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Archived Message:

How to market ebook?

networkmom Hello,  I have recently wrote an ebook on kids fitness and health and need some ideas for marketing.  I have sold only a few of them and would really love some ideas.

Thank you

Posted on: 1:53 am on October 28, 2005
Storyman Denise,

Do you have a web site? If so, have you optimized it for search engines (Google: SEO).

What payment system are you using? PayPal? ClickBank? Have you looked into ClickBank's rebranding?

It's kind 'a difficult to make suggestions without knowing where you are in the process.

Posted on: 2:36 am on October 28, 2005
networkmom Hello, Yes I have a website and no I have not optimized it yet for the search engines. I am using pay pay and payloadz to deliver the ebook.

Thank you

Posted on: 11:48 am on October 28, 2005
Storyman The one single thing that will be most helpful (IMHO) is to optimize your site. Begin by converting from tables to CSS. The reason is that one of the factors that search engines use to determine ranking/indexing is code to content ratio. Tables throw the ratio in favor of code and CSS (using an external stylesheet) will favor content.  

You've got a great looking site.

Posted on: 4:33 pm on October 28, 2005
networkmom Thanks, but I have no idea how to do that, the css.
Can I still optimize without this?


Posted on: 8:31 pm on October 28, 2005
Storyman Optimizing the web page is the corner stone to higher ranking on search engines. You can circumvent optimizing somewhat by paying for inclusion in the top search engines and/or buy key words.

Be cautious when buying for traffic. As one person put it, "I paid for traffic and got ten thousand visitors and made 5 sales. I then optimized my site for search engines (SEO) and got a thousand visitors with 20 sales."

You might consider hiring someone to rebuild your site with CSS, but if you give yourself a little time you should be able to handle it yourself. There are several articles on the Internet that specifically address the advantages of converting from tables to CSS and how to do it. You've already got all of the hard stuff out of the way and to convert to CSS isn't really difficult (so long as you don't expect to have it done in a day).

I'd suggest making a copy of your site and work with the copy. Again the reason for doing this is to 1) Make it load faster. 2) Increase the code to content ratio in favor of content.

Also, see if you can get other sites to link to yours. Avoid link farms though. Link farms are where sites link to one another even though they don't share a common interest. Search engines see this as a form of spamming and have been known to ban such sites from their index. Avoid the auto submission services too. They can cause you more damage than good. Sure they can spike the traffic to your site, but some search engines also see this as spamming.

For anyone interested in getting more information on search engines and marketing download the latest version of Apple's iTunes. It doesn't matter if you have a Mac or PC because both version are available and both are free (you don't need to own an iPod either).

After you've downloaded and installed iTunes open up the link for Podcast, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for Business Podcast. Under that listing you'll find some listings for shows that deal with search engines and Internet marketing. Did I mention that they are FREE! Yes, iTunes is FREE. Podcast are FREE (with a few exceptions, but you don't want those shows anyway.)

Hope that helps, Denise.

Posted on: 10:25 pm on October 28, 2005
EBookCompiler Here are the top things I think you can do for search engines:

1. Make sure your page title contains relevant keywords, preferably near the start

2. Make sure your page contains relevant keywords in the text

3. Use the H1, H2, etc tags, again containing keywords. You can use CSS to make them appear at a reasonable size

4. For your images, fill in the ALT= attribute. Again with relevant keywords or descriptive phrase.

5. Try to build up incoming links to your site from other related sites, preferably ones with good google PR. You may findwww.traffic4me.comhelpful

Good luck!

Posted on: 12:06 pm on October 31, 2005
resell ebook Hello all,

I am new on here so go easy on me

I have recently used SEO on my website's to try and get a better ranking on search engines particularly on google.

I have not submitted any of my sites to search engines, instead I am relying on spiders to index my pages and put me on that way... is this a good idea?

My site’s are new, actually they have only been up this week. The vortex and resell ebook are the same, I have not finished my vortex site yet so I stuck resell ebook on there for the mean time as I have a google page rank of 5.

If anyone has time, can you please go through my sites and have a look if I have missed things or done things wrong in terms of getting a better rank on google.

My site:

Thanks all,

Posted on: 9:53 pm on November 1, 2005
Storyman Shiv,

Nice looking sites and easy to navigate. Could you clarify by what you mean that you have used SEO on your website. A big part of SEO is to use CSS with an external CSS stylesheet. It also discourages the use of tables.

