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Archived Message:

Best Ways to Sell Your Ebook

2beez If you have your own ebook than you have a unique product offering.

A great way to sell your ebook is to download it to CD format and sell it on online auctions like Ebay.

All you do is burn copies on to CD's, print labels, and put them in some jewel cases.

You can make each CD for under $2 and sell them for whatever you think that they are worth. Any unique ebook would be worth anywhere from $5 to $99 if it has some solid information to offer.

Your advertising is covered within your listing fees and the exposure is enormous on the big auction sites. Just relist your auction for ongoing sales and a steady source of cash.

Posted on: 3:57 am on February 17, 2006
Storyman Hi 2beez,

I think you've got a good idea and one I've wanted to try.

In another thread someone mentioned that it is a good idea to register the ebook with EBAY first so that if someone starts selling copies of your ebook on EBAY they can be shut down.

Posted on: 5:06 am on February 17, 2006
2beez That is a good idea. I'm not sure what Ebay's policy is
for protection of authored material, but it sounds like
a good measure to take.

I would see about copyrighting your material or ebook
first, because they could always resell your stuff in
other ways.

If you offer an affiliate program, they might be willing
to share the profits legally.

Posted on: 5:35 am on February 17, 2006
heiky0711 If you have to register on eBay. Then where do you register them.

Posted on: 6:54 pm on April 15, 2006
Storyman eBay
You may need to log in to eBay before links work.

Copyright Basics

Guidlines for Creating Legally Compliant Listings

What is VeRO and listing removal

Reporting VeRO infringements

At this point I'm not certain how you register in the VeRO program. I recall that there used to be a link. The only thing that I could find that relates deals with after-the-fact, but did find references to companies that are currently enrolled in the VeRO. I'll post if I find the link.

Posted on: 1:43 am on April 16, 2006
Storyman This is the reply sent by eBay in regards to a query about the VeRO program.


Thank you for contacting us regarding the unauthorized sale of your work over eBay. We developed our VeRO Program to address situations like yours.

As you know, eBay does not buy or sell any items; we act only as a venue that enables others to do so. As such, we neither see nor inspect any items that are offered for sale on the site. However, recognizing that some posted items may infringe certain intellectual property rights, we have set up specific procedures which enable verified rights owners to identify and request removal of allegedly infringing listings. These procedures are intended to substantially comply with the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. section 512. Click on the following link to access the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


We encourage you to join our VeRO Program so you can immediately take advantage of its benefits, which include:

- Direct access to an identified customer support group dedicated to servicing the requests of VeRO Program participants;

- Ability to report listings in which your intellectual property or other proprietary materials are offered, reproduced, or otherwise used in a manner that violates or threatens to violate your rights, and to have such listings terminated;

- Dedicated priority email queues for reporting alleged infringements;

- Ability to create an eBay "About Me" page containing information you wish to convey to eBay users;

- Ability to request detailed contact information pertaining to sellers who post listings that may violate your rights.

We expect the list of benefits to grow in the future, and we will keep you apprised of any enhancements to the Program.

For your convenience, you can download a copy of our Notice of Claimed Infringement (NOCI) form by clicking this link:


You will need Adobe® Acrobat Reader to view and print our NOCI form. If you do not have Adobe® Acrobat Reader, you can download a free copy at Adobe's web site:


Please sign and send it back to us by fax at (408) 516-8811. (This is for US customers.)

After we receive your first NOCI, we will send you an electronic version of our NOCI form so you can send future notices to us via email.

Remember, time is of the essence because items are listed for a limited duration. Once we have received your Notice of Claimed Infringement in proper form, we can remove the referenced listing(s). Be sure to identify the specific listings by number; the user's screen name or user I.D. is not sufficient.

Posted on: 9:23 pm on April 16, 2006
Fix See my personal experiment on marketing your ebook:

Rebrandable ebooks are so powerful - they instigate the marketing power of replication. Absolute magic.

Posted on: 7:55 pm on April 18, 2006
Zam Good ideas

(Edited by Zam at 7:05 pm on June 19, 2006)

Posted on: 7:04 pm on June 19, 2006
Em You should check out bookhitch.com. You can market your books for free (yes we have e-books) . You just have to put a link/contact information so readers can buy your book. Hope this info is of some help!

Posted on: 9:05 pm on June 21, 2006
eatstayplay Can you sell on eBay with downloads or does it HAVE to be by CD?

I'm not really familiar with selling on eBay- just buying trinkets.

Posted on: 5:21 pm on July 28, 2006
Storyman Hi EatStayPlay,

Yes, you can sell your ebook on eBay as a download.

The easiest way is to have the buyer email to you the Registration Code. You'll then email back the Password that unlocks her copy.

Posted on: 6:14 pm on July 28, 2006
Fix The wonderful thing with ebooks is that you can build a gigantic list just by giving them away. If people see your content interesting enough to be itchy for an impulsive reach of their credit cards, then you got it right.

See a viral instance:

Posted on: 8:16 pm on August 17, 2006

Quote: from eatstayplay on 12:21 pm on July 28, 2006[br]Can you sell on eBay with downloads or does it HAVE to be by CD?

I'm not really familiar with selling on eBay- just buying trinkets.

Yes you can sell on ebay as a digital download.  There are methods and such about it.  if you would like more information on that just email me.  I love eBay and if you market correctly you can really make some money.  There are also a variety of different methods to getting your works protected along with locking your digital downloads as well.


Jason Conway

Posted on: 6:58 pm on September 20, 2007
hometutor I was going to ask why not just make it a download

The customer gets instant gratification and you save on shipping. Payloadz might help with the instant download bit

How to Sell and Market Products for Free with No Website by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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In ebook format this book contains full resale rights. All links must remain intact but you may sell this book for however much you believe it's worth.

Get your copy free


Posted on: 1:56 am on October 20, 2007

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