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Archived Message:

Help Automating WebSite

CrazyDog Hello,

I am trying to setup my own little eBook site and would like to automate it. When a customer places an order through clickbank, they will receive a thankyou page. I need the thank you page to include a user and password autogenerated and setup on the server so that the customer can log on to the download page.

Hehehe it is really late here.... so sorry for my english.

Any suggestions??

Thanks In Advance


Posted on: 4:42 am on March 20, 2001
ebookcovercentral You'll need a membership manager or .htaccess manager.

Here is a good one.


If that one won't work for you, check out:


You'll have to know some basic CGI (Perl) to get these to work, but when they do, you can relax and let the site do it all for you! Some of the scripts offer installation services.

Let me know which one you choose.

Hope this helps!

Posted on: 5:59 am on March 20, 2001
CrazyDog Thanks I will check them out....

Tho I am almost positive that what i want to do is impossible.  I am using click bank and when a customer makes a purchase I need to have a password generated and added to the server so that the customer can log on to the download site and get the files. Also I need it to e-mail the user/password to the customer itself.  Heheh if I do something might as well be impossible

The scripts that I looked at will handle only part of the problem and I am not that good with CGI to modify the scripts.

Basically the steps the script will need to go through are as follows:

1. Customer Places Order with Click bank.
2. Customer receives Thank You Page. I need the Thank you page to have a user name and password to be generated and added to server so customer can click on link and log on to get files.

Just trying to protect my goodies since if I just email a thank you with a generic password or no passwornd at all, the whole world will be able to use it or if I change it, customers will not be ablet to access the site for the 14 days i give them access to it.

Thanks For you help.


Posted on: 11:56 pm on March 20, 2001
ebookcovercentral I think you're making more work for yourself than you realize. You don't need password protection if you are distributing files. You just need them to be delivered to the buyer securely after they have paid for it right?

Generating a unique login/password would work as well, but you aren't selling a subscription or access are you?

I think I have your solution. You need Click Bank Emailer found at : http://www.boonville.net/clickmail.shtml.

I will be using it on my site http://www.ebookcovercentral.com. I have tested it and it works so well. The script is called via SSI and generates a unique ID for a customer when they click on the ClickBank purchase link. When they come to the thank you page, they must type in their email address and the file will be emailed to that email address only. You can keep the files off of your root directory so there can't be any direct linking. The thank you page tracks the user and if the ID does not match, the file won't be sent. It is very secure and I set it up in a few minutes, but I am very familiar with Perl and how to integrate it into websites.

The script is cheap and well worth it. They use it to send the script after you purchase it. It works exactly as they say.

If you need help, let me know, or the script developers can install it for you.

Good luck!

Posted on: 4:48 am on March 21, 2001
ebookpro Another solution is to manually change your passwords frequently -- this would be a solution for those who don't want to install cgi-scripts.

I think that William's suggestions are excellent, but I wanted to add that some people have trouble installing and running cgi-scripts... that is why I added the extra tip!


Posted on: 7:26 am on April 2, 2001
Rozey Mattia,

You could do this very easily with just an "autoresponder" file and a simple HTACCESS setup on your server.

There really is no need for placing any CGI script on your site unless you share that "thank you" page with other people.  I suggest leaving this page strictly for the thank you from purchases made through ClickBank.

Here's how to do this in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: "Password protect" a directory on your server and place the files for download, inside this directory.

Step 2: Create a NEW index.html page and place the download names on it -- with URL's that point to the files they need have access to download. Place this index.html file into the password protected directory as well.

Step 3: Setup an autoresponder file that holds the login name and password into this protected directory.  Place the URL for this directory into the autoresponder as well...

Here's an example letter you could use:

Dear Valued Customer:

Thank you for your most recent purchase of my {add the name of your product here}.  To gain access to our download area where you can grab your copy of {product name}, click to the following URL:


This area is password protected. You will need the following username and password to access the files that await you:

Username = {username]
Password = {password}

Thank you again for your purchase! I look forward to serving you again in the future.

Kindest Regards,
e-mail: mattia@yourdomain.com

Step 4:  Place a LINK on your "thank you" page which will spawn the autoresponder to send them the e-mail that holds this important information.  Also, let them know from the thank you page -- they must enter a "valid" email address or they will have a problem receiving the confirmation email to download their purchase.

Most hosting services online, provide a mailing list/autoresponder feature.  Does yours?  If so, you could make this "thank you" page access this autoresponder by asking for a valid email address in the box.... this in essence will also save their email address into a file, which will allow YOU to keep tabs on who has downloaded the material.

Just another option to consider.  ;-)


Posted on: 4:34 am on October 29, 2001
SteveJT I have an online system developed for use with clickbank that allows you to upload unique usernames and passwords to a databank and have them sent out a pair at a time to customers who buy your ebook through Clickbank.

The system was designed to work as a best fit with the ebookpro compiler. I am looking for some authors to test out the system "live". If you are interested let me know.

Posted on: 12:09 am on May 10, 2002


I have moved your "ad" into the Free Ads forum where it better belongs.

1. Please only post using only one ID to this board.  I am removing posting priviledges for "SteveT", so use only the ID "SteveJT" in future.

2. Outright solicitations are considered appropriate only in the free ads forum.

3. I have noticed you posting solicitations in a number of threads, including one that is (a) is only vaguely at best related to your offer, and (b) is obviously a very old topic, which you have simply posted to make your pitch.  

The purpose of this forum is to discuss ebooks and ebook authoring, not for you to make your pitch in every  vaguely related thread.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation with the spirit and purpose of this forum.  I do not wish to ban you, and remove all your posts, but I will if I have to.

Posted on: 1:09 am on May 10, 2002

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