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Archived Message:

Writing Romance Ebook

 »New to ebooks, I have a few questions
LadyPoe Hello Everyone,

I'm writing a Romance, Action, Adventure, Fantasy book and I am planning on publishing it as an Ebook, and so have a few questions:

Are there any length restriction on Ebooks?  I was planning on making my book anywhere from 300-500 pages in length, but I could always shorten it.  I have too many ideas^^.  Is there an average length for Fantasy/Fiction Ebooks?

I am also a bit of an artist and wanted to include illustrations along with my ebook, is that possible?

Thanks a bunch,

Posted on: 12:57 am on February 19, 2004
EBookCompiler I deleted a duplicate copy of your post, I guess you hit submit twice

There is no length restriction (at least none likely to affect you) with Activ E-Book Compiler

What you might want to think about:

1. What is reasonable for your readers to get/read/digest/download in one chunk

2. Is there an opportunity for you to split the work into multiple books (sequels) and get more sales that way

3. Whether you want to organize one HTML page = one chapter, or one HTML page = one actual page.  I would suggest the former.

Yes you can include pictures with Activ E-Book Compiler. Draw them in a paint program in JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.  Or scan them from paper into one of these formats. Then put them into your HTML pages.  Be aware that a lot of pictures can greatly increase your ebook's file size, which affects what is reasonable for a person to download

Posted on: 5:31 pm on February 19, 2004
dreuby You may also have to consider your web host - paid hosts don't usually have restrictions on file size, but free hosting comapnies do.

Posted on: 7:30 pm on February 20, 2004
LadyPoe Thanks a bunch for the advice guys

Posted on: 8:55 pm on February 21, 2004
Neenah13 I am also into writing and compiling Fiction eBooks--- Romance, Children's, Young Adult and Picture Books. They run anywhere from a modest 4 pages to over 500. I've found that it makes it easier on me to break the chapters up into five html pages each. Most people don't like to scroll one long page. I sure don't.

But doing 500 pages of html even with a template is tedious, and I'm working on 6 projects at once and in 4 different formats. Just don't want to take the time to code all that, or wade through the muck of junk code Word generates.

Putting in page transitions helps your book to have the feel of turning pages for your readers, and it's fun. For the 'adult' books, I use only 3 or 4 different ones, but for the kids, I use them all.

I can get really caught up in designing eBooks. Very addictive. I prefer eBooks that have a tasteful background that complements the story. For instance, a floral pastel for romance, a bucking bronco for a rodeo story, etc. Black and white is fine for print books, but eBooks can take some liberties IMHO, if it's done well.

Those of us trying to persuade people to read fiction in the eBook form have a challenge to present the best possible work we can since we're not taken terribly seriously. Which means not only a great story fantastically designed, but one that has been edited for typos, grammar, punctuation, and all that boring stuff. However tedious that is, we need to remember that our reputation is going to be attached to our work. We want it to sing pretty for us, and make others sit up and join in!

I'm in the fourth or fifth edit for the 500+ page romance. I sure didn't want to do another one, but I'm glad I forced myself. I found some horrible mistakes I would have been embarrassed for had I let it go "as is" and someone emailed me about them.

Good luck in your venture!


Posted on: 7:42 am on February 26, 2004
mags Hi all.

I was lucky to have my novel accepted by an E book publisher. They do the illustrations for the book, but ask you for ideas. They also handle press releases and interviews. What I'm looking for is a list of e book reviewers. I can't seem to find where they are hiding out. Can anyone help me out?
I'm also looking for a diverse crit partner. I write paranormal/romance.

Posted on: 11:12 am on April 27, 2004
dreuby Eva Almeida has two useful sites:
http://www.ebooksnbytes.com- this has links to many useful sites for ebook authors.

If you do a search for "ebook reviews" you'll get quite a few results to search through - many will be non-fiction, but you'll find some that cover your genre, I'm sure!

Posted on: 11:40 am on April 27, 2004
mags I'm off to have another search.

Posted on: 12:45 pm on April 27, 2004

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