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Archived Message:

password invalid???

dz9nr1 Hi, I have an issue with a customer that I would really, really appreciate some advise on..

I have Activ E and use Hyprlock.  My customer says when she enters the password exactly the way she gets it (knows it's case sensitive, has no o's that could be mistaken for zeroes) that it comes back and tells her that her password is invalid.  

I sent her another download link and she said it requested for her to use the same password as before and it again said invalid password.  

I then sent her to where I have a zipped version on my website to download and she said same thing.  

Does  anyone have any idea why it keeps saying her password is invalid if she is indeed putting it in correctly?

Also, is it supposed to give her the same password to put in after I sent her a new download link via email?

Thanks for your time,


Posted on: 3:36 am on May 2, 2007
rlemire Renee;

Unless your customer is trying to run your eBook on a different computer or you re-compile your eBook with a different "Title", then the required password ID number will always be the same. Activ E-Book uses the eBook Title and computer hardware to establish what each password ID should be.

Ask your customer to confirm the name of your eBook and what password ID number the eBook is asking for ( from 1 to 1000 ) and also what password she is trying to enter.

For example if she tells you that her password ID number is 376 and the password is KV1EBZ2, then open your eBook .aep file and look in the Edit/Security/ menu and find the password required from the password list. Confirm that password ID number 376 is indeed KV1EBZ2.

There is always the possibility when compiling an eBook that you can get password lists mixed up.

If the password ID numbers and passwords are the same then there must be a programing error in your eBook. Try recompiling your eBook, send her a new version and see what happens.


Posted on: 4:18 am on May 2, 2007
dz9nr1 Thank you for the clarification on passwords and suggestions on how to fix this issue.  

I'm going to give them a try.


Posted on: 5:41 am on May 2, 2007
RiffRaff Further to Ron's advice/guidance, also ask for a screenshot of the password refusal....
I've had two instances of little ******** trying it on, attempting to get a refund after their book had actually opened.

Posted on: 7:02 pm on May 2, 2007
dz9nr1 Riff Raff;  funny you should say that because I've noticed in my logs a few attempts to download my product to other computers using the same customer's email.  It could be they are just are wanting the book on another one of their computers..possibly..

Also, it totally blows my mind when people openly share their frustration over not being able to share the book with everyone and anyone they want!   OH WELL.

Is there a way to know for sure if someone has been successful at opening their E-book???



Posted on: 7:28 pm on May 2, 2007
RiffRaff Yup - the MD5 entry should 'disappear' from your log file.

Posted on: 10:46 pm on May 2, 2007
RiffRaff Uhm....sorry. That was absolute **** .
The MD5 entries should disappear from your 'stats' folder, not your log file.
The log records the date, email and IP address of the buyer : the MD5 entry is separate.

Posted on: 10:52 pm on May 2, 2007
dz9nr1 Ahhh..... good to know.

So if there's like 8 MD5 entries in there, there's a good chance she really is having trouble??? hehe

Posted on: 11:21 pm on May 2, 2007
rlemire Renee;

If a customer tries to download your ebook from the same computer using the same email address there will only be one MD5 file. If they try to download from a different computer or email address a different MD5 file will be created.

You can "peek" inside the MD5 file and it will show the email address that created the file.


Posted on: 2:02 am on May 3, 2007
dz9nr1 Ron,   I see the email address, very good to know.  Thanks.

Posted on: 3:31 am on May 3, 2007
dz9nr1 Hi,

I'm still having an issue with a customer who is getting that "invalid password" msg.  I did confirmed with her that she's using the correct password.  I also recompiled and uploaded my e-book and sent her a fresh link.  

I had deleted my MD5 files prior to knowing that I can check to see if a download was successful.   (I had since then checked being able to view an email address in an MD5 file with my own "unsuccessful" download and opening of my book; re my previous post)  

I just today sent her another email link to download my product and she says she downloaded it and put the password in and it's again saying "invalid password."  

When I check the MD5 file I don't see one there.  Does that mean that she was able to open it?  I know there will only be one MD5 file per computer, per email address, but because I had deleted it prior, do you know if it would show up again so I could see if she is indeed in?  



Posted on: 5:27 pm on May 3, 2007
Storyman Hi Renee,

When the customers request a password is it always for the same registration number? If they are attempting to install and open it on different computers the likelihood of two computers sharing the same registration number is 0.1% (if you use the full 1,000 possible passwords.)

