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Source Files

golfsavvy Ok, having a problem first thing...  When I click run I get a message to create a file called index.htm or index.html and put it in the source file.  Then it says to make sure I do not exclude this file from the e-book.  Ok, so I thought I did that, but still get the same message.  Apparently I don't know what it means to create a file called index.htm and put it in the source file.  Any help out there is appreciated.  

Posted on: 4:59 pm on January 4, 2009
RiffRaff Happy New Year, Golf.....
First thought - make sure all your html files are in one folder, including the "opening" index.html
Second thought - it isn't a blank page, is it?!

Posted on: 10:59 am on January 5, 2009
golfsavvy Thanks, I'll check that.  I tried it with both an empty page and one with content....  just confused.

Posted on: 2:29 pm on January 5, 2009
RiffRaff Until you get used to it, just do a "trial", with one page (called index.html) and one other....let's call it page1.html for the hell of it!
Don't bother with passwords and all that rubbish for the time being....the standard "user interface" options should work in this example, so no need to mess there either.
Make sure both those pages are in the same source folder, and "compile" by hitting the Build button (the spanner icon) and give the book a name - say "Trial"
You'll end with 2 files - Trial.aep and Trial.exe in whichever folder you nominate.
Double-whammy on the exe and you should see your opening page....er.....open, and by clicking the toolbar arrows you should be able to navigate to your page 1, and page again, etc.
Play with it.....it's all there OK....just need to get used to it.....

Posted on: 3:48 pm on January 5, 2009
golfsavvy Sorry, no offense, but I'm waaay to literal for what you wrote.  Apparently I need it almost in machine language.  So, I have a file in the source folder called index.html.  I clicked refresh file on the edit menu, then scan folder.  The file doesn't show on the scan folder dialog box.  But I clicked ok anyway.  Then build, and it says there is no index.html file in the source file, and that I should make sure it is not excluded from my ebook.  Of course, that missing index file is supposed to be my trial ebook, I thought.  I'm guessing I need more help than you can give me.  I wrote to a webmaster email but got no response.  If I can't make it work -- and I'm getting to that point -- I'll have to find other software that I can work with or get help with.

Posted on: 4:37 am on January 8, 2009
golfsavvy Ok, I dutifully followed the wizard and got the same results.  This is my last chance on this program...  The only thing I can think of is that I don't know what format (I've tried Word, html, and word 2000) the source file(s) are supposed to be in, since it tells me that there's no index.html file in the source file that I put an index.html file into....Are you getting this?

Posted on: 5:47 am on January 8, 2009
RiffRaff For a start, I'm not too sure what "I'm waaay to literal for what you wrote" actually means! I'm going to assume that you meant the earlier reply was too complicated - forgive me if wrong!
OK - from start to finish, easy version....
1) Make a folder in your C: drive. Let's call it golfsavvybook for the sake of argument. Make a sub-folder called "source".
2) Write an opening page for your book.  Just a bit of text will do, no photo's to complicate things for the moment.  Name it "index.html" and save it to the c:\golfsavvybook\source folder.
3) Write another page....any rubbish will do. Name this one "page1.html" and save it to the same folder as above. If you want, do another...."page2.html"....
4) At this point, I'd be tempted to make sure that those pages are OK : open your internet browser, go to File, Open and then type in your webpage details....in this case, C:\golfsavvybook\index.html......you should see your page open.
So far, so good.....
5)  Start Activ
6) "eBook info" tab.....Double click the line saying Title in the white area below. A window will open....give your book a name, and fill in the other required bits too.
7) Click on the "Files" tab. The magnifying glass icon on the toolbar, 12th from left? Double-Click it, navigate it to your source file folder. Click OK when it shows the correct one.
8) You should see your pages/files listed in the white area.....yes?
9) Double-click index.html. A window will open. In "Title" type index.html.
10) See the Table of Contents box below? Click it to give a tick. Click OK.
11) Double-click page1.html. In "Title" type page1.html
Again, click the ToC box.
(If you've written other pages, do the same for them....)
12) Click the Output tab. Double-click Output ebook Exe.
Put your ebook name there.....Click OK
13) Click the spanner icon (Build)......hopefully you'll see a window open....from memory, there's also a "Run ebook" button in it? Click it.....
14) Tell us what happened!

