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Archived Message:

4.22 on Vista

John D I have been out of the forum for 2 years. I created the Automated Password System. I don't know if anyone remembers me, my name is John Dodson.

I was just wondering if 4.22 is doing OK on Vista? I have to get a new project done but I will be using AEB again because it was so reliable and I could script in it.

John Dodson

Posted on: 7:46 pm on February 24, 2008
rlemire John; Great to see you're back,

I've tested 4.22 and the new 5 beta version and they both work with Vista (After a fashion)..

New Vista security measures make it difficult to use programs not registered and approved by Microsoft, however there are still ways to install and use programs like Activ E-Book. One method is described in detail on my web site.

Posted on: 5:37 am on February 26, 2008
april thunder Any new inputs on the Vista compatibility issue? I find this extremely worrisome, because this can affect customers' frustration levels regarding their ability to make an ebook (that they have just purchased) run. Either that, or this will discourage outright, potential customers from buying ebooks generated by Activ E-Book Compiler - or any other "unrecogrnized" software for that matter.


Posted on: 5:52 am on April 8, 2008
rlemire april thunder;

There are two concerns with Activ E-Book and Vista

1) First concern (eBook customers)

I've tested Activ E-Book on Vista and distribution (customer) copies work just fine - even for the lowest ranking Guest user... - unless the eBook author is reading from or writing to "ini" or "txt" files. Vista is very restrictive about file access.

2) Second concern (authors)

eBook authors using Activ E-Book will probably need "administrative" access to compile and test their eBooks if they are using Microsoft Vista as a working platform.
You can check my web site for one method of setting up Vista to work with Activ E-Book/HYPrLock


Posted on: 9:54 pm on April 14, 2008
april thunder Ron, thanks for the information.

As an author, I'm not really very worried about having to set up Vista to allow the compilation and testing of e-books. It's a one-time set-up, and that's hardly an inconvenience.  It's also very reassuring to hear that distribution copies work fine even for "Guest" users.

One thing, though:  Isn't the password-protection system of Active E-Book Compiler dependent on a tidbit of info written somewhere on the hard drive?  Once upon a time, I was forced to reformat my c: drive,  and the test e-books that I had previously compiled on that drive reverted to "unregistered" status.  I surmise then that these tidbits of info were deleted during the reformat.

Why then is the registration process (as a customer enters a password, and Activ E-book Compiler writes to the hard drive) not affected by Vista's access settings?  

The other thing is that some of the e-books I am presently creating will require the writing to and reading from text and "ini" files.  Is there any way to keep my customers from going through the hassle of having to make these changes?


Posted on: 2:54 am on April 15, 2008
rlemire april thunder;

I do not know how Activ E-Book registers itself on a computer system. I know if you replace certain pieces of hardware you need to get a new password for the program.

All I can tell you is that Activ passwords do register correctly on a Vista system and they worked properly in my tests. How that happens and why it works is beyond me -- it just works.

Regarding reading and writing to txt or ini files. This can be done but you would need to do a little investigating to find out what Vista will allow.. For example you can not write to any of the system folders without "administrative" authorization. (and even then it can be difficult)

Probably the only areas you could write a file to would be some of the specific "user" areas like the "my Documents", my UserData", etc. For example, with a "Guest" user you might only be able to write a file in the "Guest" user area.

If you are interested in "hidden" ini files most programmers are recommending working with registry files instead -- and even then you must be careful to work within Vista guidelines.

BTW: For some reason, storing an "ini" file in a program (eBook) directory is strongly discouraged.


Posted on: 6:44 am on April 15, 2008
april thunder Ron,  thanks again for the additional input.  

I'll try configuring my e-book so that it will write to the specific user areas you suggested.  Then I'll post the results to this thread.


Posted on: 5:11 am on April 18, 2008
loudet1504 I'm new to Activ compiler and I just transferred a demo ebook from my vista to a lap top with Windows XP.  The ebook ran great in Vista but when I transferred the ouput file the hyperlinks got changed around and the pages didn't open.  How can I prevent this occurrence happening again?

Posted on: 7:57 pm on August 27, 2008

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