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Archived Message:

Activ Ebook/Hyprlock/HyprPDF

cjc I have trashed two weeks trying to figure out how to utilize the Activ / Hyprlock/PDF combination of apps.  Rlemire can be very good at responding to these situations but I have been unable to connect.  I get no response from goldpanner.

Can anybody shed some light on my problems.

I am attempting to get a secured ebook PDF file into the public for sale.  I have two PDF files.  One (trial version) is a partial PDF ebook for unsecured download, the other is a complete PDF version which I prefer to secure.

I planned on using the Try/Buy template of HyprPDF.

I need to know the following.

1)Can the PDF file be "print/copy/edit secured" during the PDF output (must have password) without interfering with the HyprPDF password security?  This would be different than a securing a file against "opening" with a password which might interfere with Activ or HyprPDF security.

2)Does the PDF file have to be encrypted via HyprPDF before being run through Activ Ebook.

3)Or is the PDF file run through Activ without security, then gets encrypted via HyprPDF and finally utilized in the Buy/Try template.

I know Ron has said repeatedly that you just follow the steps but for me the steps are flat out incomprehensible, for one thing, PDF should be entirely separate in every way from HTML as it is referenced in both HyprPDF and Activ instructions.  For example, reference is made to addressing the "first" page of the ebook.  I can understand that scenario in an HTML format, but how does that apply to a PDF document?

To begin with, a concise overview of how the project is to proceed in four or five well defined steps would be greatly appreciated.  For example;


1)  Output text file in PDF format with necessary internal securities in place if needed, such as "no copy".

2)  Encrypt outputted PDF file with HyprPDF encryption first, and then run through the Activ compiler.

3)Select HyprPDF "Buy" or "Try" template of your choice and follow tutorial "Setup ???" and "Try/Buy" template using HyprPDF's fake ebook to prove out security and payment structure.  In try mode you use one ebook PDF file for a trial version and a separate ebook PDF file for sale.

4)Replace fake HyprPDF ebook PDF files with real ebook PDF files.

Note the first thing I did was stress PDF files because everything in the tutorials seems to be somehow relevant to HTML.  Why does HTML have to be mentioned at all.  Those references really destroy clarity.

If anybody else has attempted to tackle these two apps at once for a PDF ebook output, please pity me with your experience, advice and direction.  I'm killing way too much time on this issue.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you (Elvis)

(Edited by cjc at 9:13 pm on Jan. 13, 2008)

Posted on: 8:43 pm on January 13, 2008
rlemire cjc;

I'm sorry you were unable to reached me or that you are having so much difficulty. I've repaired my email problem so you can again reach me at hyprlock@goldpanner.ca

Producing a PDF ebook with HYPrLock and Activ eBook is "usually" much easier than producing a nonPDF eBook.

HYPrLock comes with two "turn key" templates already set up to create a PDF eBook.

the "myProject_Buy.aep" is for creating "Buy Now" eBooks and "myProject_Try.aep" is for creating "Try before you Buy" eBooks. To test how these templates work (if you already have Active E-Book installed on your computer) just double click one of these files [ Activ E-Book should open ] and hit the Activ Compile button to compile the PDF eBook. Then just run the newly created PDF eBook exe file to open the PDF eBook. (these templates are used to demonstrate how the system works)

All you need to do is replace the HYPrLock PDF files in the "Source" folder with your own HYPrLock/HYPrPDF protected PDF documents.

To create a HYPrLock protected PDF file just follow the instructions on the PDF ENCRYPT screen. The PDF file must NOT be password protected. The HYPrLock PDF encryption process only permits you to choose "printing" as a PDF option... ( copy is not allowed )

Using a "Try before you Buy" system would require two PDF files (one unprotected introductory PDF file and one HYPrLock protected PDF file) With this system you would need a custom "loader.htm" page.

