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Archived Message:

Ebook Forums

Andrew Hi,

Does anyone know any other online ebook forums like this one?

Thank for any help,

(Edited by Andrew at 9:23 am on June 14, 2002)

Posted on: 9:15 am on June 14, 2002
EBookCompiler I don't know too many specifically about ebooks

For more general forums where e-books sometimes come up, you can also try





Posted on: 3:15 am on June 15, 2002
dreuby I've just found a new one that started very recently.


Posted on: 1:09 pm on June 18, 2002
LShen Hello Andrew,

Good news for you! I have a Forum Directory dedicated to ebook writers at:


There are a total of 14 different forums there. Take a look if you like. I actually make this directory for myself - so that I can cross over to many different forums without typing all those URLs.  Let me know if this helps.

Good luck!

Posted on: 6:44 am on July 3, 2002
dreuby That's a very useful resource - but I'm NOT going to join any more forums until I've done some work.

(I keep telling myself that - but it's a hard rule to stick to!)

Posted on: 11:20 am on July 3, 2002
dhallum I just started a forum for ebook publishers and authors, it located at:http://www.theebookcatalog.com/cgi-bin/forum/ikonboard.cgi

David Hallum

Posted on: 11:48 am on July 21, 2002
ebookimpressions Hi All,

eBook Impressions recently launched an eBook Forum for authors, publishers and just about anyone interested in reading and discussing ebooks!  

We hope you will visit the forum to discuss and promote ebooks:


Regards,  Carey

Posted on: 9:31 pm on March 5, 2006
patches That's cool. I've been searching all over the place for forums for publishers and kept getting kicked offline before I actually found this one.

You all saved me some time and some frustration with my isp. Seems like when I'm just piddling around I can surf forever but as soon as I start to search for something seriously, I get booted.


Posted on: 7:09 pm on July 19, 2006
jbsmith Andrew - we have two sites of interest to e-book publsihers, one is our free Blog (you can interact through the use of Comments) over at:
and our recently launched private infoproduct entrepreneur's zone --



Posted on: 1:37 am on July 27, 2006
AndyR Look for an ebook forum to be posted at the link below.

Posted on: 4:41 pm on August 21, 2006
Storyman These are really great links. Added all, but two, to favorites.

dhallum, Everytime your site is closed a window pops up asking if I'd like to set my home page to your page. Really annoying. I never revisit sites that ask to reset my home page.

ebookimpression, Several times I tried to open you site, but never was able to. Seems to be a problem.

(Edited by Storyman at 12:02 pm on Aug. 21, 2006)

Posted on: 8:02 pm on August 21, 2006
hobsdv i have just started an ebook forum


Posted on: 7:33 am on August 28, 2006
freebookcrazed i thinkwww.pustakamaya.comaint so bad

Posted on: 2:24 am on December 5, 2006
ebookarray Hey, great new site for ebooks!

Check it out, it's a forum, no ads, no bs, great interface!

By the way, I made it! A partner and I are getting into the ebook business and we decided to get started by making an ebook forum. It has an author's section and many other areas. It's free to join, help me out and get people to the site! Thanks!!!!

Go here:


and click on the link to go to the forum. eBook Array is my site and it's still under construction, but the forum is ready to go.


Posted on: 1:49 am on December 7, 2006
AndyR Here is the full link to my "real" forum


Posted on: 10:54 pm on December 11, 2006
tiger84 Here is link  free download ebooks :

this website update ebook everyday

Posted on: 5:16 pm on August 30, 2007
vnsoftprovider You can refer to the bloghttp://360.yahoo.com/vnsoftprovider
It contains for ebooks and movies

Posted on: 9:16 am on February 17, 2008
xpmikeep Earn tons of cash online selling ebooks/software. Great Job!

Posted on: 8:22 am on February 28, 2008

Quote: from Andrew on 9:15 am on June 14, 2002[br]Hi,

Does anyone know any other online ebook forums like this one?

Thank for any help,

(Edited by Andrew at 9:23 am on June 14, 2002)


Posted on: 1:58 am on May 11, 2008
fer0an1 download from:

Posted on: 6:15 am on July 14, 2008
alwaysno1 Hi all

Posted on: 10:06 pm on July 16, 2008
MMG08 You can get free ebooks from my website.

See signature link

Posted on: 6:43 pm on August 16, 2008
haljordan I'm seeing a lot of forum's, and I've noticed a lot of ebooks out there that just seem to be garbage, usually "Free Ebooks". Just FYI. When I go to a site to get an ebook on how to program flash for example, it tells me what flash is. When I get game cheats on xbox, it tells me what game cheats are, etc etc. I've gone to showmemy ebooks.com and found a ton of good ones. They sell them, but none are more than $1 thru paypal- totally worth it though. I've been downloading them into my collection.

