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Archived Message:

Ebay Auctions

Vanessa Hi, sorry if this question has been asked before, can't see it anywhere.

I asked ebay a question the other day about their Downloadable Media Policy. They say that the seller of the ebook must be the copyright owner.  In Coyright Basics, an ebay guideline is "licenced from the owner".  

I asked them if we had a licence agreement from the copyright owner, could we sell the ebook via ebay?

They have now replied and have basically said that because they do not have the capacity to review licence agreements to determine whether a seller has the rights to sell such items, ebook auctions are not allowed.

Now we all know that ebooks have been sold through ebay, so how can ebay say this to us.  Has anyone had their listing cancelled on ebay because of this, and, or does anyone have any advice to solve this problem?

I know that some sellers put text on their auction to say they have reseller rights, but is this enough?

Thanks for your help!


Posted on: 5:29 pm on February 19, 2005
toxinfree Hi Vanessa,

I have been selling information products on ebay for quite some time....in principle without any problems. Only one auction was cancelled through ebay due to licence agreement. Well, it has not been stated explicitly that I am not allowed to resell. Ebook owners fill in a form that when a lsiting with their ebook appears that ebay can cancel it. Well, ebay has cancel one of my auction and I know that I cannot offer this product any longer. With all the others there are haven't been a problem. BUt keep in mind that the lsiting costs are quite high and I am convinced that a good website is much more profitable. But I am a newbie so not too sure what more experienced marketers may advise you ...

Posted on: 11:50 pm on February 19, 2005
Storyman I've been wondering about selling ebooks on eBay. Does eBay give greater latitude to those who have eBay seller sites?

Posted on: 1:16 am on February 20, 2005
Vanessa I'm not sure, i have seen at least one ebook ebay store on ebay so how can ebay say it is not allowed? Fustrating!

Posted on: 4:56 pm on February 20, 2005
antseezee I've seen a ton of e-books go unsold on eBay, not quite the booming business. I've been a bigtime seller myself the past 3 years. Although, you can get an occasional buyer to pop anywhere from $5-$15 for an e-book, depending on the subject in question.

Posted on: 9:41 pm on February 20, 2005
Kamarulzaman Baharom If we don't have PayPal Accounts. can we sell via e bay?

Posted on: 1:07 am on February 24, 2005
Storyman Sure you can sell on eBay without a PayPal account, but why?  Make it easy for your customers (and yourself) and get a free PayPal account.

As a bonus you will save on fees if you select 'PayPal Payments Only' on your eBay auction.

Posted on: 1:29 am on February 24, 2005
Kamarulzaman Baharom Thank you very much for your reply. The problem is we can't withdraw funds in my country if we use Pay Pal as a payment processor.

Posted on: 1:47 am on February 24, 2005
Storyman Do you mind which country is that?

In the US PayPal offers ATM cards so we have immediate access once the payment clears.

Posted on: 3:00 am on February 24, 2005
Kamarulzaman Baharom Actually I'm from Malaysia. we can open Pay Pal A/C and can buy goods or digital product through internet. Secondly we can also be a Merchant and can accept payment but we cannot withdraw fund. Anyway I have tried alternative payment processor. They will issue Visa Debit card for Merchant to withdraw fund. Hopefully it will works!

Posted on: 10:36 am on February 24, 2005
mickyboy73 I have used eBay for selling ebooks, scripts and software without any problems.

One bit of advice though, 'copycats'. If you release an ebook that you have written be aware of others who will buy and then sell it on eBay too.

Register your new product with their veRo program. This allows you to register your rights as the copyright owner and should anyone else try to sell your ebook eBay will act faster to remove the listing.

It's a very important step to take BEFORE listing your ebook.

Also, if you have an image for the ebook then use an image editing software program to put your name on the cover, this is makes it easier to prove that you own the ebook plus stops others from stealing your image and using it on eBay for a similar product.

If you buy an ebook with master resell rights then change the title of the ebook and make sure everything is registered with eBay as you being the copyright owner but only do this if your resell rights licence allows this.

Hope this helps

Posted on: 5:06 pm on August 12, 2005
bebestix Same problem here with reselling rights

Posted on: 10:22 am on October 20, 2005

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