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Archived Message:


bostons4u I have my book converted to adobe now how do I put the link on my final sales page? So they can download.

I feel like I have reached a milestone finally.  It has taken me 9 months to write.

Posted on: 4:13 am on December 21, 2005
Storyman Hi Bostons4u,

Congrats. Which Adobe product/version are you using?

Could you be more specific as to 'sales page'. Is it on your web site? Is the link suppose to appear after the payment has been made?

Posted on: 7:44 am on December 21, 2005
bostons4u I am using the free version online for now, if thats ok.

The final sales page with be with checkout2  or 2checkout.com

Forget the name of it.  You can customize the page to look like its still from your own sight.  I am assuming this is where I will put the link to the ebook.

Posted on: 9:28 am on December 21, 2005
Storyman Hi Bostons4u,

I'm only aware that Adobe offers a 30 day trial period for their products, which online version are you referring to?

If you were using ClickBank, Microcreation would have been an option. Hopefully, someone who uses 2CheckOut will explain how they provide the link to the customer for download.

I'm of a mindset that the customer has already downloaded the ebook and all they need is the Registration Code to unlock the demo version to see the entire ebook.

You can search this forum and you'll find a couple of services that will do what you want--provide a link so the customer can download the ebook. They all charge a monthly fee.

Posted on: 3:20 pm on December 21, 2005
bostons4u I don't think its a 30 day thing.  You get 5 times that you can use there software.  I was just basically using it to see how it worked.  When I go to purchase something it will be the real deal.  Thanks for all your help.

Posted on: 4:30 am on December 22, 2005
Storyman Okay, you've got me curious. What Adobe program are you referring to? There are a couple dozen possibilities.

Posted on: 5:57 am on December 22, 2005
bostons4u It something I seen on their site saying to try it free 5 times so I signed up.  I don't know exactly what it is but here is the link you can try 5 documents for free


I went to the website that is going to accept the credit cards for me and I read that I need to create a sales page that they will go to after the sale and provide the link for the download.

I have my document created through adobe but they don't seem to offer me a link or html to put on my website

I am at a loss

Posted on: 7:13 am on December 22, 2005
Storyman The Adobe product you are referring to is the online version of Acrobat, which is for creating PDF files. You can also purchase the full version of Acrobat to do the same thing.

The sales page that 2CheckOut is referring to appears to be a HTML file and not a PDF file. You place the HTML file on your web site.

Posted on: 7:35 am on December 22, 2005
bostons4u The sales page they are referring to is I guess my own page on my site.  How do I put the link on my site from the online version of adobe?

Posted on: 5:46 pm on December 22, 2005
Storyman bostons4u,

To clarify you are using an Adobe product, which is called Acrobat. It'll confuse people if you use Adobe when you talk to them. It's like saying that you drive a Ford, when you mean that you drive either a Mustang or Bronco. Mustang and Bronco are both made by Ford, but represent entirely different products.

To edit Acrobat you need the full version. Either the Standard or Pro version. You're looking at a few hundred dollars for the Standard and the Pro goes up from there. Of course there is a thirty day trial for Acrobat Pro so you might download it and learn how to use it.

With that said your Web site needs to have HTML pages. So, even if you do edit the PDF file you still need to use something different than Acrobat.

I admit I'm somewhat perplexed as to why you are going through the trouble of creating a PDF. Aren't you using Activ? If so, you'll find HTML pages much more versatil than PDFs. If you like Adobe products, then check out GoLive CS2 to create HTML. That too has a 30 day trial.

Posted on: 6:13 pm on December 22, 2005
bostons4u I've already converted the file to pdf, I just now have to figure out how to put it on the webpage.

Posted on: 2:48 am on December 25, 2005
Storyman The way you can put the PDF on the Internet is to FTP it to your site.

The only way a person visiting your site can access the PDF file that you uploaded to your site is by a link on a web page. The web page is usually a HTML file.

You will not be able to put your PDF file on your web site and expect visitors to access it like they would a normal web page. Sorry.

Posted on: 4:53 am on December 25, 2005
bostons4u Wouldn't my website be a "normal web page"


Posted on: 1:44 am on December 29, 2005
Storyman Only if it is HTML. The PDF file will not work as your "normal web page."

Posted on: 3:06 am on December 29, 2005
bostons4u I am not understanding.  Lots of people put pdf files on websites why would mine be any different?

heres one I read all the time


I use front page

Thanks for you help

Are you saying I need to save my web pages that I am creating html?

Posted on: 5:02 am on December 29, 2005
Storyman My apology, Bostons4u. I completely misunderstood what you were asking. If you want to place a link to a PDF file just FTP (that is upload) the file to the server, then provide a link on your HTML page to the PDF file. The link looks like any other link to a HTML web page.

