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Archived Message:

Best eBook Sales Technique

 »The best way to sell an eBook
rlemire In a recent conversation, a fellow author was telling me about a seminar he attended. He said data was provided that showed "try before you buy" eBook sales were significantly more successful that "BuyNow" eBooks.

Here are the reasons:

1) It's generally much easier to get a customer to download something that's free.

2) Once you get a customer to download your "free" product it's much easier to convert that to a sale because the customer has already made a psychological investment in the product.

3) With "Try" mode distribution, the customer has (voluntarily) granted you additional time -- to convince him to buy your product.


In the past, the downside of "Try" mode distribution was the high cost of bandwidth. Every download cost you money (even downloads that didn't sell). However, many commercial hosting servers now offer unlimited download bandwidth -- so the costly downside for "Try" mode has been removed.

It's my opinion the best format for "Try" mode distribution is HTML eBooks. That's because it's easier to selectively group web pages into free and password protected sections.
The PDF format, on the other hand, is much more difficult to separate into free and password protected sections. To distribute PDF content in "Try" mode, you either need an introductory HTML web page section or you need to use two PDF documents -- one free and one password protected. To work properly PDF eBooks still require HTML and JavaScript code.

Unfortunately, the down side of HTML eBooks is, that it generally takes more skill to create HTML web pages than it does to create PDF files.


Posted on: 5:09 pm on March 15, 2009
ebookmbp Hello

Good thoughts and views

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Posted on: 11:12 am on March 27, 2009
JackD I would agree with Ron's suggestion for the customer to "try before you buy". However, I would lean towards a separate PDF, but it doesn't have to be large. Either the introductory chapter (if it's a "How to" book) or an excerpt from the first chapter if a much larger book. Another suggestion is to offer a downloadable "Table of Contents". Alternatively, show the Table of Contents on your sales page.

Posted on: 2:40 pm on May 14, 2009
EllenViolette It really depends. When people put up a website and stick an ebook on there and nobody knows who they are then it's imperative to give a way part of the ebook for free of something else that preceeds it like a special report or ecourse.  

But normally I don't give away part of the ebook for free because I am giving a lot of other information and teleseminars for free all the time and it's such a low-cost product. But giving the table of contents is always a plus.  

The bottom line is you should always test your sales process and every list is different.  So never just take what someone says and apply it to your list. Find out for sure.

Posted on: 11:02 pm on July 24, 2009
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Posted on: 12:28 pm on July 29, 2009
jshosho i fully agree with giving away table of contents instead of a chapter. Just because the first chapter gives so much away.

Posted on: 6:17 am on August 21, 2009
jaesonlewis The idea with viral marketing is to induce visitors or readers to pass along your message to other sites or people, creating a potentially exponential growth in your message’s visibility and response.

So in reality if you use this technique you will most likely have two ebooks. The first is your main ebook, which you are selling. The second is your viral ebook to “spread the word”.

Posted on: 10:26 am on September 9, 2009
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Posted on: 10:34 am on November 10, 2009
Judith Tramayne If you think about it, Amazon.com does this with their books.  The consumer can look at excerpts and decide from that if they want to buy the books.

There are also reader reviews.  This would be the same as having testimonials.

Now you could conceivably put these two together.

Offer an excerpt of your ebook along with testimonials in the PDF you give away Free.  The clickable link at the end of the excerpt would go to your ebook sales page.

And if you don't want to offer an excerpt then do a mini-sales page explaining how you came to write the ebook and what problem it will solve for the reader (this would be a little hard to do with a fiction ebook).

People love "stories" and if you make it interesting enough, this mini free ebook could definitely go viral.


Posted on: 12:05 am on December 24, 2009
singko Thanks for sharing this tips although I'm a beginner in Ebook marketing and I really need this on how to work on it . And I guess this will also help to promote my online business.

Posted on: 3:33 am on January 8, 2010
rickblackmon I like the idea of having excerpts available.  I read a lot and frequently cannot remember whether I have read a book.  I hate to think how many books I have bought and then a chapter into it find I have already read it.  (We have around 500 books in one bedroom converted into a library.)  Having an excerpt does help overcome this problem.

Posted on: 10:03 pm on January 21, 2010
AshleyKaryl I think there is a lot to be said for allowing the download of free chapter excerpts, but never an entire chapter because it gives away too much. In any case you should include information on the site page detailing the subjects covered by a book.

There is an argument for producing a second very short e.g 10 pages free PDF eBook that includes links back to your main book and can be used for marketing purposes. This free eBook should be interesting enough to make readers want to see other subjects you have written about.