Posted on: 1:27 pm on September 30, 2008
haljordan that link washttp://www.showmemyebooks.com

Posted on: 1:16 am on October 2, 2008
azebook new ebook update daily

(Edited by azebook at 7:25 am on Oct. 6, 2008)

Posted on: 7:23 am on October 6, 2008

Quote: from EBookCompiler on 3:15 am on June 15, 2002[br]I don't know too many specifically about ebooks

For more general forums where e-books sometimes come up, you can also try





I still believehttp://www.showmemyebooks.comis the best.  Not to claim the above, but I have downloaded a lot of ebooks in my time. Typically they have tacked-on ads. I get an ebook on XBox games for my boy and the ebook tells me what an XBox is. I get an ebook on learning MS Office and it gives me all of the links to Microsoft.

I have had everything good to say about showmemyebooks.com -they rock! You ask about a good ebooks place, There's your answer. That's it.

Posted on: 2:52 am on October 8, 2008
jango123 To download or submit your ebooks , you can visithttp://www.free-ebook.biz

Posted on: 8:45 am on November 26, 2008
lingweiz http://ebook.wwevid.cn

Posted on: 4:10 am on February 27, 2009
BestEbookTrade Thank U.
This Topic is really useful.

Posted on: 1:19 am on March 8, 2009
ebookmbp there are many forums for ebook and also you can feel free to call or chat online athttp://www.ebookconversion.com/

Posted on: 11:04 am on March 27, 2009
Arnold Grundel I am sure you could find some at emusic.  They have some really great audio books ( I believe that is what this thread is about).

Posted on: 10:49 pm on March 31, 2009
finacci if you want free ebook download. I suggest you go towww.finacci-ebookdownload.blogspot.com.

Posted on: 4:58 am on May 17, 2009
chocomocha Dear friends: Do you know how tofind out database quickly without entering so many university librariesand search the web again and again? Do you know what databases does alibrary have? You will recommend google search engine, but does itprovide you enough and prcise information? No!So we made up thishandbook for you guys as an index of library resource menu, for you toget to any database or journal without entering lots of universitylibrares.

here is the handbook!

You can download the hand book here


or link:



you can go tohttp://www.******** .com/forum userid=your userid get more information

Posted on: 2:00 pm on July 8, 2009
elle14 I want to say thank you for this thread since I really need some forum about ebooks..

(Edited by elle14 at 1:56 pm on Aug. 12, 2009)

Posted on: 1:49 pm on August 12, 2009
putinlrp recommend one forums " target="_blank">http://www.ebookpart.info">http://www.ebookpart.info

Posted on: 1:49 pm on December 11, 2009
corky2904 Hi, i came across this sitewww.buy-ebook.co.uk/20kebooks.htm
and i purchased, i was happy with the purchase but wanted to know where i can purchase more for my sitewww.download-ebooks.info

Posted on: 9:26 pm on December 19, 2009
articlequeen www.thearticlemarketingqueen.info

I have just created this one!

Posted on: 10:51 am on February 8, 2010
ebooksfan Download free e-books here http://e-books.ws
Huge e-books archive! (100,000+)

Posted on: 11:39 pm on March 4, 2011
sumithranom Thanks for info.

Posted on: 12:33 pm on March 21, 2011
swy1985 Hi, I purchased ebooks from that page Click here, you can buy all lot- it's cheap or choose one ebook and get it for free. Most ebooks include Master Resale Rights.

Posted on: 12:16 pm on April 21, 2011
jenny82 http://www.ebookfree24.info
cool, download free, no signup

Posted on: 1:49 pm on June 1, 2011
DigiLibraries Digilibraries.com is one of biggest online eBook stores, where one can find over 20'000 eBooks. Digilibraries.com was created by readers for readers; all eBooks are absolutely FREE to download without any payments, advertisements or delays. All eBooks are in high quality, so visit http://www.digilibraries.com/ and try our offer.

(Edited by DigiLibraries at 6:48 pm on June 23, 2011)

Posted on: 6:47 pm on June 23, 2011
WideReader Well I got this site where I purchased a satisfying yet cheap e-books. ANd i really love hem!

Posted on: 4:12 am on September 2, 2011
Somanyebooks Somanyebooks.com is a new ebook store. Monday, November 28th we are having a sale! Buy two ebooks get a third priced $3.99 or less for FREE! Each purchase enters you in a drawing to win Kobo eReader!

Posted on: 9:58 pm on November 27, 2011
Markx999 Hi, there are many to know more about forums you can contact us.

Quality eBook Conversions

(Edited by Markx999 at 11:37 am on Oct. 30, 2016)

Posted on: 11:32 am on October 30, 2016


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