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Archived Message:

How Many Clicks

bostons4u How many clicks should you receive before you see a sale?  I have had 90 clicks using overture. No sales yet.  Is it time to start rethinking the site? Am I being impatient?

(Edited by bostons4u at 5:25 am on Jan. 18, 2006)

Posted on: 5:23 am on January 18, 2006
Storyman How are you determining the clicks? Are they 'hits' or 'unique visitors'? Hits often mean the number of times a visitor's browser 'hits' the browser for info, which includes graphics. If you have a page with three graphics that is three 'hits' right there.

If you are using a counter that increments each time someone visits your site that could also be consider a 'hit', but doesn't include things like the hits for graphics.

Somewhere in your site's control panel there should be a link for looking at unique visitors. If each time a visitor logs onto your site from the same IP address the unique visitor count continues to count that visitor once. However, if they access your site using a dialup modem it most likely means that each time they log on and access your site it is counted as a different unique visitor. There should be somewhere on the control panel for you to view who is logging onto your site and from their IP address.

What you want to look at is unique visitors.

To answer your question of how many clicks becfore someone buys is completely unknown. Depends on your price, topic, quality, writing, etc. If you get a load of clicks and no one buys you might want to do a little market research as to why.

Sorry there aren't any clear cut answers.

Posted on: 7:52 pm on January 18, 2006
EBookCompiler 90 is too low to tell, not statistically valid (assuming you're counting overture clicks)

Reasons why sales conversion may be low

- Bidding on wrong keywords

- Bidding on too broad keywords

- Your Title/Description in Overture is too vague (be specific, and say it's somethign for sale, this ensures only qualified people click)

- Your sales letter needs work - learn copywritinghttp://www.marketingblast.com/res_copy.php

Try some other pay-per-clicks. It's cheaper to test out ideas in FindWhat (now part of MIVA) than Overture. SearchFeed and Kanoodle are both also okay, and cheaper than Overture.


Posted on: 3:45 am on January 31, 2006
jmiguy I've actually stopped using pay-per-click ads altogether.

My sales have since dropped, but my profit has gone up. I was spending a fortune on advertising to get the sales.

Now I rely on search engine placement to generate my traffic. It takes a while to get good rankings but it sure saves on overhead.


Posted on: 9:37 pm on August 18, 2006
Mochilero One of my e-books sold after the first two visitors to the site, but then I didn't sell another to the next 200 visitors. Unfortunately you probably need 1000 visitors or more to have a statiscally valid sample.

My best ebook sells to one out of each 130 visitors. Is this good for a $17 book? I don't know. Not sure if anyone has done much research in this area, but from what I read, a 1% conversion rate is better than average.  At that even, after my Clickbank fees I would make just 14 cents per visitor. Of course, since I can't get good clicks for less than that, I have to rely on free traffic.

You can change and test different sales pages to see if you can boost your conversion rate, but don't change it until at least 500 to 1000 visitors see each version.

Posted on: 5:11 pm on October 25, 2006
hanleo46 What if you got 15 calls from actual qualified prospects this week?

Would that help your network marketing business? I think so, don't you?

First things first:

A) Who is your target Market?

1) Business Builders

a) People who already buy or use your product or service, or one
just like it ( ie Network Marketers, or future existing customer base)

b) People looking to start a home based business (Biz opportunity

c) People actively seeking info about your specific
opportunity( looking for successful team, system, etc)

2) Product Customers

a) People who already are buying or using a related product or

b) People with a problem who are looking for a solution

c) People looking for your specific product by name

B) Bring People into Your Pipeline...Your Marketing System

Learn how to Build your core asset - Multiple Lists that includes all
that do NOT buy or sign up immediately... this is 90% of all 1st time
visits to your ads...do not waste these leads

a) Start to Advertise to one (1) of the target markets above,
first, then you can grow later ( Free or Paid)

b) Capture Name and Email of visitors to your ad. (Your Own
Capture Page is Mandatory)

c) Educate, and build a relationship (Need an Autoresponder to
automate , and send broadcast Emails)

d) Retail a product or service related to your target niche (Test
low cost items, info products to build trust)

e) Backend/*** Promo (Upgrade size of sale, course, *** product,
autoship etc)

f) Residual Income (This is the extra cash, your primary
business opportunity)

Trying to email individually will bury you the more successful
you get. Trying to start out recruiting to your *** directly will
likely frustrate you, and probably NOT be profitable for a long time

You will notice I never mentioned advertizing your business
directly. This is all about marketing your core asset....YOU.

You will waste your time and money sending traffic
directly to your company provided website.......
You might get an accidental customer or request for info,
but you have no idea who actually goes to the site, or how many,
well you get the idea, right...

Think of your business as "YOU, Inc", with your *** as just a
single part of "YOU, Inc"

MYTH #1: You have to be a computer expert.
Not so, there are some basic skills but they are all learnable.
Can you type, and use a word editor?
If so, there are lots of free tools to get you started.

Just like you, when I started out 5 years ago trying to do exactly
what my *** uplines taught me. I was a good student, calling my
warm market, making a list of everybody I know, pounding  the phones
with lists, buying  leads, geneaology lists, attending meetings, conventions,
etc etc.

But in my heart I knew I wanted to build my business on line with
todays technolgy, and most if not all, *** companies do NOT
teach how to do that.

I hope this helps you in your thinking about your *** ( Network

The name says it all

Its about "networking" and "marketing" YOU!

Let me know how I can help with any of the specifics, each step
is really pretty simple


Leo Hanes

Learn How You Can Make Money Giving Away Free Stuff...  
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Posted on: 2:53 pm on December 6, 2006

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