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Archived Message:

I wanna promote and sell your e-book

OnlinePR Hi guys

I am one out about 500 people in the world who gained access to a special system, that I will use within online public relations. It is a very powerful system, and it is perfect for selling digital products.

I am looking for authors which are interested in selling their books, audios and videos online. I will sell it for you, and I will only take a commision per sale. There a very big possibilities with this system, and the bad news is, that I will not accept everything.

To become a prospect, you will have to have:

- More than 1 e-book in the same subject
- it can not be fiction
- material that really is a great asset for the buyer.
- really great if you also got it on audio and/or video material

If you just are interested in getting your name out their, I am also looking for people who are willing to give me the rights to push their e-book. In return your name will be mentioned in all material, and that way you can sell your other books. And I can promise, that you will get out to a lot of people.
The last time this system ran, there was more than 65.000 people who was getting the material.

I am looking forward hearing from all of you. You can ask questions here, and if you are interested, you can contact me on winum(a)mindme.dk

Looking forward hearing from you guys.



Posted on: 11:03 pm on February 6, 2008
justinebook Do you have a website we could check out? I might know of a few ebook authors would would be interested in selling their ebook rights to you but I want to know more about this "system" first. Thanks.


Posted on: 12:53 am on February 16, 2008
ballyc27 Hi Justin,

sorry to jump in here but I've reciently opened an ebook store (theebooksale.com) and am looking for some quality content (at the moment I have lots of resell-rights stuff - but wish to expand on this). You mentioned to /Winum that you might know of a few ebook authors would would be interested in selling their ebook rights... can you let me know who they are?
Over the next 6 monthd I hope to add as many authors and ebooks to my site in an effort to improve content. Can you help please. Can you have a look at my site and give me some feedback (be brutal if you must)... I will need all the help I can get if I am to succeed.

Best regards,

Posted on: 11:19 pm on February 21, 2008
xpmikeep Earn tons of cash online selling ebooks/software.http://www.fastdatacash.com/in.php?ix=2226

Posted on: 8:25 am on February 28, 2008
Falin Hi Richie,  I have emailed you my ebook for your review, it has succesfully sold on ebay.

Posted on: 8:36 pm on March 4, 2008
ballyc27 Hi Falin,

got your email... thanks, I have published your eBook
By the way, I have put together an 'Authors Area' on my site which allows Author, like yourself, create an account and upload material for review (and inclusion in my store if accepted). It has gone live as of 20 minutes ago, so if you have Authored some more eBooks, please go here to upload them:


Posted on: 12:41 am on March 12, 2008
wallezi hi i want you to sell my ebooks for me thyen you can get the commision as you want i have three ebooks which by the name (wallacediary)this book talks about money and how one can become a millonaire, the other one is called (more than a mile) which talks about this guy who was ready to do anything just to become a celebrity and a musician and the other onje is called (your faithfulness determines level of your growth) it contains motivational quotes which everybody requires. the books are available atwww.giganticmillionaires.comand you can contact ma at  wallace@giganticmillionaires.com. i need somebody who can sell more than a thousand ebooks in a week and get the commision of your life. i am ready to negotiate.

Posted on: 4:19 pm on March 31, 2008
ballyc27 Hi wallezi,
ok... you can upload the ebooks for review here:


Posted on: 11:48 pm on March 31, 2008
prashant Hi,
 Saw your ad online. I do have a converted , edited, finished ebook on behavioral rules of money. The title is
' and rule no. 14 says...Money calls, not the man"
- I have the cover page ready
- I have the sales pitch ready

how can we have an arrangement?

best regards

Posted on: 6:43 am on April 17, 2008
ballyc27 Hi Chandola,
ok... you can upload the ebook and cover for review here:
I will get in contact with you after that... remember, for a limited time, I am offering 100% royalties (i.e. you get all the sales money for a period of 12 months).



Posted on: 10:44 am on April 17, 2008
wockkelly Create an affiliate program: Get other people to sell your ebooks and give them a generous commission for doing so. Since your cost per book is nothing and they’re making a sale you would not have made, you can pay them generously without eating into your bottom line.

Posted on: 6:01 am on November 5, 2010
riteshkrjain You All Can Download Free Ebooks

www.freeebooksindia.******** .com

Posted on: 4:07 pm on February 2, 2011
MichelleC You can use the advantage of Facebook and Twitter to help you promote your Ebook, so start creating your own Facebook account and page to advertise your eBook and find more customers.

Posted on: 3:18 am on August 15, 2011
coylehospitality You mentioned to /Winum that you might know of a few ebook authors would would be interested in selling their ebook rights... can you let me know who they are?
mystery shopping companies
mystery shopping

Posted on: 1:17 pm on August 29, 2012

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