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Archived Message:

exe files

cinemania Hi, I'm a newbie when it comes to ebooks, this is my first post here, and I'm trialing Active E compilier. So far I like what I see. I'm quite keen to create and sell ebooks, and I have many ideas of content for them. My questions are these, to those of you who sell ebooks: How do your purchasers regard exe files? Are they comfortable with downloading them? How do you reassure the buyers that they are virus free? And how do you handle requests for refunds? By the way the apprentice site is great?

Posted on: 9:34 am on December 23, 2000
EBookCompiler Welcome to the forum cinemania

Thanks for the comments on our stuff.

Personally I've never had a problem distributing EXE files, with the exception of a small section of Mac users, (EXEs are for Windows, but they work on the Mac if you have a good Windows emulator).

We always scan our E-Books and software with 2 anti-virus programs: CAI Innoculate and Norton Anti-virus before distributing them.   You may not want to go as far as this, but I recommend you do a full anti-virus scan before distributing any EXE files you make, whether E-Books or any other type.

In the e-books made with Activ E-Book Compiler, there is also some built-in integrity self-checking.  If the EXE is altered in any significant way, the book won't start and will probably display a message.  This is not totally foolproof, and do not consider it and alternative to proper anti-virus precautions, but it's another safeguard.

The other things that occurred to me:
1. Some users (many people) don't think of E-Books as "E-Books".  These users think of them as software, or shareware, especially if you push the "solution to your problem" rather than the "E-Book" angle in your information about the product.  If people accept the software/shareware idea, they accept EXE files.

2. E-Books are only one alternative.  I like to make HTML files, and then reuse parts of information in multiple media - for example, also on a web site., E-Books, and possibly others too.

REALLY GOOD question though - I'd be interested to see what others say.

(Edited by EBookCompiler at 3:25 pm on Dec. 23, 2000)

Posted on: 3:24 pm on December 23, 2000
SandiB That was a pretty good response, Sunil.  Though I have yet to have an ebook downloaded (I'm still composing!), I do not have a problem with downloading exe files simply because I open them INSIDE my anti-virus program and check them before installing/opening otherwise.  

If people are hesitant to download exe files, perhaps you could provide them with some extra precautions they can take, such as the above.  It's not foolproof (is anything?) but it does help.

Sandra Bowman
Publisher, Editor, & Author

Posted on: 2:41 am on February 8, 2001
ebookpro I wanted to add that I haven't come across any viruses in any of the free ebooks that I have in my free directory either athttp://www.free-ebooks.net-- and there seems to be a steady stream of downloads.  Looks like the majority of visitors are not concerned with viruses and must be using software to scan for viruses...


Posted on: 6:24 am on February 11, 2001
Danial This is a piece of information about E-Book software and other documents that you want people to download. I have been working with an install program fromhttp://www.jrsoftware.org/that will allow you to make your E-Book into a piece of installed software for your customers.  It can also include files other than E-Books such as a stand alone website (not converted into an E-Book) photo archives when you need people to have access to pictures as part of your sofware package. This program will allow you to have licence files just like other installed programs do, add value to your product as software when building How to manuals, and allow you to put shortcut icons on the persons desktop for quick access to the programs. The idea of treating an E-Book as software adds far more value to the end product in some cases.  The best thing about the install program is that it is free, but can be a little frustrating to work with if you don't have some experience in working with these kinds of programs. There are examples provided in the folder that installs with the program, they are great models to get you started, and the help files are pretty good.
Hope this helps some in our quest for building good software for our readers.
Danial K. Miller

(Edited by Danial at 2:39 am on Feb. 27, 2001)

Posted on: 2:33 pm on February 24, 2001
ghopkins Hi, I have published multimedia programs and wanted to
be sure all the necessary pieces arrived at the end-users pc intact and as originally created. I found WinZip and WinZip Self Extractor work great for this purpose. First of all, the file compression is excellent! Secondly, the self extractor program has wizards that walk you through taking you Zip file and creating an installation executible that will build a folder, install your program and clean up any temorary files when done. It can also remove the instaalation when the end-user is finished viewing (as in my case, multimedia) the product.
The total package cost $70. I have used it for all type of file distribution. I paid for the product personally, but it makes my output at the office look very professional.

Go towww.winzip.com

Personally, I'm still looking for a way to make decent money online! I don't know what I could write an ebook about that would be worth anything to anybody.
I do love this site. And, I think the cost of the product continues to make me return, always wondering how i could use it to an additional living without taking more time out of my personal life.

Best of luck,

Posted on: 3:59 am on March 11, 2001
ebookpro Thanks Danial and Greg!

Both of the options you mentioned sound like excellent ways to install exe files... I would like to test both options for my site athttp://www.ebookcompilers.comsince my visitors want to create their own ebooks.  

Any thoughts, Sunil?


Posted on: 5:22 pm on March 11, 2001
Les Doll Just to add  a couple of cents worth

I have had more than 8000 downloads of my various free and free/pay-for e-books since Jan 1/01. I did not initially scan for virus's,(I wrote these e-books so I wasn't concerned about a virus) but have since done so. (No problems)

No one has ever commented on their hesitation about downloading an .exe file and I do have a comment section in place.

I think that having a domain name and an established presence on the Internet has helped a great deal in this regard.

Posted on: 6:42 am on March 12, 2001
EBookCompiler >> Any thoughts, Sunil?

I use the jrsoftware.org program which is freeware for complicated installs

In a previous life, I used InstallShield and Install Shield Express (which are commercial programs).

The jrsoftware.org is pretty easy to use, but not simple. You have to read the instructions on their text file format, and it lacks some bells and whistles of the commerical offerings, but aside from that it's a good choice.  I was happy enough to switch to it.

The draw back with WINZIP is just unpacks stuff into a directory.  It works, is very easy, but then you don't get an uninstall option, readme file automatically opening, graphics when installing etc.


Posted on: 2:17 pm on March 12, 2001
ebookpro Thanks for the feedback Sunil!

Hope you don't mind if I mention some of your comments if I happen to do a review on installers. (Credit will go to you for your comments...)

Anyone else know of another installer?


Posted on: 7:31 pm on March 12, 2001
EBookCompiler Yes Eva, share the knowledge

To be fair you should check up WiNZIP etc. (as I am sure you will), as these guys keep adding features and may have added stuff that I don't know about.

Another ZIP program that might be looking at is PowerArchiver -www.powerarchiver.com- I used this for a while and found it reliable, and it's a freeware program too

Posted on: 11:13 pm on March 12, 2001
Ditto Hi, just a comment for GHopkins... this is the second post I've read of yours that says you don't know what you could write that would be of any interest or use to anybody.

Boy are you wrong!  If you've lived for even 15 years on this planet, you've encountered things and learned how to deal with things that others are trying to cope with right now.  You've seen things others will never get to see, and you've felt things in a way only you can feel (and describe) them!

What do you enjoy doing?  Do you have a hobby?  Do you have grandkids?  Have you ever gotten one of those emails that list grade school kids' responses to questions?  They're hilarious, and people eat them up!

You don't have to be a writer to create a tremendously popular ebook.  Research something of interest to YOU, and present it in a way that it will be of interest to people who share your passion for the subject.  Then, find websites with a theme related to the subject and get busy marketing.  :-)

Posted on: 5:41 pm on April 3, 2001

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