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Archived Message:

payloads and HPRLock?

jaxz Hi all (and Ron in particular)
Just learnt that there is such a thing as "payloadz.com" - this seems to include paypal and other means of payment. Along with an affiliate system.

Question - is payloadz useful for ebooks made with AEC or would you rather go with HyprLock (ie paypal - clickbank)   - or are these things to be combined.
pls advice - confused author.


Posted on: 6:04 pm on March 15, 2011
rlemire jaxz;

Is there any particular advantage for using Payloadz?

HYPrLock is a security program for PDF/eBooks -- is Payloadz? Will Payloadz prevent sharing or refund disabling?

Unlike Payloadz (service for a fee), HYPrLock is a (one time purchase) application.

The HYPrlock system provides it's own (secure) "delivery" system (including CD distribution) after a payment  -- but from your website -- not from a third party location. HYPrLock was specifically developed for Activ E-Book. How about Payloadz?

BTW: If you are interested in an affiliate program -- I'd suggest using HYPrLock with ClickBank.

However, If you want to add another level of complexity to your eCommerce business and have a desire to pay monthly fees -- then Payloadz might be just what you're looking for.


Posted on: 4:19 pm on April 12, 2011
awca Hi jaxz,

I was in the same boat with trying to learn about the different solutions that are out there. For myself, I was using eBook Pro since 2000 until IMC sold their business to another company, who now charges a monthly fee to continue supporting it. I think that's bull, to be honest, so off I went a search for today's compilers, what they do, who likes what, etc. And what a time THAT was.

Ebookfriends.com has been a great help in that arena and there are a lot of suggestions. Some I liked, some not so much. Some recommended Payloadz, some recommended passwords for PDF, and everything in between. Because I use EXE and my eBooks include videos, protecting the media is, like everyone else, a big priority.

Someone here recommended Activ E-Book and HYPrLock for Activ E-Book so I gave them a try. Admittedly, the user interface for Activ E-Book looks like a throw-back to Windows98 and could use a facelift. But it does work very well. Lots of features that take a bit to learn but once you give it a bit, it flows pretty well.

HYPrLock is truly unique and really protects the book itself. I had a few questions for Ron and he has always answered them very quickly. He is friendly, fast and very helpful.

What started as a scramble to replace eBook Pro turned out to be an even better process than what I was using, so I guess in the end it was a good thing for me.

I recommend giving HYPrLock a try because it also protects PDFs, so whether you use EXE or PDF you should be taken care of.

Good luck!

Posted on: 5:51 pm on January 31, 2012
rlemire awca... Thanks for the recommendation. It's difficult making people aware that there are better PDF/eBook security solutions that really do work.

jaxz.. I've had the time to further investigate PayLoadz  and found their service could actually be a benefit to HYPrLock users.

For PDF and Activ E-Book authors who do not have an established web presence and do not have the experience or ambition to setup and design their own web site and delivery system -- Payloadz provides a store front venue and product description pages that can be used as a base of operations for your product distribution.
You can even place links to your PayLoadz products on other web sites and/or send email links to friends and family etc.

For HYPrLock users, If you use PayLoadz and subscribe to HYPrLock's private hosting service it's even possible to distribute and sell your products without creating your own website. This could remove one more stumbling block to selling your eBook online.

PayLoadz has a free account -- but if you sell more that $50.00 in a month you'll need to upgrade to a $14.95 per month subscription account.

You can get additional information about using PayLoadz and HYPrLock at our HYPrLock  web site.

Posted on: 6:38 pm on January 31, 2012
kandymoor Ebook creator i believe its called. It makes it into an exe file thats like a pdf and then you can put a bunch of protection on it.

If they arnt computer savvy, then dont worry about it. you should be fine.

Posted on: 10:43 am on February 16, 2012

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