You might ask the customer the registration number that the ebook provides them, then look up in the ebook's security file for the corresponding password. If the password doesn't work I'd refund her money and call it a day.

Posted on: 6:03 pm on May 3, 2007
rlemire Renee;

Just to let you know that if the MD5 file had been deleted, it confirms that the customer did indeed go through the Validation process correctly. That confirms that the program successfully Validated the eBook download and was authorized to issue a password.

If everything worked OK, that usually means that the customer got the correct password and has opened the eBook. However if there were any glitches, (the authorization did not reach his computer or the password list contained the wrong passwords), then the MD5 file would still be deleted but the customer would not get access to the eBook.

That being said, I have never heard of a customer getting a password that didn't work. That was why I suggested that you confirm the password ID number the customer says she needs, matches the actual password list. Like Storyman said, If the password required ID number and the generated password list match then something on her computer is preventing the entry of the correct password. (i.e. anti-virus program). If she can't figure it out you might as well send her back her money and save yourself the aggravation.


Posted on: 7:27 am on May 4, 2007
dz9nr1 Thank you both for your replies.  Ron, I did confirm that the password I.D. # and her generated password match.  

Oh, and I totally agree with refunding the money..  I just felt I should research it a bit and give it a good honest try.
Which I've done.  

Hope you have a great day everyone!



Posted on: 3:18 pm on May 4, 2007
Storyman Hi Renee,

IMHO, I think you found an honest answer. I just think that you also found a dishonest customer.

Posted on: 7:39 pm on May 4, 2007
dz9nr1 I know, I think so too!  The 2 things that tipped me off besides the MD5 file not being there after I sent her another download link to try the fresh version,  was that she kept saying "invalid password."  When infact it says  "incorrect password"  (I checked it out).  

Plus her answers were sooooo vague.. Trying to get information from her was like pulling teeth.  PLUS she wouldn't send me a screen shot!  

I emailed her this morning and sent her the download link one more time.  I told her that if it doesn't work that we need to start the refund procedure, she knows this means disabling the book even if she isn't in.  I made it sound like we had to do that in order to process a refund with our software.  I have not heard anything back from her yet.  

So yeah,  hate to think it but I really feel she was trying to snowball me...  tsk tsk tsk.  Of course I can't really say anything to her because I am not 100% sure.  As much as I'd like to say "Oh come on now!  I know you're in!!  You &*^%$ liar!    So I'll say it here...that felt kind of good.  ;-)



Posted on: 7:58 pm on May 4, 2007
RiffRaff Unfortunately you're going to get an odd one or two "rogues".
That said, I've been selling on eBay for quite a few months, but can only remember 3 cases out of 500+.
Like your case, they are deliberately vague about error messages, are seemingly unable to understand/interpret/answer your questions, "can't do" screenshots etc., and fly into a rage "too early" in the proceedings.
Ron's HyprLock refund idea/procedure is a good 'un - I also disable printing and copying too, just in case any buyer's up to no good....

Posted on: 10:07 pm on May 4, 2007
dz9nr1 Well Riff Raff, I could live with the less than 1% odds..  that's good to hear.   It also sounds like you offer a good product with little for your customers to complain about.  

I never heard back from her.  So hopefully I got my less than 1% out of the way for at least awhile.

I love the disabling the book option w/ Hyprlock.  I think having on my auction; "we offer a money back guarantee and if you're not completely satisfied we will disable the book and offer you a full refund", helps deter the ones looking for a hand out.  

May I ask how long you've been selling on E-bay?  I've been selling for less than a month and could get very used to this.  

Posted on: 2:45 pm on May 7, 2007
Storyman Renee,

If you're selling on Ebay and using PayPal you might benefit by sending a CD copy of the product. PayPal's insurance doesn't cover digital downloads, but does shipped items.

Posted on: 7:57 pm on May 7, 2007
dz9nr1 Hi Storyman,  thanks for the tip.. good to know.  

I have recieved a few requests for CD's but didn't think I could because I use HyprLock.  Can we put our E-book's onto CD's and the password security still work??

Posted on: 2:35 pm on May 8, 2007
Storyman Hi Renee,

Good point. Not to worry though. The point is that you mail something with a confirmation number. In the US you can ship Media Mail with a confirmatin number (if done with USPS' Shipping Assistant the confirmation is around 15 cents) is enough to provide Ebay with proof-of-delivery.

