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Archived Message:

selling via websites

cinemania Oh dear, my grand idea of selling ebooks from a free webhost has come unstuck.

I can't find any that allow the posting of exe files. Even some pay sites don't allow them. And many of the free sites don't allow their users to use places such as clickbank either.

I was hoping to test the waters with just a dip of the proverbial toe, and not have to outlay great wads of cash.

Plan B may be to sell the ebooks via email attachments, zip disks or CD's. But then I don't think I can use clickbank, and being outside the US means Paypal is not an option.

Does anyone have any suggestions on any of these points?

Does anyone know where I can access the knowhow to create ebooks on zips or cd's.

Or maybe I should just go and find a publisher? (Although I looked forward to creating my own books.)

Thanks for your time and trouble.

Posted on: 11:37 pm on December 27, 2000
ebookpro Hi Cinemania and welcome!

Have you checked outhttp://www.hypermart.netsince I think they allow you to post .exe files.

If you can't find anyone to host the files for you, I would consider hosting it on one of my sites (if you allow me to review the file first.)  Let me know if you can't find anyone!  I would also definitely allow you to use Clickbank on my site since I am a merchant and affiliate with them as well.  By the way, it would be no charge for placing it on my site...

I am no expert using zipped files (you can use WinZip to zip up your .exe files) and I haven't placed ebooks on CDs yet-- though all you need is a CDWriter to do it (which comes with the software needed to make your own CDs.)  I am sure someone on the forum will be able to help you with those formats ... I specialize in .exe formats.  So if you have questions on those, feel free to ask!


Posted on: 6:26 pm on December 28, 2000
Sue Hello Cinemania,

Just read your problems re websites and exe. files.

I run a writers resource site and offer some cheap options for writers.  There would be no problem with your exe files or using click bank as I'm going to use this too.

Re putting your book on CD.  Ask around your computer friends.  This is very easy to do, but expensive if you haven't got the equipment.

My son is doing some for me via work.  The discs will cost me 35p each!

Good luck!


Posted on: 12:45 pm on January 23, 2001
EBookCompiler Hello

Here's a few ideas that occurred to

1. Most free hosts don't allow EXE files because they make their money from showing banners on your web site.  They don't get to show a banner when somebody downloads an EXE file.

Some work rounds
- get a paid host.  The very cheap ones (usually under $5 or $10 per month) generally won't allow EXE files.  The slightly more expensive ones usually will.  Check with who-ever you sign up with before you sign up.   A good rule of thumb, is if they add banners to your site, they won't allow EXE files.

Some other options for electronic distribution are
- e-mail as you say
- tryhttp://www.xdrive.com/
- there are several similar services to xdrive around to share files.

Also if your ISP gives you free web space, they might allow you to use their web space for EXE files.  Some ISPs allow this provided millions of people are not download.   You can still host your site elsewhere and link to the EXE file.

If you can afford it, I do recommend you get a decent site hosting, as it is the single most important thing you can do to market yourself.  This is why I tell people to use companies like Virtualis (business hosting), or ThinkHost (personal hosting) or similar companies, rather than the $1 per month or free hosting if you can afford it.

2. There are more payment services listed here

CCNow will handle tangible items (like real books, CD-ROMs, ZIPs etc.).... the opposite of clickbank (who handle intangible items).

I think Verotel handle both, check their site.  I believe they have the most powerful system of this system, but also the most complex.

ProPay also on this page is a similar service to PayPal, with several advantages.  Check them out too.

3. ZIP Disks, CD-ROMs

For ZIP Disks, just copy the files to the disk

For CD-ROMs, you need a CD-Writer which you can buy in your nearest computer superstore.  Generally it comes with a program called Adaptec EZCD or something like that.   You can drag files into this program to make a CD.

For CDs you have a ton of options for how the CD is made  (this is explained in the Adaptec program).  For CDs that you are selling, always use CDR and select the backwards compatible options (sorry I forget the name).  Also burn the CD in one go rather than adding files as you feel like.  Again this is explained in the software.  What you do is you make an "image" of the CD on your hard-disk (so you need plenty of disk space), and can then run off as many copies as you want.  Sorry if this bit doesn't make much sense, but if you get the CD software it will...

Posted on: 4:40 pm on January 24, 2001
Tyme I would recommend that you go with paid hosting as well. There are many inexpensive hosts that offer quality service and support.

The most important thing is that you want your customer to be able to download the file quickly and completely. You do not want the file  timing out while downloading or inaccessible at all.

