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Archived Message:

As an author, what do you look for....

LoriTaylor As an author, what do you look for in cover graphics and design?  Is your first consideration price, quality, delivery time....?

Do you simply weigh these things equally?  Do you go to a designer that someone else has recommended?  Do you ever try someone new?  How important is a guarantee?

Also...do you actually READ the testimonials on sites, or do you think for a cover artist to include that, is a waste of bandwidth??!!  

Obviously, I am asking all of these things, because I am interested in a variety of opinions from the market.  What IS most important to you when choosing a cover designer?

I appreciate the input.  Thanks!   8^>

Posted on: 2:32 pm on December 5, 2000
EBookCompiler Hello Lori

Welcome to the forum.

Personally I read testimonials before buying a product.

For me, price + quality would be factors I'd look at, and delivery time, within reason, can be flexible.

By the way congratulations on your cover designs, they are great work

Posted on: 5:38 pm on December 6, 2000
ebookpro Welcome Lori!

I think that a very important issue to consider is whether the designer can really capture the essence of the ebook... if the cover art really enhances the ebook description and makes a person want to buy the ebook even more -- then you have a winning designer.

Of course price and quality are an issue too, but for me it is a matter of asking other people who created their cover art and whether they were happy with the service.
Therefore, I think that personal recommendations are a crucial factor in the decision process as well.

Hope this helps and keep up the great work!

Eva :-)

Posted on: 5:28 am on December 7, 2000
LoriTaylor Thanks Eva, and Sunil too!

Very helpful replies!  I appreciate you taking the time to respond to me.  I still have work to do on my site.  Business is good, but I don't think I am living up to my FULL potential as a marketer yet!  You guys are great!

Posted on: 3:50 pm on December 7, 2000
EbookHeaven Hi Lori,

It is good to see you here. I once tried to contact you from your website and never could. I had to find another cover designer.

Quality has to be the most important thing. I mean, no one will pay even a low price for rubbish. Price is a consideration of course, but I think we all know that you have to pay for quality.

If I wanted a cover and was offered one for $100 created using stock images, I would be okay with that. If I was offered one matching my requirements and illustrated especially for me (a scene from my book) I would be happy to pay twice that. I have contacted illustrators before and asked for quotes for a wrap cover for a hardback. For a GOOD illustration, prices ranged from $500-$3000!

PS: By Good, I mean of a quality comparable with the covers used by the NY publishers. I know ebook covers have a lower quality limit (dpi on screen etc) but for a realistic looking ebook cover based upon a scene from my book, $200 seems reasonable. It would have to be right though.

Posted on: 2:11 pm on April 16, 2002
maktrix Lori

I just want to add that there are cases where a customer may not care what the cover of a book looks like. If the content is specialized material not widely available, the book will sell because the author or publisher has publicized the 'inside information.'

In those cases, a self-publisher on a small budget might put less time and money into a cover design and more attention on marketing the content.

Covers make a lot more difference when competing on the bookshelves and on web sites showcasing covers from many authors.

Just as an example, one of my books was first published in 1991 with a home done cover, one color background with black ink -- nice but no prize winner. Yet, I still get requests for that book today and it's not because of the cover.

Posted on: 1:45 am on April 25, 2002
maktrix Lori

Adding on my to my last post, have you considered offering some lower priced cover designs for authors / publishers who don't want to do it themselves and plan to rely on their publicity efforts for driving customers to sales?

Posted on: 1:52 am on April 25, 2002
Magic2001 Hi!
I know you've asked this question for Lori, but as I'm a full time cover designer I did make some deals with writers who place a link to AbsoluteCovers.com under the designed cover.
They do get the basic package for only $30 (while the actuall price on the site is almost $90) and I get some free publicity.
Another tip for getting free publicity is to make some free covers for ezine publishers and give it to them as aa gift because you've liked their ezine. If you're good you will get free publicity.
(You can take advantage of this offer using the following link http://www.absolutecovers.com/display.pl?deal30)
Have A Profitable Day!
Ovi Dogar
CEO, AbsoluteCovers.com

(Edited by Magic2001 at 12:37 am on Oct. 21, 2002)

Posted on: 12:34 pm on October 20, 2002

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