(Edited by AshleyKaryl at 2:48 pm on Feb. 1, 2010)

Posted on: 2:47 pm on February 1, 2010
wockkelly Thanks for the post I really need to know this. It’s very informative and very helpful.

Posted on: 9:04 am on October 13, 2010
guideebook Thanks a lot for sharing these information!

Has anybody made experience with ebook directories (like Jogena, Virtual Ebooks, ebooks jungle..) or freebie sites to submit your ebooks? Which one, if any is useful to get traffic?

Posted on: 7:40 am on October 21, 2010
htd web marketing

Quote: from EllenViolette on 11:02 pm on July 24, 2009[br]It really depends. When people put up a website and stick an ebook on there and nobody knows who they are then it's imperative to give a way part of the ebook for free of something else that preceeds it like a special report or ecourse.  

But normally I don't give away part of the ebook for free because I am giving a lot of other information and teleseminars for free all the time and it's such a low-cost product. But giving the table of contents is always a plus.  

The bottom line is you should always test your sales process and every list is different.  So never just take what someone says and apply it to your list. Find out for sure.

I agree with you. There are no hard and fast rules.

We should always test to see what works best in any given situation, and go with the strongest method.

I recently thought my ebook on ebook marketing would do better to be given away (2 free chapters, entire index), and then sold through a follow up email.

Nope. Didn't work at all, despite this being common advice and making sense from a text book point of view. So I moved to selling it via youtube and other social media sites/ideas, (adwords costs were too tight). Much more success, via social media.

Book is athttp://www.howtodoebookmarketing.com

Posted on: 5:02 pm on October 29, 2010
Michelle Howie Thanks I have just put on my first 2 ebooks on Click2sell, read through everything, sounds good!
ImagineU? Moving jobs with confidence
ImagineU? Writing your CV & Cover letter with confidence

Thanks for the useful tips, great as this my first experience of an ebook forum.  Thanks Michelle

Posted on: 6:04 pm on December 19, 2010
EbooksRus great post and thanks for the good advice

Posted on: 10:05 pm on January 22, 2011
juleamber I love to give free downloads of samples of my eBook, that way folks can decide if it's what they were actually looking for.  

What does everyone think the best % is to show as a sample?  20% of the book, 40%, even 60% of the copy?

Posted on: 6:10 am on February 22, 2011
jbsmith Giving items away for free does work, and yes it can be a sample of your ebook, but it can also be...

- A report that covers the problem your prospect is wrestling with and tells why your approach is the one that will help them - leading back to your sales page

- An audio or video excerpt that shares information tied to your ebook

- A series of case studies or testimonials that will help endorse the material in your ebook

- A checklist or outline (or table of contents) for your ebook that shows them what they will get after purchase

I have used these techniques for ebooks as well as higher priced training programs such as membership sites and seminars


Posted on: 10:29 pm on February 25, 2011
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Posted on: 7:19 am on March 17, 2011
cbguru80 I agree, Thanks great Idea

Posted on: 5:44 am on March 25, 2011
faithfuljim Yes, it's a good idea to offer part of your book for free.  I actually offer the first 30% of my historical novel for free in smashwords.   (See my ad in the free ads forum [topic like: "My first novel is now an Ebook"])
I offer that much  in order to show off different aspects of my writing style.  Hopefull it will result in sales.

(Edited by faithfuljim at 8:14 pm on Mar. 29, 2011)

Posted on: 8:12 pm on March 29, 2011
sethmills Yeah I have to agree, I think offering part of the book for free is a great idea.  A first chapter is an enticing way to hook people.  That, and customer reviews.  With stuff like Amazon now, reviews can be REALLY helpful.  It can make or break a product.   If you are really confident with your work, I guess I just don't see how offering the first chapter for free can hurt?

Posted on: 8:28 pm on March 30, 2011
faialeem Dear friends

I am agree with you, to promote your e-books you can provide some interesting parts of your books free in HTML formats, when customer read you free parts , psychologically he will interested in to read more. this kind of promotion increase your sales percentage. I am currently promoting "Why Projects Fail” by Uladzislau Shauchenka.http://whyprojectsfailbook.com/
any ideas????????????

Posted on: 10:05 am on April 11, 2011
jasonv I wrote an article at Shop4Downloads.com that might help:


You can also try becoming a Seller on the site as well.


Posted on: 9:21 pm on June 12, 2011
digitalmediamega Thank you for sharing your ideas. I am new here, just registered today. I hope I learned so much here about ebook.

Posted on: 1:28 pm on June 15, 2011
Binary Books We offer a good marketing package including advertising in other E-books we publish and our monthly book review magazine. Take a look on our website:


Posted on: 1:41 pm on July 20, 2011

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