Also with paid hosting, you will have access to stats and other tweaks that makes your site look more professional, like subdomains for different e-books or forums...things like this.

The only problem paid hosts have with EXE files are 1) making sure you have legal rights to the files (no warez) and 2) the bandwith involved downloading the files. So when looking for a host, make sure you look at bandwidth as well.

Just starting out, go small. STAY AWAY FROM ANY HOST THAT SAYS UNLIMITED because you will most likely run into problems.

If you need help in findind a host, I will be more than happy to help you find one.

Posted on: 1:22 am on January 25, 2001
janmarie Hi Cinemania.
Forgive me if this came out twice.  This is my first time on this forum and not quite sure how it all works yet.

I have my book on a FREE website at Homestead.  I have my own domain name.  I also use Clickbank.  I wasnt sure how to put the book completely onto the site so I use an Adobe Acrobat PDF file and when Clickbank notifies me of the sale..I email the book back to them..This also gives me the opportunity to create a relationship with my readers.  Hope this is of help
Kind regards,

Posted on: 10:50 am on January 26, 2001
Danial As this part of the forum is not for advertising, I re-read my own input here and determined that what I wrote could be taken as such, so I am making this change.
I also feel that working with a solid hosting provider is the best option, you do need to have many options on your website to work with your customers beyond just the ability to upload .exe files for your customers. Building an Internet site that communicates is many times more valuable than just having a place for people to download files from. You need to have E-Mail abilities such as auto-responders, newsletters, and many other dynamic applications to work for you when you want to take your business of selling your E-Books serious.  As the Internet grows, so does the sophistication of the people using it, a site doesn’t have to have glitz as much as it has to have good functionality.
Treat your business of selling your E-Books as a serious business, and it will be a serious business.

(Edited by Danial at 4:39 am on Mar. 4, 2001)

Posted on: 2:53 pm on February 24, 2001
cinemania Thanks to everyone for their helpful suggestions and offers. You've given me much to think about.

I also stumbled across another posible solution. While many free/cheap site hosts don't permit the uploading of .exe files, they do allow.zip (compressed) files to be FTP'd. Although this may be a small hassle for those downloading and unzipping the files it is another possibility for me to consider.

Many thnaks, once again.

Posted on: 2:31 am on March 4, 2001
Danial If you plan to send your E-Books in a zip file, you may want to know that Winzip has an extra option that you can purchase that allows you to make self extracting zip files with. It will also unzip to the desktop or to a folder that you determine. I think that is a very good option as a lot of people still don't understand zip files yet, especialy the people that are new to the net and are not sure what to do with zip programs and such. The best advice I can give is to make anything you do as easy as you can for your customers, you will find that the customers looking for good E-Books are going to range from parents wanting material for the kids, and grandparents wanting information for all walks of life and are new to the computer world. One should never assume that everyone is a sophisticated user.
Good Luck with your E-Books

Posted on: 4:25 am on March 4, 2001
EZcollegedegrees I always thought this ebook marketing was all marketing blarb!  Do people actually pay for ebooks?  If so, how much should I price my book at?

Posted on: 1:43 am on October 30, 2001
JohnDodson Did you actually check to see if there is PayPal in your country because unlike the common myth, PayPal does have overseas services now.

Posted on: 6:58 pm on March 26, 2002
EbookHeaven I agree that paid hosting is best. Whether you use WinZip or WinZip self-extractor to create your archives, you should get a good paid web host. For one thing, it gives you the ability to run cgi like this forum.

I am currently using a host called Nomonthly--there are no monthly fees after you pay a one off set up fee (it costs roughly as much as a year of hosting would normally cost) BUT there are no more fees EVER. The web space is 500megs, but I doubt very much i'll ever fill that up, so it doesn't really matter.

I am not an affiliate, before any of you dismiss this. They are based in the UK at this URL:http://www.nomonthly.co.uk

By the way, someone else mentioned WinZip self-extractor and how it can be set-up to extract your files to a specific location. This is true, but instead of a zip extension, the archive will have an Exe extension--which was the problem in the first place... not so?

Regarding ebook price: It depends on whether the work is fiction or non-fiction. Fiction ebooks rarely sell for more than $8.95 BUT non-fiction can be anything! I'm sure we have all heard of Ken Evoy's ebooks, and they cost a lot more than $8.95!

Posted on: 9:00 pm on April 15, 2002

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