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Archived Message:

How do you obtain the rights to sale others' ebooks?

bookmanNew Hello,
I’m looking to further my knowledge, of the basics of on-line retail.
To give you a little background on myself, so that you may understand where I am coming from--I am totally new to ecommerce, and for that matter business, in general.  I am a college student looking to make some extra cash selling ebooks through an on-line store.
Needless to say I have a lot of research to do on the subject in general, but I figure the best place to start, is to learn how ebooks are bought and sold.  For instance, who would you contact to obtain permission, or to purchase rights to sell another’s ebook?  What does the average price, of retail rights for a popular novel run ?  Is there some type of membership, where you pay a regular fee for retail rights on a selection of books.
Do I have it all backwards?  Do they pay you to sell their books?

Basically I hope to acquaint myself, with the practical-legal fundamentals of the ebook profit business.  If anyone has any informational resources, or firsthand experience, please share it with me!

Thank you.


Posted on: 6:33 am on March 5, 2005
Ebook Architect Hello bookmannew.

Okay, the first thing you must realize is that there are different ways to go about selling other people's ebooks. I think what you are talking about is gaining the "Rights' to sell whatever ebooks you like. To do this is fairly tricky. You will need to contact the distributor or author of the books to get permission and then workout a payment plan with them. However, since you are a college student you may not have that much time to spare. In that case it may be better (an probably more profitable) to sign up for other webmasters affiliate programs to sell their ebooks. Most ebook affiliate progams give 20-75% of the sales to the affiliates which is usually around $10 - $40.

Anyways I hope this helps to get your ebook research started!

Best of luck

Posted on: 9:50 pm on March 11, 2005
bookmanNew Thank you very much.  
I figured it would work sort of like that, but I wasn't completely sure.  Now, I know.

Since, I posted initially I've done some research using web search engines.  All of what I found broke down into two basic categories: 1) self-published authors, 2) ebook packages/affiliate programs.

* The self-published books are of variable quality--some very good, and some not so good at all.

* The ebook packages/affiliate programs seem to all have the same selection of books—self help, how to make money selling ebooks, etc.

Can you recommend a good affiliate program?

Is there an affiliate program, for best-seller novels?

Also, where do you go for the classics, e.g. The Three Musketeers, Robinson Crusoe, Pride and Prejudice, etc., etc.  I would image that some of the classics are not bound by a copyright. For example:  Homer’s Odyssey…?
Would you use the U.S. Copyright Office website, as a way of checking copyright status?
How do you check the copyright status, of your books?

Posted on: 6:44 am on March 12, 2005
Tania Just a thought but I personally do not think it's wise to start selling older classics like "The Three Muskateers"

1. The Majority of people know the story
2. It's freely availalbe everywhere
3. A Marketing startegy would be difficult

What you need is information that people are intrested in...if you take a look at magazine covers...alot of the cover is filled with headlines relating to tips or how tos....You should look for ebooks with intresting niche type of subjects or detailed how tos for somethign that's in demand.

I'll be very intrested in knowing how things work out for you if you choose to go the classic ebook route.

Posted on: 6:03 am on August 12, 2005
mickyboy73 Hi NewBookMan

Welcome to the world of ebooks first of all.

Their are many options open to you, all of which have pro's and con's.

Ebooks with resell rights:

In the main you will see these books everywhere you look and that usually means high supply and low demand as people can buy them anywhere. The more people there are selling them then the lower the price.

If you buy an ebook package with lots of books then you are buying high supply books. These still have their uses as give away items, bonus items. Use some of them as an incentive for someone to join your newsletter for example.

Individual books with resell rights:

Again, some of these are good, some not so. The best way to make money with an ebook and resell rights is to join a mailing list of an author who produces only resell right material. They are out there.  Being on their mailing list means you will get an advance notice of a new book being released. As soon as it's availale, buy it, market it like made and then move on before others even notice what you are doing.

Affiliate programs:

ClickBank is the best place to start for ebooks with affiiate programs. The benefit here is that you can make anything up to 75% in commission per sale yet you have none of the customer support to deal with. Once your sale is made, that's it, your commitment to the customer is over.

The majority of my sales come from my affiliates.

Hope this helps and if you need any more advice post it to this thread and I will get an email letting me know you have replied. I'll then follow up with any advice you need.

Have a great day.

Posted on: 4:22 pm on August 12, 2005

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