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Archived Message:

Managing Lists

Sue I have a subscriber list of over 450 and it's growing daily.  

I'm building this up to sell my e-books through an on-line newsletter and the problem is this wretched list!

At the moment I'm keeping it myself using Outlook Express, but I've been told that there is a limit to how much bulk email I can send.

I've looked at the alternatives and it seems that I'm faced with either using something like egroups which means I'm probably going to have to imput all those addresses by hand or purchase something like mailloop.

This is my preferred option, but it's expensive.  Anyone any other suggestions?


Posted on: 3:45 pm on January 1, 2001
EBookCompiler Hello Sue

My advice would be to get away from Outlook Express ASAP.  Why? Cos as your list gets bigger, managing subscribe/unsubscribe requests could turn into a big job..

If you have access to CGI on your web site and a little tech know-how (or can get it), then this may be the best option. There are lots of scripts (of varying quality) floating around to manage lists. The downside is for really huge lists (thousands'n'thousands of people) is that it can eat into your bandwidth allowance (your host may charge you extra if you exceed it), and puts extra work on your server, which your host might not like.  For small + moderate size lists, particularly if not mailing daily, this should be okay.

Alternatively there are quite a few windows programs floating around to do opt-in list e-mailings.  I am not sure how well they deal with the management side, which is the main issue going forward

We tend to use scripts for our lists, except for the smaller lists, where it's easier to use listbot etc.

You might find this page helpful

As for conversion,  I think cut'n'paste may be your friend.  See if you can figure out a way to cut'n'paste int whichever program/solution you eventually use.

If the Outlook Express won't easily cut'n'paste into the correct layout for the program you're converting too, sometimes it helps to use an intermediate program, a bit of testing and trial'n'error might find the answer.  For example you might find that cut'n'paste to word or excel, reformat in word or excel, then cut'n'paste to the final program works.  

Good luck

(Edited by EBookCompiler at 4:29 am on Jan. 2, 2001)

Posted on: 4:26 am on January 2, 2001
ebookpro Just wanted to add that withhttp://www.topica.comyou can import your list if it is in a txt file -- that is where I host my list (2000+ subscribers).  Only downside is the ads that are included in your newsletter at the top.

It is a good solution for those not comfortable with hosting their own lists using cgi... and more affordable that paid listhosting.


PS.  I do prefer a better solution when the time comes, but free listhosting is quite convenient for beginner publishers or those too busy to manage the list bounces etc. themselves!

Posted on: 8:26 am on January 2, 2001
Sue Thanks everyone for your very helpful replies.

I don't think that I'm up to cgi.  I use NetObjects Fusion to compile my html pages so I don't have to get involved in much html coding.

I never thought of cut n' paste!  Can't think why as I'm using it all the time!  I do save my list as a txt file as well as WAB so I could do this.

I've had a good look at Mailloop and I do like the idea very much but of course there is the cost.

I will check out the links that you all suggested before I make my decision.

Thanks again for all your help!

Posted on: 2:38 pm on January 2, 2001
ChrisW Definitely get rid of Outlook Express and replace it with MS Outlook. It is much more powerful and useful.
I'm using a great add-on for Outlook called ListKing which enables Outlook to be used as a relatively simple list server. It will allow people to automatically subscribe, remove themselves and you can bulk email out.  The unregistered version does most things but it is only $49.


Hope this helps.

PS I'm also new to Activ E-book having only discovered it yesterday - I'm going to register it today - it is great - just what I've been looking for.

Posted on: 11:32 pm on January 22, 2001
Les Doll Just to add my 2 cents worth ... I've been using listbot for my newsletter e-mail list and it has worked VERY well for the past year (1800+ subscribers). It has a subscribe/unsubscribe feature and e-mail confirms new subscribers. Best of all it's free!


Of course, there is a pay for use section, but look closely for the free service. It is very easy to use and the pay for section may be what you need in the future.

See how it works with my newsletter at:

Good luck!

Posted on: 6:54 am on January 23, 2001
Sue Thanks Les and Chris.  I've still not made up my mind yet.  

I've been looking at News Wizard.  This is a cgi script that looks similar to MailLoop but a lot cheaper.

The vendors seem confident that a complete beginner can set it up and it has the advantages of autoresponders etc.

I shall check out your suggestions though so many thanks!


Posted on: 12:39 pm on January 23, 2001
Tyme You might want to take a look athttp://www.hotscripts.com.They have a nice selection of scripts...some for free and some for a fee.

Posted on: 1:32 am on January 25, 2001

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