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Archived Message:

eBook templates

ClaudeC To moderators: I'm new to this forum. If this sound like an ad, please feel free to delete it.

I'm working on selling templates for eBook design. I got a copy of "eBook Marketing Explained" and I thought that poeple who wants to make free eBooks might need some help to get a professional looking eBook.

I have noticed that poeple looking for free informations might be disturbed by a poor designed eBook. Even though the content is really useful, poeple still judge a book by its cover...and interior design.

Since I have a design background, I want to help online marketeers to design a good eBook. If you get great information to give away then you need some great design to "sell" your free eBook.

I thought about offering my services but it might take took much of my time. So how about showing my skills through templates?

Do you think that there will be a market for it?

If the templates do look professional, how much are you ready to invest in?

How many different templates would you like to have when you buy my package? I'm planing on designing 10 templates with 5 different color each...so you will have 50 different templates.

Do you need a detailed tutorial for poeple who doesn't know anything about HTML?

Would you like to have a tutorial on designing a cover?

What do you use for creating 2D graphics?

Do you need to get you hand on some free tools available online? (a powerful and free 2D graphic software is The Gimphttp://www.gimp.org)

What compilers do you use? Would you like a tutorial on compiling eBooks with the different compilers available?

I'm working on a test eBook to show the kind of templates I can create. You will be able to view different templates with different colors. The content is from Ken Evoy's Affiliate Masters course.

If the moderators would allow it I would like to post a link to it later on, once it will be done.

All comments are more than welcome!

Claude Chounlasane
"Designer who wants to change the free eBook world one eBook at a time"

PS: if you have written articles and would like me to make an eBook of it using my templates, please let me know. I'd like to make different eBooks to show my designs.

PPS: the first test eBook will be available very soon

Posted on: 1:44 pm on March 12, 2002
EBookCompiler Claude welcome

I am going to allow this, within reason, provided:

(a)  it doesn't turn into a blatant ad (in which case post it once to the free ad forum and that's your lot)

(b) the thread is not simply "how can i get you to buy/buy-more of my template, graphic, tutorial etc."

I also reserve the right to change my mind

FWIW my feeling is that most (not all) designers concentrate on personalized service.

Posted on: 2:28 am on March 13, 2002
ClaudeC Hello Sunil ,

Thank you for your input. I'll be careful about what I post, promise. So do you think offering eBook design service might be better than templates?

Another question, and I know poeple will be laughing at me, but...what does FWIW mean?


Posted on: 9:52 am on March 13, 2002
EBookCompiler FWIW = For What it is worth
BTW = By the way
LOL = Laughs out loud
<g> = grin

I'm not saying don't sell templates, just my gut tells me it will be tough to sell a big volume.  If the price is relatively low then would it cover the cost of your time?

The worry is that
- The people who know HTML + graphics won't need them
- The people who don't know HTML + graphics, probably use Word etc. so unless your instructions ae very clear and comprehensive, may not know how to use them.

If you email privately when you have some examples + a plan, then maybe we can work something out that may help a little.

One other idea that I have toyed with is to build a very comprehensive template, web + graphics site, perhaps with scripts too, and then pay a designer + programmer to add stuff on a regular basis.  I'm not imagining that it would compete with say animation factory or art today, but be more specialized, and members would pay a monthly or quarterly fee for access (which pays for the designer/programmer).  This idea would be to have enough in there so that everybody could get good value from the site.

Going back to templates, if you provide personal service on the other hand, you probably could do well with a relatively small number of customers, and it wouldn't matter if they know HTML or graphics, etc.  They just send your text etc., and you help them build their ebook, sales site, etc.  Lots of people are good writers, but struggle on HTML + web design aspects.

Posted on: 5:41 pm on March 13, 2002
ClaudeC Thank you Sunil for your reply,

I don't want to offer hunderds of different templates because it would take about 257 years to designed everything.  Since I'm looking for quality and I'm alone, it would be technically impossible.

However, if I decide to sell templates, I would definitly write a detailed tutorial because my target market is the poeple who don't know anything about HTML and design.

I, myself, don't know anything about HTML. I use Dreamweaver for web page design and Photoshop for graphic design. And Photoshop is what I know best by the way.

I will definitly send you a link once I'll be through one or two eBooks. The one I'm working one is Ken Evoy's Affiliate Masters course...and I must say it's a pretty big book!!

The templates have only 3 buttons: Back, Next and TOC for Table Of Content. The reason the interface is so simple is meanly because I want it to be generic enough to let poeple design any kind of eBooks with all the options they need.

For exemple, if poeple wanted to have a Printer Friendly page or an About  page, all they have to do is to put a link on the TOC.

The TOC is the central part of the eBook. Readers will be able to reach every section and every page from there.

The other reason for simple interface is also because the most important part is the CONTENT. I don't want the readers to try to figure out how the eBook works in order to read it.

Have you ever been to a very neat website (great design, amazing flash animations) and spent 20 minute figuring out where the buttons are?

Sunil, the last part of your reply is extremely insteresting!

Designing a custom eBook for each customer would take to long and my fee would be to high. And selling templates might force me to design many  templates and sell them for a low price, which is not really rewarding.

Since the market I'm targeting is "marketeers wanting to make FREE eBooks", I don't think they would want to spend hundreds of $ for a product just to give it away.

Maybe I can use both concept. Maybe I can create those templates and offer some kind of compiling and relooking service. I would use the templates I have created AND I would add some design magics to make it specific to the eBook.

Ok, very tough to understand without any samples to back it up. So please do bare with me. I will send you an eBook soon.

So, you give me the content of your. You tell me the template you want and the color.

Starting fom that, I will create for exemple a title on the top of each page.

ex: go tohttp://www.ebookmarketing.com,do you see on the top of the page? Background graphic + Title + Subtitle + Author name

The templates I create have only the graphics, that's for those who have design background so that they can add their own title. I will design the tilte for them. If you want to add another button other than Next / TOC / Back, I can do that.

I can design a specific title for each chapter.

I can aslo add some design touch like rulers, bullets, maybe design the cover also...you know the many things that make the eBook unique despite the fact that it came from a template.

So the templates would be only the foundation of the final product.

The good good thing about this:

- it would take less time than starting the design process from scratch
- poeple would get their custom eBook even if we're using templates
- I can offer a smaller fee for my service than the one I would use, have I had to design everything.
- I can still offer good quality service without pulling my hair everytime

At the end, the eBook will look good, it didn't take too long to get it done and the investment is not as high as going through a full custom eBook.

Do you think the kind of service would have a chance to make it online?

I would appreciate greatly any comments.

"Great content is everything. Great design makes great content GREATER! "

Posted on: 10:52 am on March 14, 2002
tlmorris I think your last idea is the best - to design and compile books for customers based on your templates (customizing them for indivudal book). If someone wants something completely different, then you can deign it fresh and charge more.

Posted on: 12:46 am on March 23, 2002
Ed Z ClaudeC

Just had a look at one of your ebooks and it does look good.

Just wandering, did you use GIMP to create the eBookEditPro toolbar buttons and logo?

I think there will always be a demand for templates. People use templates and eventually learn HTML.

Ed Z

Posted on: 7:24 pm on August 27, 2002

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