All of what you have on your site can be done in CSS, which means the what the spiders will see is a whole lot more content than code--which will definitely help.

To give you an example a chiropractor friend had a web site that was done using tables. He called one day asking why, when he typed his name into Google, his own site appeared far below other sites that made reference to him. It was particularily frustrating since his site had been up for close to two years.

As a favor I converted his site to pure CSS and within the month his site appeared at the top of Google when he entered his name and has remained in that position ever since.

No one can say with any certainity how search engines do their stuff. All of what we know about SEO is anecdotal. For now CSS vs. tables it is clear CSS is the clear winner.

Posted on: 12:50 am on November 2, 2005
networkmom Can anyone tell me how I can covert my site to css easily?  I use frontpage to create my site if this matters.


Posted on: 10:46 am on November 2, 2005
resell ebook Storyman,

Thank you for your swift reply. Yes my site's are made using tables, I have a CSS style sheet but I only use that for the basics - sorting out how the text will look i.e. links, h1, h2, h3 etc...

I have never heard that by converting a site to CSS can benefit ranking on search engines. But I will look into this and try to get a more in depth knowledge of CSS sheets as I do not know much except the basics.

Can you possibly point out how I should go about converting my sites to CSS? I will search for some articles on this and see what comes up. A tutorial or something of that nature would be ideal.

One more thing, getting site’s to link to mine would help boost my ranking, is this correct? Would I have to get site’s that have similar themes i.e that they focus on ebooks etc… or will any sites do?

Thanks again,


Posted on: 1:17 pm on November 2, 2005
Storyman Shiv,

I strongly encourage you to go to my 28 August posting (in this thread) and pay particular attention to the Podcast section. Another Podcast source is Webmaster World http://www.webmasterradio.fm/. The lineup is listed at the bottom of the show. Again, these shows can automatically be downloaded through iTunes.

If you aren't familar with podcast first download iTunes. After it is installed click on Podcast in the left column. At the bottom of the page click on Podcast Directory.

After the iTunes Store opens scroll down and look for a search input box in the left column. For SEO enter: 'Friesen' and in the results list look for 'SEO RockStars with hosts: Todd (Oilman) Friesen and Jake (bakedjake) Baillie' and then subscribe to that Podcast.

Another show you might like is 'Wizards of Web hosted by Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg, Future Now, Inc.' You can find it by searching for 'Eisenberg'.

Other shows are:

Affiliate Marketing Today with Haiko de Poel, Jr. President AbestWeb.com

Cover Story with Brandy Shapiro-Babin and David McInnis, President PR Web

RainMaker hosted by SEGuru (Daron Babin) and Brandy Shapiro-Babin

Domain Master with Monte Cahn of Moniker.com

Next Stuff Now hosted by Chris Tolles, VP of Topix.net

Posted on: 5:35 pm on November 2, 2005
Storyman In regards to CSS vs. Tables and how to make the conversion you'll find several good links to informative sites here: http://www.netresources.co.uk/2005/03/tables-vs-css.html

Posted on: 6:00 pm on November 2, 2005
resell ebook Storyman,

Thanks again for replying. I already have iTunes installed for my iPod, I found some SEO podcasts (oilman and bakedjake) there is music playing at the moment not sure if this is meant to happen – not familiar with podcasts. I will keep on the case and try some other podcast you listed - I appreciate the suggestions.

In regards to Tables vs. CSS, I would like to implement this on my site's especially resellebook.co.uk

I have read a few articles, I just want to make sure I have this correct - CSS uses div's instead of tables? Also there was a mention of splitting a page into sections i.e. for the body, header and sidebar ... would it be best to allocated to all sections into one CSS file? These maybe dumb questions, sorry.

Still trying to get to grips with CSS and how to transform my site, hopefully after reading a few more articles I will get the basics and I will go from there…

May I ask if you work in IT/Web Development?


Posted on: 6:59 pm on November 2, 2005
Storyman Shiv,

You're correct a about DIV's instead of Tables.

IMHO it will be easier to reconstruct the site rather than attempting to modify the current one. As a practical matter design for FireFox, then adjust (using hacks) for IE--the other way around will drive you to insanity!