It really doesn't matter if the copy on the CD uses HYPrLock or not--or even if it has the same password list. What is important is proof-of-delivery. In a worse case scenario the buyer has to email the registration number for the correct password.

Also, keep in mind that the buyer has a convenient CD copy that can be shared with friends. If you're using HYPrLock those friends will have no problem buying and unlocking their ebook(s). A good viral marketing approach if you ask me.

I'm guessing your next question is if the ebook can be run from a CD. Ron is the best person to explain how that works. From my viewpoint it is a non-issue because what you want the user to do is copy the program to their desktop. Why the desktop? Because if they don't purchase immediately there is a constant reminder on the desktop that reminds them.

Posted on: 4:29 pm on May 8, 2007
dz9nr1 Ohhh, I think I get it!  How you make the security work on CD is;  the customer after purchasing and us shipping CD via USPS w/ confirmation delivery; they email you a "registration #" which is actually the confirmation # they recieved from shipping; then we email them a password from our password list?  Is that right?  

Thanks for you info Storyman!  

Posted on: 6:27 pm on May 8, 2007
RiffRaff Renee..
You ask how long on eBay? Approximately a year now, but with mixed results to be honest.
As you know, I use Activ and HyprLock.
On paper, fine.
The customer clicks the download link; they get their email; they download the file before following simple instructions on how to get/enter the password, allowing the book to open and run.
All you do is (ahem!) count the cash and complete feedback.
The reality, of course, can be somewhat different.
They miss the download button.
They enter their eBay username instead of the email address.
They even mispell their own address, or decide to use a totally different one for some reason.
They don't receive the email, 'cos their web-based spam filters have grabbed it.
Their PC security/firewall/anti-virus programs get in the way.
As is the case right now, eBay have a "critical system error" which causes the download link to fail.
They're trying to run an exe file on their Apple Mac, even though your listing clearly states that it won't - it's for Windows PCs only.
All the above are, of course, totally YOUR fault.
No ifs...no buts....it's always you.
You haven't sent the mail.
You haven't sent the file.
And as you already found out, you've deliberately given them the wrong password.
Add to the above the fact that your file hoster might not be up to scratch - as Ron from HyprLock will endorse in my case! - and you have no advantage in having an automatic system.
What with the current eBay situation (which their engineers are STILL trying to sort) my "auto system" requires more work to sort out than when I used to autoreply to the buyer from the PayPal payment advice....but that's another story!

Posted on: 7:16 pm on May 8, 2007
Storyman Hi Renee,

The confirmation is purely to prove delivery. Has nothing to do with the password or registration number. In order for PayPal's protection coverage to be in force is to have proof of delivery--through physical deliver.

Activ is a two step process. First there is the registration code. The registration code is going to be anything from 1 to 999. The password required to unlock the ebook on their system corresponds to registration number that their copy of the ebook generates during installation, which I'm sure you already understand (and only mentioned to benefit those readers trying to sort out their own issues.)

Posted on: 9:00 pm on May 8, 2007
dz9nr1 Hey RIff Raff, I've experienced some of that too, but not to the degree you have as I'm so new and haven't sold that many books yet.  Give me a few months and I'll probably be there too.  

Sales have slowed for me considerably over the last 2 weeks on Ebay, despite the fact I now have feedback to back my product up.   From what I've read April- June can be pretty slow ... (?) Any input from experienced sellers is much welcome..  

Posted on: 1:43 pm on May 9, 2007
dz9nr1 Hey Storyman, so basically you just burn a copy to CD and mail it to them w/ confirmation delivery?    Do you type/write a password on the copy of the CD when you send it out?  

Thanks for your info..


Posted on: 1:49 pm on May 9, 2007
Storyman Hi Renee,

It's impossible for you to know the required password beforehand--especially if you are using the possible 1,000 passwords. The user will have to either connect to an online database to retrieve it or contact you by email, supplying you with the registration code that their ebook copy provides after installation.

Please understand that if you elect to send the CD in addition to providing a downloaded version (immediately after purchasing from Ebay) is to satisfy PayPal's requirement for insurance coverage.

Also, please to not take anything that you read online as the gospel truth. You need to verify with PayPal that in fact that supplying a downloaded version in addition to a physically shipped version does in fact fulfill their requirements for buyer/seller coverage. Things change over time and that is particularily true when it comes to the Internet. Always verify.

