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Archived Message:

Content pages or sales letter?

DougN I want to start off marketing one ebook I'm writing. Some experts say just to put up a one page mini site with a long sales letter. Other experts say to provide free content pages for visitors along with links to affiliate sites, a links page, etc. Any opinions as far as the site itself? I plan to do other marketing not just relying on the site itself by the way.

Posted on: 7:24 pm on March 2, 2004
EBookCompiler IMHO:

Hint #0: You are not limited to 1 web site

Hint #1: The danger with content sites, is the person reads all the content and never finds the sales pitch, or gets distracted before they get to it.

Hint #2: But content sites can be useful for driving traffic to sales sites, and having lots of pages will, for example, mean that it's more likely one of your pages will come up in a user's search results.

Hint #3: The best type of content site for driving traffic to a sales site, is one that is on a similar or closely related topic, or at least interests the same type of people

In short, if you can afford it, have 2 sites (at least) and get the best of both worlds.

For a sales site, you can just make it one page, but it might be useful to have a couple of other pages, like details of your affiliate program, how people can contact you, on there too.

Posted on: 11:04 pm on March 3, 2004
DougN Thanks Sunil. The concept of two websites does make sense  especially if your're promoting affiliate programs.

Posted on: 3:12 pm on March 5, 2004
theideaman Or, close your eyes, visualise a flyer in your head
and apply that vision to making your sales (mini)site
or visualise your content site as a special 20 page
report on your topic.

See which delivers, see which doesn't.

Posted on: 3:34 pm on March 30, 2004
auctioneer My vote is that a web site should have both!

We all know content is KING! It is what drives visitors to your site! We should also remember that copy is content, however, content is not necessarily copy.

The following pages should be "copy" pages:
1. Home Page
2. Newsletter Subscription Pages
3. Order Pages

Everything else should be content pages that leads and guides the visitor to your "copy" pages.

Just my $0.02

(Edited by auctioneer at 4:21 pm on April 12, 2004)

(Edited by auctioneer at 4:23 pm on April 12, 2004)

Posted on: 9:19 pm on April 12, 2004
swiftdeal I'm currently trying both. I run a 'company site' that will include content, and then mini sites for each of my main titles.

This way, my main company site will gradually gain momentum, and I have a way of upselling my other titles too.

Posted on: 5:53 pm on June 30, 2004
Storyman First, no one has the solution for all situations and quite frankly I've seen a lot of self proclaimed experts who are excellent copywriters, but that is the limit of their knowledge.

My thinking is that the two most critical factors are getting users to your site, then keeping them there.

My test results (so far) indicate that about half of the information regarding SEO is on target and the other half is meaningless. The most important factor that I've found is content. Period.

Of course the content needs to be written in a way that will appeal to the end user.

Designing a site that is SEO friendly is important. Designing a SEO friendly site and one with content are two separate issues that need to work together.

From what few studies there are about email newsletters is not encouraging. The studies suggest that about 6% of all newsletters are read. How many newsletters have you signed up for and how many of those do you actually read?

My suggestion is that every web page needs to move the user to make the purchase. I feel that is a little forceful because most people are hesitant about making impulse purchases over the Internet. Instead, my focus is to get them to download the ebook.

The advantage of getting them to download the ebook is that they know the book works on their system before making the purchase and they can review the pre-purchase sample chapters at their leisure. What is important is that they have the ebook installed on their system. When ready they can make the purchase.

Personally, I value the ebook being stored on their system more than having their email address to send follow messages that encourage them to buy.

My approach is not suitable for all business models because the shift is away from a "buy-buy-buy" marketing approach to "try it, you'll like it" model. The analogy I use to describe it to friends is like going to a bookstore and taking a book home to puruse at your leisure--except you can only look at three chapters. If you want to read the rest of the book, then you'll have to buy the book.

Those are the basics as this non-expert sees it. Hope it helps.

Posted on: 4:33 am on July 1, 2004

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