The reason that HTML is mentioned is that two different programs are being used (HYPrLock and Activ E-Book) and they both use Internet Explorer functionality. HYPrLock uses JavaScript to secure the PDF file and Activ E-Book requires HTML files to function properly.

Detailed instructions are covered in the HYPrLock documentation and are impossible to cover in this forum.

Please contact me directly if you have further questions..

Ron Lemire

Posted on: 9:23 pm on January 14, 2008
cjc Hello Ron;

Forgive me for venting publicly, I would be the first to say that you are generous with your assistance.  I have read many, many of your comments.

You said to "just double click one of these files" and off you go.  In fact when I double click the file I get an error statement about missing passwords.  And this is exactly my point.  Without a simple, concise, outline to guide me, I find myself dead in my tracks due to the smallest glitch, like the one I just mentioned.

I am just asking for an overview so I know at the outset what I am supposed to accomplish.  After that, your detailed instructions assist me in completing each of the required steps.  I think the storyboard is fantastic.  One of the best instruction tools I have ever seen.  

I have always assumed that Activ had to be opened first.  You are saying your app does it automatically.  Should I have known that?  I have been stumbling around two open sessions of Activ.  Clueless.

Your statement about Hyprlock only allowing printing is exactly the kind of information I need.  Now I can output a new file with no internal securities and know that part is accomplished correctly.  One more confusion put to rest.

Help me with some one sentence steps to success;

1) Output document in PDF format with no password protection for either file opening or internal copy/print/etc. functions.

2)Only open Hyprlock and initiate the "MyProject_Try.aep" (mine brings up error statements) which automatically opens Activ Compiler.

3) Click (I am assuming that the Activ "compile" button is the "build" (wrench) icon) button to compile PDF doc into a PDF executable file???

4)Prove out security / purchasing etc.

5)Encrypt Activ's outputted PDF.exe ??? file via HyprPDF

6) Replace all test files with actual PDF files.

Ron, please give me these one liners so that I can follow your detailed instructions and know if I am progressing according to plan.  At least the next time something goes wrong, I will know what I have accomplished, what needs to be done and what question to ask for help.

Could you enlighten me on the loader.htm comment.  I have a partial PDF doc on my website that can be downloaded and it seems to work okay.  Can you advise me on this matter?

I along with many others who may not take to the keyboard so readily, sure appreciate your time.


Posted on: 2:04 am on January 15, 2008
rlemire cjc;

I apologize that my email provider was not sending me your messages and I've corrected that problem. If you send me your email address I'll attend to all of your problems personally.

From the tone of your questions, I think you have missed the point that HYPrLock is simply an add-on security package for Activ E-Book. That means Activ E-Book is the primary program and HYPrLock only adds supplemental features not found in Activ E-Book. Ultimately that means you should at least understand how Activ E-Book is used, and how it works.

HYPrLock is the only program that can prevent PDF hacking. It provides everything you need to securely distribute your eBook products including automatic password activation so you can sell your "eBook" through eBay. However (as explained in my  introductory pre/purchase information) you need "Intermediate or Advanced computer skills". That simply means you must be able to follow detailed instructions.

HYPrLock was designed to help eBook authors create ultra secure eBook and PDF distribution packages. It was not designed to teach anyone how to create an eBook or even how to use Activ E-Book. Once someone is familiar with using Activ E-Book they should find HYPrLock much easier to use.

As I said in my last post, HYPrLock is not affiliated with Activ E-Book and this forum is not the proper place to discuss details about using the program. If you contact me directly I'll be happy to follow up any of these questions.


(Edited by rlemire at 9:28 pm on Jan. 16, 2008)

I've just completed a small informational eBook (950k) called Activ E-Book Primer to show a simplified set up for Activ E-Book and more clearly explain the difference between Activ E-Book and HYPrLock. Interested parties can click the above link for this free download.

(Edited by rlemire at 7:05 pm on Jan. 17, 2008)

Posted on: 12:05 am on January 16, 2008

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