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Archived Message:


Boris Clair I love the Rebrander function, but I think it's a bit involved for average users. I use it for viral marketing of my free eBooks and would like to make it as easy to use as possible for non experts.

I thought I could include it in my eBook adding the 140K to the other html. jpg files and others, but this would make it much easier to use (no second download, no check that it is in the same directory, just a click in the eBook)

As the Myrebrander.exe is excluded at compile time I tried Myrebrander.com, but this is also excluded automatically as soon as I add an active variable to run this external program from the eBook.

What I am doing wrong? Is there a way to achieve my goal of "Just a click to customize"?

Posted on: 5:20 pm on January 14, 2002
Netrepsa There is a Way.

Set up a second E-Book with only one index.html plus your rebrander.exe and ebook.exe in the source folder.

Give your reader the full instructions and use the copy file function as explained in the help manual to copy from this e-book to the directory choosen.

Hope this can help you

Posted on: 8:54 pm on January 15, 2002
Boris Clair Thanks a lot Philip.

Seems like an interesting idea, I'll give it a try. Not sure however I understand which directory and which file you are referring to for the copy.

Posted on: 10:46 pm on January 15, 2002
Netrepsa In your index page of Installation book try this:
<a href="##Filecopy(,{ebook}mybook.exe,{app}mybook.exe)">Click here to Install your e-book</a><br>
<a href="##Filecopy(,{ebook}myrebrand.exe,{app}myrebrand.exe)">Click here to Install your rebrander</a>

Hope this help.

Posted on: 8:05 pm on January 16, 2002
Boris Clair Hi and thanks for your suggestion.

I tried it, but although I create an exe that seem to have the size of the original eBook plus the rebrander, when I click any of the 2 links I get a message that says "Internal Parameter Parsing Error".

Any Idea?

Posted on: 6:20 am on January 17, 2002
Netrepsa The Complete Activ Installer is now available for download at


If you have any problems contact me.

(Edited by Netrepsa at 8:34 pm on Feb. 3, 2002)

Posted on: 7:40 pm on January 17, 2002
Boris Clair Thanks a lot.

Great solution. It adds however some complexity for the user who has to Install, Install, Run, Run.

I'm looking for something really simple: Just "click here!" :-)

I tried to change the name of the rebrander from "myrebrander.exe" to "rebrander" before compile, so the file is included in the eBook file directory. This works.

I'm now looking for a script (javascript?) to rename the rebrander to "rebrander.exe" and run it when the user clicks the rebrand or customize link : "Click here!"

Any idea Philip, Sunil or anyone else?

Posted on: 5:06 pm on January 22, 2002
Netrepsa I have a problem with what you are saying.

Compile your ebook with rebrander to the source folder of your combind book.

Use activ script and add the four commands one line below the other in your script.
then use your " click here"
It will retreive both e-book and rebrander
and then activate the rebrander
and then the new e-book

hope you understand

Posted on: 8:18 pm on January 22, 2002
Boris Clair Well, it took me a while to understand :-) But rereading the help on activ variable, I learned a few things.

I tried what I think is your solution, to no avail. So I went back to your first idea of filecopy.

Here is what I tried after renaming the rebrander, which I call NutritionCustomizer.exe, to NutritionCustomizer so that it is included in the files that are compacted at compile time:

<A HREF="##COPYFILE('{ebook}\NutritionCustomizer','{app}\NutritionCustomizer.exe')##RUN('{app}\NutritionCustomizer.exe')">Click

The problem is that I get an error message:
Syntax error in Activ Script command. Unknown command ##COPYFILE('{ebook}\NutritionCustomizer','{app}\NutritionCustomizer.exe')

What am I doing wrong?

Posted on: 4:24 pm on January 26, 2002
Netrepsa My dear friend,

It look as if you have setup your rebranding system to create the rebrander in the source folder when you build your e-book. Is this true?

You can not do it this way.

Setup a new ebook called INSTALLER by using your activ project builder.

Set your output of your current book to the source folder of INSTALLER. When you build your book both your e-book and customizer will form part of your Installers source folder.
Include the source code i have send you as you index.html file.

Use ##navigate to first recall your ebook and then your customizer from the Installer e-book, the use the ##run option.



Posted on: 6:46 pm on January 27, 2002
Boris Clair Thanks a lot, Philip. Yes it works.

It adds however around 300K to the download file. I wonder if Sunil or some body else has a more compact solution.

Sorry it took so long to answer but I had to take care of some urgent matter

Posted on: 5:32 pm on February 6, 2002


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