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Archived Message:

ACTIV feature and protection

astaga Hi there,

I am looking at using a compiler to create my eBook.  I am confused about the related options surrounding the ACTIV eBook product, and would appreciate if help could be furnished re the following:

a) do I need to worry about trial chapters and/or payment processing at all (meaning in my product design?) or do I just concentrate on getting my book completed, with the above "features" (for want of a better word)  easily added-in when I compile my book?

b) In addition to the ACTIV eBook compiler license, what else do I need to ensure only legit purchasers of product gets access to the eBook?

c) what is the difference between HYPRLock and the Virtual Vault???  Do they do the same thing or are they for different purposes?

I like it that user need not be online to implement security (HyprLock??)

At the end of the day, I am looking for a simple, no brainer, easy to use and easy to deploy, solution so that I can concentrate on the tasks at hand without worrying about the technical hurdles on security implementations.

Many thanks...

Posted on: 4:43 am on January 19, 2009
rlemire astaga;

a) When you construct your eBook you should first concentrate on getting your eBook completed. If you plan on having a "free" introductory section.. Then you should also be mindful of good promotional material for your "free" section (to encourage shoppers to "Buy" the good stuff).

b) Having the Activ E-Book license is all you need to legally distribute your eBook. Activ E-Book includes it's own security system for locking your eBook to one customer - one computer. However, you will need to manually distribute the activation passwords by email (after the sale) -- or use/develop some other method to automatically distribute passwords.

c) HYPrLock is a "do it yourself" security system that provides enhanced security features -- including automatic password distribution. Like Activ E-Book, it can be used for unlimited numbers of eBooks and has a one time purchase price of $49.95. New customers are only required to be connected to the Internet for the initial purchase/activation procedure.

Virtual Vault provides similar security features but their service comes with perpetual and costly monthly fee. Virtual Vault provides online tracking and customer feedback, but customers must be connected to the Internet whenever they open their eBook. If you ever cancel their service -- you lose your security system.

Although HYPrLock provides the best "bang for your buck" -- it is a "do it yourself" security system and you need intermediate or advanced computer skills. HYPrLock comes with well documented tutorials and plenty of images, but you must be able to read, understand, and learn how HYPrLock works and how it is used.


Posted on: 7:25 pm on January 24, 2009
EBookSecurityGuy If I were you and had 2 choices Virtual Vault or Hyprlock, I would go for the latter. VV is very weak and one of the worst document "protection".
Although Hyprlock may be harder to use and takes much more time to learn, unlike a few simple clicks in VV, is it more secure solution.

You can also check Secure-ebook.com system.

Posted on: 10:08 am on January 25, 2009
rlemire EBookSecurityGuy;

Thanks for your endorsement of the HYPrLock Security System.

I'm often asked why HYPrLock is more difficult to use that other security systems.

HYPrLock was conceived as an alternative to online security systems (like Virtual Vault) that charged a hefty monthly fee for their services. I disliked the idea of signing an everlasting contract for an eBook security system that stopped functioning if I stopped paying. I also disliked the idea of my eBook customers being constantly monitored - as if they were criminals.

Most online security systems are quite simple because their only function is to monitor each eBook as it opens, collect a bunch of useless data, and activate the eBook. They have a low (one time) setup fee because they know they will make lots of money from the long term contract.

HYPrLock, on the other hand, is a "pay once" (do it yourself) security system for unlimited eBooks. This not only saves authors a hefty monthly fee but it offers a host of other useful services not covered by other online systems.

1) HYPrLock provides an integrated download distribution security system that tracks customer downloads to make sure the distribution system is not compromised.

2) Automatic password activation (some online services do this).

3) Instant Refund disabling (some online services do this).

4) Automatic Payment System (offline viral marketing).

5) Ultra (DRM) PDF Security System (protects your PDF content).

6) CD-Rom Distribution Security (no additional security needed).

Features such as distribution security, PDF security and CD-Rom security, would be a separate service with any other product (and each of these advanced features have their own set-up requirements). Therefore, HYPrLock is more difficult to set-up and requires intermediate or advanced computer skills (like reading) because it provides multiple commerce features in one product.


Posted on: 8:03 pm on January 25, 2009

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