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Archived Message:

calculations & compiler

 »compiler setup in ebook for affiliate recognition
nesteg01 Hi there

I have 2 questions please advise.

1. I am setting up an offline affiliate/reseller program, selling stuff on CD and want the affiliates to add their own selling price. However, irrespective of what they are charging there must be a fixed amount payable to admin. Something like a 2 tier affiliate program. How do I do the calculations to make this happen?

2. I want to include the compiler in an ebook and when the customer install it, my affiliate link is activated. This should be enabled for any other affiliate products I am promoting as well. How can I make this happen?

Please advise

Thanking you


Posted on: 8:52 pm on September 25, 2009
Rohida A calculation is a deliberate process for transforming one or more inputs into one or more results,with variable change.The term is used in a variety of senses,from the very definite arithmetical calculation of using an algorithm to the vague heuristics of calculating a strategy in a competition or calculating the chance of a successful relationship between two people.A compiler is a computer program that transforms source code written in a computer language into another computer language.

Posted on: 3:38 pm on December 28, 2009
Fares To calculate means to ascertain by computing.A calculation is a deliberate process for transforming one or more inputs into one or more results, with variable change.A compiler is a program that takes the program-writers' code,called "Source Code" and forms it into a for the computer understands.

Posted on: 10:27 am on March 13, 2010
nesteg01 Thank you for the replies but I don't understand a word, obviously I'm a dummy.

Anyway, let me rephrase my questions.

1. I want to include a trail copy of Active Ebook Compiler in my ebooks and / or on CD. This will allow the prospect to install a copy from the CD.  If the prospect install the trial version from the CD, I want my affiliate link to be activated in order to get credit when they decide to purchase the Activ Ebook Compiler.

2. Now about the calculation. Let's assume a reseller / affiliate decide to sell the product for $40, and my fixed admin fee is $2 to cover costs for bandwidth or passwords, or whatever. Now, at the time when someone actually make a purchase, I want active ebook compiler to automatically deduct my $2 and "pay" the reseller his $38. I realize that I still have to find a way to sidestep the process to avoid asking for 2 payments, one for $38 and one for $2. How do I do the calculation with activ script. I don't make head or tail about this stuff.

Thanks for your support and patience.

Posted on: 8:21 pm on March 15, 2010
rlemire nesteg01

First of all, you are not a dummy. Some newbies just don't know how to make a serious contribution so they waste everyone's time showing off their ignorance. They can't seem to understand that being a smart ass is not the same as actually being smart.

Activ E-Book's "Activ Script" does provide a rebranding option but that only allows an "affiliate" to modify a few variables in your distribution eBook. Check out the "Rebranding" section of the help files.

Active E-Book already has an affiliate program with ClickBank. First you must become a ClickBank affiliate member, then add a link similar to
"http://hop.clickbank.net/?clickbankID/wildcom2" in your eBook using your ClickBank affiliate ID.
Then -- when a "customer" clicks the link and buys Activ E-Book you'll get credit for the sale.

Some suggested options:

1) Sell your eBook/CD for i.e. $2.00 -- If a customer buys Activ E-Book from your CD you get the ClickBank affiliate sales profit.

2) You could also add an affiliate option whereby an interested customer can "modify" the ClickBank link (using the Rebrander feature) so that they could get the Activ E-Book affiliate sales profit. In this case you wouldn't get any further income from the affiliate.

3) A third option could be for you to allow an affiliate (with the Rebrander feature) to modify the original eBook with their own company name etc and charge what ever they want for the end product. BUT -- keep the Activ E-Book sales link showing your own ClickBank affiliate ID. That way the affiliate would get all revenue from the eBook sales but you would get any revenue from sales of Activ E-Book.

There is no way I can think of that you could get "part" of the sale of Activ E-Book. or even distribute copies of Activ E-Book -- without permission from the Activ E-Book author.

In any case being able to use Activ Script and Rebranding is worth the time, effort and persistence it takes to understand.

I hope you find this information more helpful...


Posted on: 1:59 am on March 16, 2010
nesteg01 Thank you rlemire.

I'll implement your suggestions.

I was just getting worried about the "support" in this forum. But your information is useful I appreciate it.

Till next time.


Posted on: 5:57 pm on March 18, 2010
lele0124 Nice thread,and wonderful idea!


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Posted on: 6:36 am on June 7, 2010

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