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Archived Message:

Finding the right seller/distributor

James123 I have an ebook waiting in the wings, and would like to sell it online without having to worry about selling the book through Paypal or any other similar service. Essentially, what I’d like to do is advertise the book on my website, and when a customer wants to buy the book, they will be linked to a page on the sellers website. One of the reasons I want to do this is so that I can relax and not worry about dealing with the money, which will enable me to spend my limited time on doing a bit of promotion.

I am considering Amazon’s “Advantage” selling program, but I find their 55% commission rate is extremely steep. Does anybody know of a reputable seller/distributor that could take care of my needs, yet have rates that are more reasonable?

I hope that this question has not been addressed before on this forum. If it has, please refer me to the URL link.

Thanking you in advance,


Posted on: 4:06 pm on November 18, 2004
KewlKat007 I have looked over Amazon.com's Advantage program.  I do not see where they allow the selling of e-books.  It only seems they allow tangible merchandise.

If you are looking to get your e-book published in physical print, I would try out cafepress.com's print on demand or iUniverse.com.  

Posted on: 1:07 am on November 23, 2004
James123 Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I'm not concerned about printing the book at this point. Just wondering what website or company can take care of the selling of the ebook. I would just link my customers to their page they would make, and would let them take care of the payments. Any other ideas?

Posted on: 11:48 am on November 23, 2004
KewlKat007 Personally, I use regsoft.com.  You can even upload the e-book to your regsoft.com account.  You will have a special link to your product.  People go to that link to purchase it and they can download it from regsoft.com.

Regsoft can even handle the distribution of passwords if needbe.

Posted on: 12:08 pm on November 23, 2004
James123 Since you were speaking about Print On Demand, I found the following:


They also deal with ebooks. Ithink this is sort of what I was looking for.

I got this from the following link:


IUniverse, the POD publisher that was mentioned is also included in this list:


(Edited by James123 at 8:07 pm on Nov. 24, 2004)

Posted on: 8:03 pm on November 24, 2004
Neenah13 Yes, you can get your eBooks and reports into Amazon. It's just they don't make it terribly easy for you to do it.

You have to write them and tell them you want to do that. Then you wait forever for them to get back to you. And then you have to fill out a questionaire type thing for then, and send that back . . . .and wait for them to decide they want to work with you.

As for the discount, you can look at it as steep. Most people do. Especially print publishers and authors because of the worry of returns and such. We eBook authors and publishers don't have that problem. Unless we sell on CD or Floppy. Also, if you're selling an infoproduct for which you charge megabucks or at least over , say, $12-15, you're still making a bigger profit on that eBook than you would on a print book. Me, I'm a fiction author/indiepub and my stuff is priced under $10. $5 as a matter of fact. So my profit would be $2.25 per sale.

My take for a sale of my print book published by a small press and being sold on Amazon for 14.05 is 6%. About a mere 24 cents a copy. I'm better off selling eBooks for a discount. I'm sorry I didn't push for the E rights to this book.

Add to that the fact you're getting exposure by just being there. Most indie authors and pubs do it to add credibility to their names and companies. It's why I'm probably going to bother to try.  Getting paid by Amazon varies, apparently. Some have no problems at all, and others are still waiting.

If you're interested in giving it a shot, I can at least help you out for that first step. I've already done the asking and waiting and got the form to fill out. It's filed here someplace on my computer . . . I'll look it up and post it for you and/or anyone else interested so that you can get an official anwser a couple weeks earlier.

eBookAds is another place you could try.http://www.ebookads.com


Posted on: 10:36 pm on December 1, 2004
Neenah13 I accidentally hit reset and lost my post, so forgot to add to that above that I use both PayPal and 2CheckOut on my sites. People like PayPal, and I don't really feel that it makes for an amatuer feel. It's easy, convenient, and affordable. I myself prefer to use it. If a "professional" site used it, I'd be thrilled not put off. But that's me. And there are some places using it along with other methods simply because they are aware people prefer it. Its free, not hard to set up, offer it along with whatever else you decide on.

I was put off my RegSoft's commision policy  Sounds like I'd be ending up with less for my ebooks then if I put them on Amazon, and no exposure included! If you're charging more than $30 for your work, their percentage is 8.9%. I suppose they have to get something for the work they do, but not sure it's worth it to me just now.

My PayPal is presently integrated with Payloadz for eBook delivery. They offer free and paid accounts. I use it also when someone's either won a book at auction or paid by 2CO. I request the link which comes to my email addy, and then I either forward the page or paste the link into another email and send it on. Yep, this is work, but just now, it's not overburdening. There is no way to automate 2CO. If I could find a way to do it, I'd be doing it.

Just be sure when you set up your accounts and test them that you remember to reset the Demo Mode back to Selling Mode. Lost a sale making that mistake...


Posted on: 10:52 pm on December 1, 2004

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