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Archived Message:

Make money from ebooks?

Hope I'm new to ebooks and are curious if anyone is making a good income from producing and selling ebooks.  I have a number of ideas but first want to find out how other ebooks are selling before producing my own.  Or is it only those who are producing ebooks about 'making money' and 'internet marketing' who are actually selling?  Any comments or feedback will be gratefully received!  


Posted on: 2:34 pm on July 25, 2006
Storyman Hi Hope,

Welcome to the forum.

Yes, there are individuals making money from ebooks. Success depends on a lot of factors. The two chief factors, IMHO, are the ebook's appeal and distrubution. What's the point of having a book with a lot of appeal if no one knows of it nor is there any point of everyone knowing about it if it doesn't appeal to anyone.

As you've pointed out in your email there are tons of ebooks that promise you riches by following their plan. I haven't bought any for the same reason you probably haven't. It kinda reminds me of all those 'Get Rich Writing Your Great Novel' books sitting on the shelf of the local bookstore. If these authors know the secrets where is the proof--beyond their 'how to' book?

The other leg of the journey is distribution--meaning making potential customers aware that your book exist. More often than not this is the weak link. Either you can pay search engines to promote your book or not. If you don't pay means you depend on what is referred to as organic results.

What works in getting great organic results changes fairly frequently and what is a winner one month can be a loser the next. For more information on the subject do a search for 'SEO' and you'll get hundeds of thousands articles explaining it in far greater detail.

Who is making the money? No one really wants to talk about the money because they are either embarrassed that it is none or that it is a lot and they don't want to attract competition. What I can say is that the people who are doing well are niche writers. In one example a woman wrote about a medical condition that disrupts many families. She has one ebook, which she has been selling for over five years. Her earnings are in the low triple digits. When I tell friends the subject of her ebook they usually look puzzled, like you've got to be kidding. Yet, she's been doing it for five years.

Posted on: 3:10 pm on July 25, 2006
EBookCompiler Normally I don't expect too many replies to this type of thread - as people who are doing well usually don't want to encourage copycats.

To my surprise, there was a thread a while ago, where people disclosed rather a lot of details of what and how they were doing... There are also some interviews with ebook authors atwww.ebookinterviews.comthat you may enjoy reading

Posted on: 4:12 pm on July 25, 2006
jbsmith Absolutely - in 3 different niches, health, small business and online marketing.  

In addition, I have made a living putting together courses for various industries (none of them internet marketing) over the last 10 years.  

Packaged information sells - trick is to find a hot topic in an area where you have a strength (knowledge, experience, passion) and that matches an unmet need in the market.  

E-books can just be the tip of the iceburg - what you are really in is the information product publishing business and that can mean paid newsletters, reports, e-books, books, audio and video courses, membership sites, etc....

E-books often provide a lead in revenue stream to higher end products that you can then cross-sell and up-sell into your market.



Posted on: 1:42 am on July 27, 2006
EBookCompiler Here's the older thread on the same topic

Check it out


Posted on: 10:15 am on July 27, 2006
annew I make small money, less than $100/month, but I've added an affiliate program and the whole thing is slowly growing...

Posted on: 8:11 pm on July 30, 2006
Storyman Hi Anne,

Do you mind sharing what kind of traffic your sites get?

Posted on: 11:09 pm on July 30, 2006
Hope Hi Storyman, EBookComplier, Jeff and Anne

I really appreciate your feedback and advice.  

Many thanks.

Posted on: 6:58 am on August 4, 2006
smartbook Hi, If you want to find out how people earn a living by selling Ebooks online, you can download a free copy of "Ebook Authors Interewed" at:

Sincerely, Dirk Dupon

Posted on: 4:32 pm on August 6, 2006
Danial Selling e-books is one thing, but using them to promote your products, web site, or services is an extremely good way to increase your income.

I just published 3 new e-books on my site that are not even related to the products on the site and already have people downloading them. As an advertising tool, they are fantastic.

Every page on the three e-books I published have a link back to my web site that can be clicked on.

Each of the e-books has a unique subject and construction. One of them has 320 recipes for cooking with cast iron cookware, one has some 35 java script games that are interactive that people can play, and the last one is a calculator e-book with lots of handy java script run calculators in it. My web site is all about selling molds for casting soap, concrete, plaster, and chocolate along with some accessories.

What I have found is that people have a lot in common and most have several interest beyond just one. Even though I have multiple e-books already being worked on that directly relate to using the molds I make and how to use the final castings from them, people will generally enjoy doing and reading about other interest along with what they might find on your site.

I don't sell my e-books, but instead use them as a way to propagate a link back to my web site from the persons personal computer. They share them around with family and friends and refer others to your site to download them. It is a proven fact that it takes quite a few viewings in most cases before people will actually visit a web site and then make a purchase. I just give them an excuse to view a link to my site and the sites name enough times to get that kind of exposure.

I track the web stats on my web site along with the amount of bandwidth that is used to see how many people are downloading the e-books. I post notices in my newsletters about them and also let people know about them when they get published to the web on our sites forum. This gives me some idea on how successful they are at the job they are supposed to do for the site.

People on the net are always trying to find that free thing they can get from web sites. This is one of them that has a great payback for me at least. I do make a living from my web sites, so any avenue that is helping me get customers returning is a plus.

I have to commend Sunil Tanna for producing one of the best tools on the net for publishing e-books bar none! I only regret that I didn't make more of them before.

Posted on: 8:45 pm on March 17, 2007
Azurebooks You can make a lot of money from selling **** o ebooks. Yes, seriously, **** O ebooks, especially if you're a good artist. They DO sell.

Posted on: 8:15 pm on July 18, 2007
SylviaVictor There are individuals making money from ebooks. Success depends on a lot of factors. E-books often provide a lead in revenue stream to higher end products that you can then cross-sell and up-sell into your market. Just the kind of information a marketer needs. No matter what niche a person is in they can make use of your very valuable report and what you have to say.Instant emergency cash, effortless money-making tactics, full-time residual income in less than 30 days...  

Posted on: 5:58 am on August 2, 2007
cafescoop the right ebook at the right time, yes you will make money however most don't know when and where this is.  most is by chance and luck

Posted on: 7:11 am on August 18, 2007
ebookprofit I normally use Click bank as a market place to sell my ebook. Click bank is number 1 market place to sell e-book. To know more about clickbank -http://www.clickbank.com/about_us.html

Feel free to check out my blog (signature below) , recorded how much money I have made from e-book in my blog.

Also, feel free to ask me any questions for making money via selling ebook.

(Edited by ebookprofit at 7:24 am on Dec. 29, 2008)

Posted on: 8:38 am on December 27, 2008
imrismark Yes I am making money from selling ebooks. You can visit my website and see all the 240 professionally written ebooks I am selling all with resale rights

Posted on: 2:23 pm on January 5, 2009
Gliane08 Hi Hope!

If you really want to hear a great story of someone who succeeded in selling ebooks and even managed to earn 1k in 24hrs I believe you should see this -->  http://ebook-profitmaker.com/

(Edited by Gliane08 at 12:34 pm on Jan. 20, 2009)

Posted on: 12:31 pm on January 20, 2009

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