You're also correct about about splitting up the various components (header, navigation, etc). And yes, all of the CSS definitions are contained in one external file.

At first CSS looks really simple, then when you start playing around with floats and positioning things get confusing real fast. Hang in there because the Ah Ha factor jumps in and it all makes sense.

Most people find the difference between how FireFox and IE calculate total page width a little confusing--so pay particular attention to that information. (The subject usually references how IE calculates margins.)

This is a link to a site that I'm doing for a buddy of mine. It's all CSS--no tables, no javascript. There are a few minor details that need attention, but it'll give you some idea of CSS. If you look at the coding you'll see what the spiders see, which is mostly content and minimal code. http://www.broker4southbay.com/

Posted on: 8:25 pm on November 2, 2005
resell ebook Storyman,

Hello, well... I've have taken your points on board and have also visitedhttp://www.broker4southbay.com/(very nice by the way!) and I have had a go...

I did not bother reconstructingwww.resellebook.co.ukas it is doing pretty well on the MSN UK search engine - 3rd postion after only 1 week, pretty good I think.

Anyway, I have constructed only an index page to start of my CSS ventures with and it is not as hard as I first thought. If you check outwww.thevortex.co.ukyou should see what I have done. It is not as pretty as resell ebook but I like the simplicity of it!

Look at the code, theres nothing there

Thanks for your help.

Posted on: 10:05 pm on November 5, 2005
wildchild Although this comment is a couple months off, I just wanted to weigh in on this discussion regarding CSS.

First, let me say that CSS is a wonderful tool and the way the web is moving. However, there are a few things to know before you convert your site:

1. While Internet Explorer does recognize some CSS, it does not recognize all of it. What does this mean? Well, you think you've created this wonderful website and rid it of the "awful" tables only to find that IE is not reading all of the information and the site does not look how you envisioned it. (By the way, I've seen some websites that have converted to CSS and their coding is more convoluted than just using tables.)

2. Microsoft has stated that it has no intention of conforming to w3c.org's html and css standards any time soon... if ever.

3. Unless you are an expert coder, you will have to do some serious digging to find out what does and doesn't work with IE.

4. IE is still the preferred browser by a good number of the internet population. However, you should check your own stats and see what your visitors are using to decide what to do. Seventy-eight percent of my visitors use IE. That has to influence my design.

5. Even experts will agree that you can't always rid your site completely of tables... at least, not yet.

Why is all of this important? Well, because even if the search engines can read your site and rank you high on their lists, if the site doesn't read properly for the visitor, you've lost a sale. Better to err on the side of caution and know what you are doing.

If you really want to convert your site to CSS, I would recommend you hire an expert to do it. While it may cost you some money now, in the long run, it will save you the headache of trying to figure out what works and what doesn't.

Good luck!

Posted on: 8:32 am on December 28, 2005
Storyman Wildchild,

Your points are all good ones and worth noting. CSS is not a panacea for all that ills a web site and as you point out can be a challenge to get to work correctly with IE.

The biggest advantage with using CSS with ebooks is that it only needs to be designed for IE. Designing for the Web is a different animal entirely. One of the most madding experiences is to design a site for IE, then check it in FireFox and see it blow apart. Matters only get worse when the person tries to fix it. However, the experience is quite different when first designing for FF and then conforming the code to work with IE. As you point out IE is most often the non-conformist and fortunately others have posted on the Web ways to make it play well with CSS.

As for tables, I agree that they have their place. If their is a choice between CSS and tables, I think you'll agree to go with CSS. Occasionally, there are times when tables are really the only practical solution.

Of course if search engine ranking isn't a consideration then it really doesn't matter if it is tables or CSS. I think one of the main reasons for some of the larger active sites have switched to CSS is that it reduces bandwidth used. On a really active site a smaller file size can translate into a huge bandwidth savings. But since most of us don't have tens of thousands of visitors a day it probably really doesn't matter--other than search engine spiders.

In the end the only real reason to go through the trouble with CSS is that it can often dramatically change the  code/content ratio, which, by all accounts, provide an advantage with search engines (of course it isn't the only thing to consider).

I also agree with you that if a person doesn't want to take the time to learn CSS, then hire someone. Even then it is a good idea to at least to be able to look at code and get the idea of what is happening. Too often Web builders will make a site look great, but have created a monster of code. The code is so bloated that there is little hope of good search engine rankings. It is a common problem and one to pay particular attention to when hiring someone to build a site.

