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Archived Message:

New eBook - Pricing Questions

bettebogart Hello,

I've just written an ebook about website promotion, this is my very first eBook!

I have only sent it to one guy so far. He has a membership site that sells ebooks. He read it and wants to purchase a customized version to resell. He has a lot of members that would be able to resell my ebook, like thousands.

The thing is, he wants to know how much I want and since this is the first time I have done this, I have no idea what would be a good price!

Any help or ideas?

Thanks so much.

Posted on: 12:35 am on June 20, 2003
EBookCompiler I think you should *try* to get him to make you an initial offer, as this is generally a better strategy in negotiating. Of course it's up to you whether to accept it (never accept their first offer is often a good rule)

If you say $X, and he was thinking I'm ready to pay upto $2X, you could end up leaving a lot of money on the table.  

Remember if you do this, your own potential sales might be reduced, so you need to take that into account too.

Posted on: 1:06 am on June 20, 2003
theideaman As far as pricing an ebook on website promotion goes your facing a lot of competition. You should search on the engines for "website promotion ebooks" and see what others are charging. Because the market on website promotion ebooks is so saturated in my opinion it could be a tough go for you not unless you have an awesome (USP) unique selling point. Like what makes your ebook different from your competitors. I assume you've done a ton of research on the problems that your target market is experiencing AND that you've got the solutions to their problems. That could be your USP. There are books on the net about picking the right price for you information product. Ken Evoy has a book out on pricing products, I have yet to read it but I have used his techniques in his book a "Service Sellers Master Course" and I follow it step by step, it's made a difference for me so maybe his pricing ebook could help you but it's not free. The only real recommendation I have is test, test, and more testing. See what price brings in the most orders and stick with it. I also agree with Ebookcompiler, if the guy likes your book ASK him how much he thinks it's worth than negotiate from there. Hope this helps.

Posted on: 9:50 pm on September 19, 2003
JeffSolochek Most all Ebooks on internet marketing end with a 7. Psychology is the key and pricing ending with a 7 is the most bought upon number by impulse. Do a search on internet marketing and see what the competition is charging. Also look onwww.clickbank.com

Posted on: 8:44 am on September 25, 2003
Lalita I have read many of the post on pricing with great interest.  My personal opinion on this is that many, if not most undervalue their e-book.  I feel that this underpricing factor only serves to reinforce the perception the e-books are inferior products, which only further devalues our works.

My policy in pricing our e-books has been to set the price at what it would we would for a printed version of the book, less the printing costs.  Keep in mind that you still have all the other production, promotion, and distribution costs that you would for a normal book and there is a value to that.

Posted on: 7:53 pm on January 1, 2004

Quote: from JeffSolochek on 8:44 am on Sep. 25, 2003[br]Most all Ebooks on internet marketing end with a 7. Psychology is the key and pricing ending with a 7 is the most bought upon number by impulse.

That's very interesting - I've noticed that 7, and wondered why. But in (offline) shops, most prices end with a 9 - for example 5.99, $6.99 - and I've read that this is for the same reason. It seems a lot less psychologically, even though it's really only a penny/cent difference.

So do we have different "triggers" when we shop online and offline?

Posted on: 6:04 pm on January 4, 2004
Doug Champigny Hi, BetteBogart!

I agree with eBookCompiler - simply ask the buyer what he is willing to pay. You are entering a very competitive field, one that we work as well. Unlike most e-book areas, any form of Internet Marketing or Affiliate marketing publication has up to 3 different selling prices.

One - the regular price - for those who want to purchase the book for personal use.

Two - the resellers' price - for those who want to offer your book for sale from their own site as well. In many, if not most, cases today, those rights are included in the regular price.

Three - Reseller & rebranding rights - again sometimes offered free, but the highest cost if your book is truly 'hot'. This version lets the purchaser replace your affiliate links in the book with their own, and then offer it for sale from their sites. Sometimes allows the purchaser to offer similar rights at a higher price.

Since smart marketers are realizing more money is to be made long term from the affiliate links within the books, more and more are offering their books free, realizing that 100 sites offering your book from their site is going to bring you a LOT more from your embedded affiliate links than the selling price ever would, and that income is viral - it'll keep up long term, long after sales would have stopped.

Hope it helps...

Posted on: 4:48 am on January 18, 2004

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