerchant

stampebook Hello Everybody,
As previously posted, here is what I have found with LeahMerchant. LeahMerchant allows you to automatically distribute electronic files of any sort to paying customers.

Their address is:

This software allows you to accept payments from Paypal, Clickbank and 2 Checkout. Once the customer pays, Leah automatically verifies the correct amount and provides a download page or email (or both) to the customer. Different download links are created for each purchase, and they can be set to expire after a specific number of download attempts or a certain number of hours.

I don't have very much programming experience, so I found the setup to be quite difficult. I think they offer free setup though. The price is steep, around $150

Tech support is fantastic. One of their guys answered my questions on multiple days after hours, very promptly. The Software works perfectly. Anytime anyone buys an ebook from me, a download link is instantly and securely sent to them. I have the links set to expire after 3 attempts or 72 hours, whichever comes first. If that wasn't enough for them, I can instantly send a new link to them later with the push of a button.

There's really nothing I have to do now. I definitely recommend this software, just have them set it up!

Please post if you have any questions.

Posted on: 1:37 pm on June 9, 2005
EBookCompiler I went to your site, and clicked the payment link

I noticed it has leahmerchant in the URL, but seems to lead to a PayPal page only. What precisely are they doing for you? I don't understand

Also: forgive me if this sounds overly suspicious, but what precisely is your relationship to leahmerchant?

The reason I ask, is I noticed that you appear to be using the same name servers, and same web hosting company as them (as of 20/6/2005) which seems a bit of a coincidence.


Name servers as 20/6/2005: NS.MARCHHOST.COM NS2.MARCHHOST.COM
IP address =
Which belongs to Hurricane Electric / FastServers, seehttp://www.samspade.org/t/ipwhois?a=

stampebook: (has private domain registration info) but...

Name servers as 20/6/2005: NS2.MARCHHOST.COM NS.MARCHHOST.COM
IP address =

Which belongs to Hurricane Electric / FastServers, seehttp://www.samspade.org/t/whois?a=

Posted on: 6:35 pm on June 20, 2005
stampebook EBookCompiler wrote -->
***Also: forgive me if this sounds overly suspicious, but what precisely is your relationship to leahmerchant?

The reason I ask, is I noticed that you appear to be using the same name servers, and same web hosting company as them (as of 20/6/2005) which seems a bit of a coincidence.***

I don't have any relationship with LeahMerchant, other than purchasing their software. As for being on the same server...  I had my hosting with Earthlink, however I did not have access to a MySQL database, which was necessary to install the software.

I am sorry if these posts came off as an ad for LEAH, I truly have no relationship with them.

As for what the software does, after a client purchases through Paypal, the software automatically verifies the correct amount and paid status. It then automatically sends the file to the purchaser.

I was merely trying to inform the users on this board about the software. Another member had asked me to post a follow-up review, which I did. Forgive me if something seemed suspicious.

Posted on: 9:52 pm on June 21, 2005
EBookCompiler OK, I accept your explanation.

I'm sorry if I was overly suspicious.  

I'll unlock the other thread too.

Posted on: 4:54 am on June 24, 2005
Ebook Architect What I still don't get is why you need this company. 2checkout can pass your customers back to a download page without any outside help from 3rd parties?

Posted on: 8:35 pm on July 5, 2005
Storyman Probably the expiring download links.

What I don't get is why, with Activ, anyone would want to use expiring download links. It suggest that only one password is being used. What a waste.

Posted on: 8:59 pm on July 5, 2005
stampebook Hi Everyone,
Sorry, I didn't realize there was still activity on this thread...

The main 2 things that attracted me to using this product were:
1. Expiring download links - Each time someone buys, a new link for the ebook is created, which expires after 3 tries or 48 hours. If someone tries to email the download link to someone else, it will be deactivated soon. (In hindsight, I guess they could just email the ebook, couldn't they?)

2. It automatically checks the amount paid to Paypal before sending. I would hate to sell ebooks at $1 just because that's what someone paid.

I think I did a lot of things backwards when I created my ebook. It took a lot of time, and I wanted to make sure I was bringing a quality product to market. I probably overpaid for some of the services I used, but I am quite pleased with the result, and I have recouped all of the money I have put in to it, and then some...

I hope this helps!

Posted on: 2:37 pm on July 6, 2005
Storyman Are you using only one password for your ebook?

The reason I use Microcreation's APS is that it allows the use of a possible 1,000 registration codes for any one book.

1. Instead of the buyer making a payment before purchasing they are encouraged to download a preview version. The preview version contains the entire ebook, but with Activ it's easy to control which pages the prospective buyer can view.

Even after the ebook is registered when the user passes the ebook on to friends they will only see the preview version until it is purchased.  Because there are 1,000 possible registration codes it is unlikely that two friends will use the same registration number (0.1% probability).

2. Using Microcreation's system the buyer doesn't have an option to change the price. Download one of the programs to see for yourself.

If the Leah system works for you that's all that is important. It seems though there is a greater change of program sharing since it would appear that you are using only one registration code to unlock the book--otherwise you wouldn't be concerned about expiring url links.

Posted on: 4:38 pm on July 6, 2005
EduBooks In all fairness and the way I see it, this is a problem that the entire software industry faces, there are two issues (product delivery and product protection).

Keeping this in mind, I don't think that LeahMerchant's self-expiring links are meant as an end-all to prevent others from downloading your products. Actually, it gives the buyer as many tries as needed to download the product since you might not want to only sell ebooks with it. This is what companies like ShareIt, RegNow and DigiBuy do as well and have been doing for years. They still leave developers to install or add their own registration/locking systems.

This system (leahmerchant) is for do-it yourselfers or those who want more control of how they sell. Since it also delivers individual serial numbers and now has follow-up tools.

This product makes sense when combined with a product that forces registration when delivering ebooks.

There is a reason why 2Checkout supports and has several 3rd party carts that deliver digital goods. One reason is that without some form of registration system, your download url can be exposed to the world if posted on bulletin boards. And also, it's fairly easy to force a 2Checkout demo transaction and steal a digital product. 2Checkout knows this and recommends custom coding to prevent such theft. I think 2Co was originally meant for physical product distribution where you can check out the legitimacy of an order before fulfilling it, thus the need for products like LeahMerchant and Activ.

So I think combined with a product or system like Activ that locks your product, you would have a potential winner.

I was using LEAH-Merchant when it first came out two or three years ago to sell an expensive $395 Visual Basic based scientific analysis software product for engineering students. The only reason I stopped was that I got tired of trying to keep up with all the changes to Windows and sold the rights and code to someone else.

The good thing is that the LEAH-Merchant staff still sends me updates at zero charge, even after two years. If I ever decide to sell again, I can still use it. So I think it's a great product for what it does.

Posted on: 9:46 am on August 17, 2005

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