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Archived Message:

newbie please help me!

keith33 Hi i have just created an ebook with activ compiler.What i want to do is host the book online.I want the person to download the exe. file then on the home page i write click here to view ebook.Once they click they can then view the ebook online.Havent got a clue how to do it though.
Could anyone please help me

Posted on: 11:13 am on June 7, 2007
Storyman Hi Keith33,

Congrats on finishing your ebook

When someone downloads your ebook they can view it right from their desktop. The idea is if the ebook resides on their system they have multiple chances to view it.

You might want to check out HYPrLock's automatic payement system. This system enables the user to click a buy it now button, which takes them to PayPal. After they pay the book is unlocked.

I assume what you mean by reading it online is that you want the visitor to your site to be able to preview a few pages. It really is a better idea to get them to download the ebook because it increases the chances for a sale. Consider this. The visitor reads a few pages, then want to think about it. Chances are they will forget about the site. However, if they downloaded the ebook and it is sitting on their desktop there is a much higher probablility of them looking at it again, and again, and again. In other words it is there until they decide to either buy it or delete it.

Posted on: 12:55 pm on June 7, 2007
keith33 Hi  i want them to download the ebook in exe format to there desktop.But i want to host the book online so they can get the updates automatically.I have seen this done so many times.you open the exe file it then says click here to view book.you click then the ebook is displayed.If your not connected to the internet you are unable to view the ebook.If i just download it in the exe file they want be able to see the updates i think. Thats why i want to host the book online.

Posted on: 2:58 pm on June 7, 2007
rlemire Keith33,

If you only use an eBook.exe as a link to view your content on line, what you really are creating is a web site with a remote link. Such content will need to be viewed in a browser window.

You can set up your eBook.exe link as a password protected eBook but it would not be difficult to get the online URL of the information itself. With that online URL anyone could access your website without a password.

The only way to prevent that problem would be to also have a log-in system for your web site that only allows customer access. Unlike Activ E-Book passwords (that only work on one specific computer), online passwords can be shared and your security is compromised.
You can not "host" an Activ E-Book online. Activ E-Books must be installed on a Windows computer.

A different "eBook" model exists that could use "remote" information. In this model, your content is stored online but it would be viewed in your eBook itself. This system is generally just as secure as a regular Activ eBook but it is very difficult to create.

To create such an "online" service you will need to learn and understand a web technology commonly called "AJAX". This technology uses HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other systems as required. Basically, JavaScript in your eBook opens a dialog with your Server and requests some information (i.e. Page1.htm). The Server locates the information and sends it to a hidden iFrame in your eBook. JavaScript then locates the information and creates the required page "on the fly" and shows it to your customer.

Such a system has a number of problems.. First you need web access. Then your customers need a fast and reliable hook-up (if you use any graphics you'd better forget customers with a dial-up service). Next you must have a fast and reliable online Host (or your customers will be constantly waiting for pages to load). When pages are created "on the fly", it is difficult to provide "forward and backward" page navigation. And lastly this type of system requires knowledge and experience and lots of custom coding.

In the end, the more your eBook content is stored online the less reliable your eBook becomes. In your case and with your experience (newbie), it could be more practical to have your eBook check online to see if a new version was available and let your customers download it themselves. Or if you have specific information that changes rapidly, (such as a price list) just have that specific information fetched from an online database.


Posted on: 5:28 pm on June 7, 2007
keith33 I've sorted it now, this is all you need to do.
In the Edit User Interface dialog box of the compiler.Just turn off automatically open internet links in new browser window.What happens then is when they click on click here to view ebook they can view the ebook in the compiler instead of opening there browser.

Posted on: 10:03 pm on June 7, 2007
rlemire keith33;

That is true Keith, but you would be displaying insecure content that is not encrypted and is available to anyone who gets the URL address. Just because the content is shown in the Activ E-Book "browser window" does not make it safe.

Activ E-Book is a browser. It's uses the Internet Explorer engine to display web pages. One thing that makes Activ E-Book different from IE is that it uses proprietary code to encrypt and decrypt web pages as they are viewed. This feature prevents the pages from being accessed outside of the eBook. Web pages accessed as you describe have no such protection.

Many 3rd party "sniffer" programs can figure out your content URL address and unless you protect that information you could lose it.

When you use "AJAX", even though the content is not encrypted, you are handling raw data that has little value outside of the eBook.


Posted on: 11:57 pm on June 7, 2007

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