Are you taking security measures so that the URL to the download page cannot be copied and shared? Be aware that if someone gives the URL of the page containing the link to a friend, then the friend will also be able to click the link to download the PDF file.

Are you distributing the ebook on PDF? This means unlike Activ ebooks that have a 1,000 passwords PDF files have only one, which means that the password can also be shared with friends. Another advantage of Activ's security system is that even when two friends share an Activ ebook the likelihood of them both requiring the same password is 0.1%.

You've put a lot of work into your ebook and should be rewarded for your hard work. Just be sure that your site and ebook are secure so you don't get ripped off.

Posted on: 6:57 am on December 29, 2005
bostons4u Now I have been told that I wouldn't be putting the pdf on my website.  I would be putting a link to an automation, *********** .com on the website and once people paid then they would get a response from get response in an email which would provide the link.

I was told not to go with a complier because people who have mac computers can't read the ebook.

Posted on: 4:48 pm on December 29, 2005
Storyman Hi boston4u,

It's true that compilers won't make ebooks that can be used by MACs. It's also true that MACs make up something like 5% of the market.

PDFs are not secure. Period! The trade off then becomes security versus accessibility by MACS. It is your call if you gain security and lose 5% of the market or gain the MAC market and lose security. Your call.

It isn't clear what you mean by an automation. Is this a site that charges a monthly fee?

Posted on: 5:38 pm on December 29, 2005
bostons4u its a website that once you pay then you are told to click here and then you receive an email giving you your link.

If I went with activ, do I put a link or something on my website for people to download the software, is it something they have to pay for?

Posted on: 6:24 am on December 30, 2005
Storyman > its a website that once you pay then you are told to click here and then you receive an email giving you your link.

It isn't clear if this is something you are putting on your own web site or if you are using a service that provides a secure site where buyers can download your ebook.

Posted on: 8:36 am on December 30, 2005
bostons4u I have created my pdf.  Now the question is what is the link?  I use *********** for automatic emails to the customer that pays.  To set up the get response I have to put the book in there for delivery and I don't know what to put in there.


Posted on: 3:08 pm on January 2, 2006
Storyman boston4u,

Barring the security issues for now creating a link to a PDF file is the same as creating a link for any HTML page. In this case instead of using a relative link which looks something like: < a href="pioneers.html" >Pioneer Page < /a> (remove the spaces after the less-than symbol when you use the code).

What you want to use is called an absolute link because it references the complete web site address. It looks like this: < a href="http://www.samplesite.com/pioneers.html">Pioneer Page< /a>

If you link to a PDF instead of an HTML (as in this example) file when the user clicks on the link to the PDF the file their Acrobat Reader will automatically open and display the PDF file. You, of course, will want to instruct them to save it on their machine because if they close it without saving they'll have to use the link again.

If you're still confused you might want to ask your question on Adobe's Acrobat Reader Forum.

Posted on: 6:31 pm on January 2, 2006
bostons4u I just don't know what to do.  I have asked the question but know one answered.  I have a budget that looks like a shoestring.

Posted on: 2:01 am on January 4, 2006
Storyman I'm not sure were the problem begins or ends. Let's take this in steps. Have you uploaded the PDF file to your web site? It is your web site where you're trying to upload it--right?

Posted on: 8:29 pm on January 4, 2006
bostons4u Not anymore.  I have decided to deliver it through an automated email, get response.  What is the link to my ebook to put in the email?

Posted on: 3:37 am on January 5, 2006
bostons4u I think I have figured it out.  According to their website you add it to the automated email as an attachement.  However there is one drawback.  The website page that I would place the form on would have to be taken down every couple of weeks so the search engines don't spider it and then people type in there email address and get the book for free.  Unless Adobe you can password protect the document.

Do people have to buy expensive software to be able to use activ?

Posted on: 1:39 am on January 6, 2006
Storyman One thing you will want to do is place a robots.txt file in the sites root directory. In the robots.txt file you can tell spiders not to look at specific pages. Unfortunately, not all spiders play well and do what they want regardless. Google 'robots.txt' to find out more info.

Let me see if I've got the math right. You're releasing your ebook as a PDF file because you don't want to miss out on what few sales Mac owners might represent, but you are willing to risk loosing sales by posting your PDF on a web site that buyers can share with friends (or even post in a forum) and search engines might spider.  Hmmm?

Posted on: 4:05 am on January 6, 2006
bostons4u All the books I have read say that people have to buy expensive readers to view ebook compilers.  Is that true?

I really appreciate all your help.

Posted on: 6:24 am on January 6, 2006

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