In addition to fulfilling PayPal's requirement for buyer/seller coverage (we're talking in regards to Ebay auctions here) the CD serves as a nice way for the buyer to viral market your ebook with friends and co-workers. This is especially true if you use HYPrLock along with Activ. Those friends and co-workers can make immediate purchases of your ebook without the Ebay fees.

Posted on: 5:41 pm on May 9, 2007
dz9nr1 Thanks so much for that info Storyman.


Posted on: 2:36 pm on May 10, 2007
dz9nr1 Well I heard back from the customer who claimed her password didn't work.  "I finally got it to download, however I cant get the last 3 chapters to open.  The good news is that it loaded and opened.....lol.....mostly.
 Let me know if you have any suggestions."

I have some suggestions for her alright!

Does anyone know if it's possible for the last three chapters to "not open" if the e-book is compiled correctly (works for everyone else) and her computer has the necessary OS and browser settings?    


Posted on: 2:46 pm on May 10, 2007
RiffRaff Oh dear!
You HAVE got a right one here, haven't you!!
(Might have been better to start a new thread with this question, by the way....)
Assuming her original file was a single zipped job, you can rule out a "faulty" download. If she hadn't managed to download "it all", it wouldn't have run at all.
Is there something different inside the final 3 chapters?
By that I mean (say) flash content or something, that doesn't occur in the earlier chapters?
Don't overlook the fact that she might be (still) after a refund or just looking to cause trouble for a reason....
Then again she might just be  ****** stupid, of course!
Again, ask the obvious questions - what error messages, etc., and if so, screenshot 'em and send them to you.
As an aside, is she one of your eBay buyers? Have you checked her feedback? Caused "trouble" for anyone else??


Posted on: 3:09 pm on May 10, 2007
Storyman Renee,

While you're checking her Ebay feedback also check her winning bids. **** mers will sometimes have positive feedback, but their winning bids tell a different story. I've run into two different **** mers and would not have known if I hadn't checked their winning bids. Although it may not apply directly to ebook sales it does show their propensity to lie, cheat, and steal.

First, was the **** mer who bid and won an auction. A week after receiving the item (a DVD) he claimed it didn't work. His winning bids revealed that he had bid and won an identical item to what I shipped, but for a few dollars less. In that situation I refunded his money because he wasn't worth my time.

Second, was a guy who bid and won multiple auctions for identical items. He would then pay for only the lowest price item. I contacted the sellers of the other items and verified that he only payed for the lowest priced auctions. All of my efforts to contact him were ignored.

After relisting the item, I contacted Ebay. He was not a happy camper because Ebay banned him from doing business. I guess with a new PayPal account he'd be back in business, but at least his rating had been wiped out.

Posted on: 6:48 pm on May 10, 2007
Storyman I have no idea why, but the **** replaced s.c.a.m. (without the periods. Never thought of those four letters as bad letters before. Glad to know so I won't use them in public again. LOL

(Edited by Storyman at 10:52 am on May 10, 2007)

Posted on: 6:51 pm on May 10, 2007
RiffRaff Ye Gods, Storyman!
Just as well you didn't write ********, ****** or ***** then!

Posted on: 11:23 pm on May 10, 2007
dz9nr1 Hey Riff Raff; I checked her feedback and it tells me for the most part she's probably alright, maybe a bit hard to please but nothing to gives me the indication she's trying to start trouble.   I offered a refund before, I don't know what her deal is really.. hard to figure out.  I think she may be just a bit..ahem...slow?  

Or maybe it really doesn't work for her, which in that case I kinda wish she'd just take the refund.  However, ya never know when it's that customer who can bring you tons of business through some kind of group or club they belong to.  ya know?  So I'll continue to be extremely helpful, and nice at least until I get my feedback from her (hehe).  

Posted on: 3:00 pm on May 11, 2007
dz9nr1 Hey Storyman, I think that's so cool you got that guy banned from doing business.  It's so nice to get those.. skammers!  ;-)  

I think it's smart that you don't get caught up arguing with people over refunds; "not worth my time".  It really can drain a person.    

Posted on: 3:12 pm on May 11, 2007
BestEbookTrade Maybe you or your costumer add some (space) after the password. I had an experience that this made some problems too.

Posted on: 10:47 am on February 21, 2009

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