Posted on: 12:17 pm on January 8, 2009
golfsavvy That's what I meant.  Thanks... I'll give it a try.

Posted on: 2:55 pm on January 8, 2009
golfsavvy Does it matter in what format I save the index.html and page1.html?

Posted on: 2:58 pm on January 8, 2009
RiffRaff html IS the format....or am I misunderstanding you?
Are you using a webpage program, or still using Word (which you mentioned earlier)?
If Word, type a few lines, and then "Save As"....choose the .html (or .htm) option, NOT .doc or any of the others.....

Posted on: 3:23 pm on January 8, 2009
golfsavvy Ok.  Verrry sorry for sounding slightly (ya, rite, knew that was coming) dense here.    Just trying to cover the bases.  I tried Save As (option in my document dialog box is "Web Page" and it came up saved as html.  Will go through it one more time.............  Thanks for your patience.

Posted on: 4:01 pm on January 8, 2009
RiffRaff No problem.
(You'd have trouble finding someone thicker than me!)
Don't forget to do #4 above - if you can see your pages in your web browser, you're half way there!

Posted on: 4:33 pm on January 8, 2009
RiffRaff Stop press, Golf....just realised I'd forgotten something!
At point #8 above, you'll (hopefully) see your pages listed in the white area.....completely slipped my mind, but make sure that they're in order, top to bottom....i.e. index at the top, page1 below, then page2 and so on.
If they're currently not, and you need to alter the order, highlight a page name and then use the blue arrows on the toolbar to adjust up and down.....
only "Build" when they're in the "right" order.....

Posted on: 5:34 pm on January 8, 2009
golfsavvy The light bulb is dimly lit...

Posted on: 7:11 pm on January 8, 2009
golfsavvy Which brings up a point.  Can I save a 40 page document as an html file and have it read as a 40 page ebook (if not that would seem kinda stupid) or do I have to save each individual page as an individual html file?

Posted on: 7:28 pm on January 8, 2009
RiffRaff Well done, that man!
Your choice as regards the 40 page dilemma, I suppose.
Personally, I'd compile 40 diferent pages, so yes, each page would be in the form of pagexx.html, always remembering that your opening page is obliged to be named index.
Pain in the @rse to start with, true, but at least it's easier to amend any errors or update info without the danger of cocking up the other pages. Plus, I'm guessing that your book might feature images, illustrations, maybe even flash animation? If so, don't forget that they also have to be stored in your same ebook folder as the html pages, and would show up on your files tab underneath your list of html files.
Maybe that's the next thing to try - insert an image onto one of your html files, recompile, and see what it looks like? Doesn't matter if it looks rubbish at this point, because it's only you that's going to see it (!) but at least then you can play about with the page layout, etc.
OK now?
I don't check in on these pages very often, but keep coming back if need be.....there's bound to be some other users who can help even if I miss you!  

Posted on: 8:36 pm on January 8, 2009
golfsavvy Better, I think.  Thank you verrrry much for your time and directions.  

Posted on: 9:10 pm on January 8, 2009
RiffRaff You're welcome.
It took me a while to understand Activ's instructions as well - I don't think they are worded very well, and are not very "user friendly".
(Gets ready to be kicked off the forum!)
Let us know how you go on....

Posted on: 10:38 pm on January 8, 2009
golfsavvy Recommendation appreciated at golfsavvy@msn.com...Do you play golf?

Posted on: 10:46 pm on January 8, 2009
RiffRaff At my age, I concentrate on completing the next breath, rather than getting an eagle or a birdie!

Posted on: 11:23 pm on January 8, 2009
golfsavvy Hey, even miniature golf counts...  

Posted on: 1:17 am on January 9, 2009
BestEbookTrade Sometimes after you open the file with some software, ex: word publishing, the filetype will change from .htm into .html. Weirdo..

Posted on: 5:20 pm on February 28, 2009


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