Posted on: 5:45 pm on December 28, 2005
bostons4u How do you know if you are creating a css page when you use front page

Posted on: 5:06 am on December 29, 2005
Storyman Go to help in Front Page (type the F1 key for quick access) and do a search for CSS.  You'll find the basics on how FP uses CSS--that is if you have a new version of FP. Older versions of FP may not use any CSS.

Posted on: 6:36 am on December 29, 2005
Mochilero I don't know what css is. For that matter, I don't understand half the terminology used here - a problem I will have to rectify soon. However, I do have a Google pagerank of 5 onwww.IncreaseBrainPower.com,and 4 on several of my other sites. Good content and lots of incoming links seems to have been the key. The easiest ways to get these is by posting in forums like these (with a linking signature line) and writing articles. I spent months writing over 300 articles and submitting them to article directories, and by the time I had 150 out there, I was making a living.

It's easier than you might think to write articles. "Ten Best Kids Exercises," or "Best Diets For Children," could basically be lists, with a sentence or two of explanation for each item. As long as the information is good, people will come to your site to find more.

Good luck,

Posted on: 2:20 am on December 30, 2005
networkmom Thanks Steve,  I do need to start writing articles, I know this will help tremendously.

Thank you

Posted on: 2:28 am on December 30, 2005
Storyman Steve,

Impressive site. The one thing that you've done that search engines love--like you don't know and only mention for those who want your success--is content. There are over a hundred pages on the site so it is no wonder search engines love it.

For anyone interested in seeing how many pages Google has listed for the site go to Google and type in: site:increasebrainpower.com

A list of the pages for the site appear. Sure, CSS will help, but search engines love content more than anything and Steve has plenty of it.

As Steve mentions incoming links are also important. There are over 50 other sites that link to his. This can be checked by visiting google and entering: link:www.increasebrainpower.com

Being in the top ten is outstanding. Keep in mind that search engines like Google constantly revise the ranking and it helps to do everything possible to assure a good position. That includes having a content/code ratio (that is that there is more content on the page than code that displays it) helps. Google is clear about this and to that end CSS gives a definite edge over tables.

Posted on: 8:29 am on December 30, 2005
Mark Benson Hi,

There is nothing worse than writing an eBook, only to find it difficult to get into the market and build sales.

I have found a number of ways to do this :-

- Make your site search engine compatible.
- Join forums covering the subject of your eBook.
- Look for Joint Ventures (I am always willing to consdier an Joint Venture).
- Submit free articles to various sites (I wrote one artcile which has been viewed over 500 times).
- Look for innovative advertising sites - something a little different.

There are many wasy to build up your sales, but it WILL take time.


Posted on: 7:18 pm on January 5, 2006
av8erab I am researching for my new and future ebooks, but I have a question to this post off the subject. You said you are now "making a living". I looked at your site, is the main income just from Google Ads.


Posted on: 2:36 am on January 13, 2006
jadvd If you want to view your website on top of the Search Engine Ratings then you have to manage your SEO operation properly. It will help you to get more traffic on your website. To get the best result from SEO you have to implement all the SEO techniques properly as well as you have to know how and where you require these techniques on your website.

Posted on: 5:50 am on December 8, 2007
xpmikeep Check this out: Earn tons of cash online selling ebooks/software.http://www.fastdatacash.com/in.php?ix=2226

Posted on: 8:27 am on February 28, 2008
8WeeksToProfits Denise,
You have a nice looking site, but I see no where a visitor can enter his/her email. Not many people buy an ebook the first time they visit a site, so you need some way to follow up with them.

Try using a mini-course as incentive to get your visitor's email. That way you give them good, but incomplete information and after they finish the mini-course, they will want to purchase your ebook to get the "rest of the story".

Good Luck with your ebook!

Posted on: 11:53 pm on May 2, 2008
moneylizard I have two tips for you to sell more ebooks...

Use Clickbank, as you will have hundreds of marketers working for you... more people selling = more sales

And write some articles about your topic and link them to your sales page using ezinearticles.com.  If you choose the right keywords and write your articles based on those keywords, you can be on google's #1 page for your search term which will bring in more traffic.

Hope this helps!

Posted on: 4:20 am on May 28, 2008

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