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Archived Message:

I'm still lost

rene636 I ordered the ebook compiler a long time ago about 2 years now and have yet to make a book. I purchased it mainly to make poetry books since I write a lot. I have no idea as to why I can't catch on as to what I am doing wrong but if anyone can give me some advice I sure would appreciate it.

Thank you.

Posted on: 1:57 am on August 29, 2009
RiffRaff May as well start at the beginning.....
So...you write a poem.
Which program are you using?

Posted on: 8:04 pm on August 30, 2009
RiffRaff Hmmmm....
5 days, no response....
This could end up taking some time!

Posted on: 12:51 pm on September 5, 2009
rlemire RiffRaff;

I wouldn't hold your breath -- it took 2 years to get this far -- He's probably working on an "epic" poem :0


Posted on: 8:37 pm on September 5, 2009
RiffRaff "Cast adrift,
In an open boat,
With only the sea,
To keep us,


Continuing our occasional series of
"Well....bugger me...I didn't know that....",
did you know that the longest poem known to man or beast is "King Gesser", written over 1,000 years ago.
It tells the story of a Tibetan king who conquered the devils of other Tibetan tribes and made Tibet stable, but I don't know if there's any *** in it......
Apparently, there's over 20 million words in it.
Rivetting stuff, I'm sure you'll agree. Perhaps one of us should consider rewriting it in ebook form?
Unfortunately, I can't....I'm washing my hair that night.

Don't know about "King Gesser" - I would've thought " 'King Hell " would've been closer as a title...
(Think about it.....)

Posted on: 5:30 pm on September 6, 2009
RiffRaff Well, well, well....
I didn't know our forum was so well protected as regards naughty language!
I've only just noticed the asterisks in my above post.....so you can type sax and six, but not *** !

Posted on: 5:33 pm on September 6, 2009
rene636 Sorry it took so long to reply, I (a she) lol have been in the process of moving and haven't been on my computer. Anyway, I am using 4.22. Thanks for your replies, loved reading them! LOL

Posted on: 7:34 pm on September 6, 2009
RiffRaff You've realised we're only teasing you!
OK... so you're using the latest (permitted) Activ ..... 4.22 .. very good.
And your poem?
Written in (and saved) in MS Word, perhaps?
Whatever it is you're using, it needs to be in html (or htm) format....in other words, in a "web page" format.
Dependant on which program it actually is, re-open your saved work on screen, and then see if you can again "save as", but this time as "poem.htm"....
Let us know, and we'll take it from there......

Posted on: 8:56 pm on September 7, 2009
rene636 RiffRaff, Yea, I knew you were joking. I thought it was funny.LOL. Anyway, yes, I am using word and have already saved my documents in the html format. Hey, thanks for the fast reply!

Posted on: 5:55 am on September 8, 2009
RiffRaff So.... you now have a file called (maybe) "poem.html" (or .htm) - So far, so good.
Now, write another short one - any rubbish would do - and save it as "poem2.html" or similar.....it's just to differentiate it from the other, really.

(Until you get your book "up and running", don't bother about the password business....that can also be adjusted later as well)

Rename the first of your pages index.html : you can leave the second one's name as whatever you initially called it.
Move 'em both into a folder, together with any graphics that might appear on those pages.

Run Activ.

It'll open on the "e-book info" tab.
Double-click anywhere in the white area - that'll allow you to enter the book title, author name, etc.

Then, click on the "User Interface" tab, and again double-click on the white region.
Choose which navigation buttons you want - next, back....whatever.

Now click the "Files" tab.
See the magnifying glass icon, to the right of the blue cross on the toolbar? Click it....and find the folder that you've stored your pair of HTML pages.
Those files now appear in the white area....

Click the Index.html file
In "Title", repeat the name of the file - Index.html.
Bang a tick in "Table of Contents".
Now click the other .html file - (maybe still poem2.html?)
In "Title", repeat the name of the file - (poem2.html?)

Click the "Output" tab...
Double-click the white area....pick a name and folder for your book.

See the Spanner icon on the toolbar? Click it....and that'll compile your 2 page book...... and try to "Run" it.

I'm sure to have forgotten something, but see how you go.
If all OK, good....start adding any other poem files in the same fashion, testing/saving as you go.

Let us know how you're getting along on this forum, but don't worry about asking seemingly "dumb" questions.....you should see some of mine!

Posted on: 10:49 pm on September 8, 2009
rene636 Riffraff, Thank you so very much. I will reply as soon as I get a chance to get it going. (I am now unpacking boxes) LOL. But I already have over 500 poems in the html. And a lot more to add. (I have been writing for many years). Anyway, as soon (and hopefully it will be) I will follow your instructions to the tee and let you know. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain to me.

I appreciate it!

Posted on: 11:50 pm on September 8, 2009
RiffRaff No problem....
Start off with the 2 page idea and see how it goes.
Assuming that works and runs - but don't fret if it doesn't! - add a few more pages/poems in the same manner.....you'll soon get the gist of it.
Any observations, worries, failures...back to us on here.
You've got quite a few experienced users (like Ron Lemire) and numerous other numbskulls (like me) to hopefully iron out any difficulties.
Good luck with your unpacking as well!

Posted on: 12:19 am on September 9, 2009
mmishra Riff,

I have followed the instruction given by you on ebook.
When i hv clicked on output folder exe. the output was not displayed. it only displayed the ebook complier and icon disappeared.

Posted on: 7:17 am on December 21, 2010
Thunderbolt Hello all,

I've just started trying to make an eBook and I think I'm going to go with Activ E-Book Compiler.  I checked out the advice Riff-Raff was giving here and found it tailor made for a newbie of my height and width.  I'm an author who wishes to promote and publish his own stuff, by-passing the hard print industry. I intend to put all my unpublished novels (after a re-write of course) into eBook form to flog through Amazon and the like.  It's important, you see, that I get to be a millionnaire before I turn 130.  I promised me mum and I won't let her down.  So, I'm going to put all of Riff-Raff's wisdom to good use and report back on how little of a mess I made of it all. Or, if necessary, I'll tell the truth and ask for some help.

Posted on: 12:15 am on February 4, 2011

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