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Archived Message:

Please help a dummy figure out hyprlink

newcreation Okay, I followed the directions on the tutorial that came with hyprlink (I thought), but after I tried to build and run my ebook, I got the following screen:  "Download Validation"

"To set up the first installation of this software a validation key must be downloaded from the internet"

I'm then instructed to put in an email validation key.  I have no idea what I"m supposed to do here.  Did I do something wrong, or did I just not read something somewhere?  Or is there something I'm supposed to know?

Posted on: 12:38 am on March 28, 2007
rlemire newcreation;

HYPrLock has a number of systems that work together and they all must be setup before the program will work properly. Download Validation is part of the "Buy Now" mode.

For example: A customer "buys" your eBook from eBay -- they are then directed to a special HYPrLock web page where they must enter their email address to get a "download link" for your product emailed to them.

When customers download a copy of your eBook and try to open it, they will see a "Download Validation" screen where they must enter the same email address (in the previous step). HYPrLock will then connect to your web site and "Validate" that they are authorized to get a password. If this "Validation" step passes, the customer will be given a password to enter your eBook.

In your case, it appears that you have built your eBook correctly. Now when you try to open your newly compiled eBook, HYPrLock is asking you to "Validate" your purchase by entering your email address. This is normal and it is what a customer would see when they tried to open your eBook.
What you need to do is make sure you copy the HYPrLock WebSite folder "hyprPHP" and all of it's contents to your web site and add your web site URL to the Activ Variable list.  See the "Web Site" tutorial.

There are examples of tests you can run in the "Testing" tutorial.

If you have further questions

contact me at support@goldpanner.ca

Posted on: 5:42 am on March 28, 2007
newcreation Thank you for the quick response.  I'm really new at this.  This is my first ebook and everything (I'm proud to say that I designed it all in notepad using xhtml and css, which I recently taught myself).  After posting, it occurred to me that that could be what's going on.  But I wasn't 100% sure.  

I may have more questions tomorrow when I try to link to it.  I'm sure it isn't as complicated as it seems, but I'm not sure I'll be able to figure out how to set it up with Clickbank and Paypal buttons.  But I will try to learn that as I go.

Also, while I'm on a roll, I'm confused about theviral marketing concept.  I want to be able to have the first chapter of my ebook so that it isn't password protected, so that if someone emails my ebook to someone else, that "someone else" will be able to access that first chapter, then have to make the decision to buy or not.  I know this question has already been asked, but I don't understand the answers.  (I'm sorry--I'm really, really green at this--I
told you I was a dummy! )

Thanks again for your quick answer.  I didn't notice the testing tutorial, so I will check that out.

(Edited by newcreation at 6:20 am on Mar. 28, 2007)

Posted on: 6:19 am on March 28, 2007
rlemire newcreation;

If you want distribute your eBook virally (with introductory FREE material) then you probably want to use HYPrLock's "Try before you Buy" mode. Customers download your eBook first, try it out, and then decide to buy. This "Try" mode does not require a web site setup, but you also can not sell your product with eBay.


Posted on: 3:30 pm on March 28, 2007
newcreation Got it!

Okay, one other question, just for clarification. I'm designing my thank you page right now, and I want to make sure I'm putting the right information on it.  

If I understood correctly, on some of the other threads, I thought I gathered that from clickbank, instead of posting the link on the thank you page, I will need to let the buyer know that they will receive the link through email, correct?  Or did I misunderstand (a real possibility).  Or will it still work if I just put the link on the thank you page?

Thanks for putting up with my ever-so-basic questions.

Posted on: 7:51 pm on March 28, 2007
rlemire newcreation;

HYPrLock supplies the "thankyou" page required by ClickBank.

When you initially setup ClickBank they require a valid "thankyou" page for your product that contains specific information for the consumer. ( this page is supplied by HYPrLock)

After your product is approved. you need to change the name of your "thankyou" page in your ClickBank member area to a new "thankyou" page ( also supplied by HYPrLock ). This new "thankyou" page automatically redirects your customer back to your eBook to get his password from HYPrLock.

When you purchase HYPrLock you are authorized to open some special HYPrLock files. As part of the process you are asked to enter your "support" email address for the first ClickBank "thankyou" page

When you copy the HYPrLock web site folder to your web site. it already includes both "thankyou" pages. These files are called "thanks.htm" and "gpsthanks.htm"

You DO NOT change the "thankyou" pages.

Please do not confuse the "Try" and "Buy" modes of operation. In the "Buy Now" mode, when customers "pre-pay" for your product they need to enter their e-mail address to get a download link to your product.

In the "Try before you Buy" mode, customers do not need to enter their e-mail address to download your product. With this mode you just create a download link on your web site or hopefully customers will pass your eBook around to family and friends.

The HYPrLock tutorials explain how to set up each system.


Posted on: 9:21 pm on March 28, 2007
newcreation Ahhh, that makes sense.  And I'm glad to know I don't have to design a thank you page.  One less thing to do!  I will direct further questions to you through email, as ou requested.  Thanks again.

Posted on: 10:08 pm on March 28, 2007


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