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Archived Message:

We do I begin?

ghopkins Hi, I'm new to ebooks and not sure I have the potential.
I have tried and failed at several online business attempts. I have yet to find a product that attracts real buyers. Yet, for some reason I have spent a small fortune on these dreams... go figure!

I'm still looking for a way to make decent money online! I don't know what I could write an ebook about that would be worth anything to anybody.
I do love this site. And, I think the cost of the product continues to make me return, always wondering how I could use it to make an additional living without taking more time out of my personal life. I have had enough frustration with my earlier attempts and I'm tired of losing money. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Even, if you advice is to look elsewhere.
In advance, thank you for allowing me to post and vent.

Best wishes,

Posted on: 4:08 am on March 11, 2001
Les Doll Hi Greg,

I don't know what on-line business attempts you have tried, but there are thousands of them out there, probably millions, by now. I, also, have tried several of them and been burned. The trick is to learn from the burn! Just because the PROGRAM  doesn't work, that doesn't mean that you have failed. Most of these are **** s and benefit only those that initiate them.

Building an Internet business is HARD work, just as building a brick and morter business, running a farm, writing the Great American Novel, or just getting up for a regular job. I know of no easy way to do this. I spend at least 6 hours a day (after my regular job) running and updating my website, putting out a monthly newsletter, and working on writing new e-books. I've been doing this for two years, and now just getting some decent traffic and sales. (the sales are meeting my website expenses, plus adding a few new upgrades to my computer system and software library).

You said: " I don't know what I could write an ebook about that would be worth anything to anybody."

Well, my friend, why not research and write an e-book on "Here's What Not To Do"  ... focused on Internet **** s? Distribute it as a free e-book and put in some advertisements for a couple of down to earth affiliate programs that pay you a fair commission.

I, for one, could find a place to link to such an e-book on my website. (and my site is dedicated to Recreational Vehicle enthusiasts!) If you contacted webmasters from more related sites, I'm sure they would be glad to link to your free e-book.

Every now and then a jewel shows up in your Cornflakes! Activ E-Book Compiler ver 4.01 is this gem!
Download the free trial, learn how to use it and read the tutorials at ebookapprentice.com. Then write your e-book. (And then buy the software, through my affiliate link, of course)

Give it your best heart and soul shot, Greg! From you letter, I can see that you have writing ability ... direct it into a positive stream and work at promoting the results.

Good luck!

Posted on: 7:44 am on March 12, 2001
auctioneer Les Doll, That was an excellent response!

Posted on: 5:27 pm on October 20, 2002
EBookCompiler Les:

The **** = a banned word.
(and I can guess what it is - but please nobody try to defeat the filters!!)

While I am sure there are many things that are, I'm sure there are many that aren't too.  And by the way that might (or might not) include some things that didn't work out for some people.  I don't know, that's between the people and whoever.

I don't want to be in a position of this board containing posts saying X or Y is or isn't one of those.

In fact, I'd rather not get into that kind of discussion here at all, for two reasons (1) I don't want to host into that kind of debate/allegations about anything in particular, (2) this board is about ebooks and ebook related topics - so it's off-topic as well.


Good luck in future. Maybe in future you could take more time to review each item that is offered to you, research it properly, and then decide before spending money on things.  

Posted on: 5:00 am on October 22, 2002
bmaxey How high have you set your sites? Fact is, unless you get lucky, making money on the Internet is a slow process, taking time and effort and money. Your payoff will come from the customers you please. Unfortunately, there are soooooo many people selling the same, old, tired plans, that unless you are a real bunny, you must stay away from.

Most work at home plans you see offered are bunk, too. ESPECIALLY the Medical Claims Billing schemes.

In the early years, the Internet was a cash cow. People would try and buy most anything just because it is on the net. You could sell much more with less effort than you can today.

What you need to look at is what interests you? Do you have a product in mind? I sell products to pen makers, pool cue makers and bird call makers. It took time and the way I found to get by was by offering the same products for less money than the major sellers as well as add new materials.

There might be an e-book in something that interests you. There is always a great idea for which no book exists. But if you think selling them will make you money, like I said, you are very lucky, or you took time paying attention to marketing, customer care, etc.

I NEVER thought a great living could be made selling printed materials on the Internet. Some here do OK I would guess, but I am not convinced they are thousands per day that you will possibly be offered when you spend your money on the plans some people sell.

Luck To You,


Posted on: 7:13 am on February 27, 2003
ghopkins Hi all,

Thank you for your replies to my initial post, 03/2001.

Yes, there may be an ebook in me, somewhere.

Since the time of of my initial posting, I have lost my job, in a career that lasted 27 years. I have been unemployed since Oct. 2001.

Now, I could waste my time an write an ebook titled, "How to live like you make a 6 figure income while unemployed". But, who would buy that? Anyone interested in living my life-style would want the security of a full-time job.

I found the following comment very interesting, as it is my primary reason for avoiding the already saturated and somewhat questionable market of ebook writing and marketing. Too much hype. Not many writers talks about the cost of marketing, web design, back office account service, etc. Yeah, write and ebook, buy a compiler, and you will be rich. Ah, but only after you continually sink serious money into an outstanding marketing and customer service plan. The costs are astronomical! Look at the people who are making those 6 figure incomes on ebooks. They have made, and continue to make, very large financial commitments to their business.

Here's the comment:

"Maybe in future you could take more time to review each item that is offered to you, research it properly, and then decide before spending money on things."

That is why I haven't purchased the compiler and written an ebook. Instead, I took some time to investigate one of the biggest **** s on the Internet, "The Get Rich With Ebooks" **** .

My research has saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, I'm not saying everyone out there is involved in a **** . In fact, many very honest people are making a go in this saturated market. The excitement has worn off. Too many indiviuals took short-cuts and produced a flood of electronic publications, in order to promote a web site or gather and sell email listings.

Ebooks are bate for bigger fish, and people are beginning to realize this. That's why so many business offer "100's of ebooks for $49.95".

Again, I thank you for your help and honesty.

Ebooks, the instant gratitude approach to the mail order success story. Just not my cup of tea.


Posted on: 1:12 pm on February 27, 2003

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