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Archived Message:

Prob with Valiable Values

lee Hello,

Everything works great except getting my variables
to show on any pages except the index.html page.

I even copied and pasted the index page into my source
folder and renamed it chapter1. I then ran the build
and my link on index takes me to chapter 1 (the mirror
of index) but I still see the code for the variables,
and not the values. I would think if I have an exact
duplicate of index renamed chapter 1 and the variable
values show up on index, then they should also show up
on the inside page, chapter 1.

I do have the preprocessor set to yes.

I even set the processor to no for index and ran build
and it reverts back to the code for the variables, no
values. Back and forth several times. Again the
variable values show on index but not on the other
pages, even with the preprocessor set to yes.

All my html pages are in the source folder, all show up under Edit - All Files, and all have PreProcessor set to yes.

What am I doing wrong?


Posted on: 1:55 am on March 13, 2007
rlemire lee;

Why don't post an example of your code and explain what variables you are talking about and what you are trying to do.

Posted on: 3:09 pm on March 13, 2007
lee Well, ok.

Ref Activ E-Book Compiler 4.22

Active Variable:  [={YourName}]
Active Variable Value = Lee Brehm

Active Variable: [={YourSiteURL}]
Active Variable Value:http://eaffiliateteam.com

Avtive Variable: [={YourSiteURLTitle}]
Active Variable Value: E Affiliate Team

So, I want a rebrandable ebook and I have set these
3 Variables up for now.

Like I said in my first post. It works on the index.html
page. The values show up.

But they do not show up on any other pages, chapter
1, or 2 etc., in the book.

I even copied the index.html source code file and pasted
it right back into the source folder and renamed it
chapter 1 and did a "build". The link on index for chapter 1, in the ebook,
takes me to the copied index.html page, put again, the
variable value does not show up. The code for the
variable shows.

It's driving me crazy.

All I want is my variable VALUES to show up on every
page that I have a variable on, name, url, and url title.

And YES the PreProcessor is set to yes for every page.

(Edited by lee at 9:49 pm on Mar. 13, 2007)

Posted on: 9:46 pm on March 13, 2007
rlemire Hi Lee;

I think I missed the point. I've never used the Affiliate feature in Activ E-Book so I do not know how the preProcessor code works.

However; here is an example of some code to write a variable on a page that is embedded in regular HTML code. This could be any where on the page but must be in the body of your document. This code does not require PreProcessor but it might do what you want.

<div id="LayerID">Hi My name is

< script>  n1 = window.external.ActivGet('{YourName}'); document.write(n1); </script>

<br>My web site URL is

< script>  n2 = window.external.ActivGet('{YourSiteURL}'); document.write(n2); </script>


As you can see; you need to "get" the code from Activ E-Book inside of a "Script" tag ( Like JavaScript ). Then you need to write it in the page with more "Script" code = " document.write()"

You could repeat this code on every page you want to display your name. For this to work you would have to assign the "YourName" etc. value an Activ Variable.

Getting and Setting Activ Variable can also be done within a JavaScript section in the HTML header of your document.  This is only one method and I'm sure there are others.  

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful


Posted on: 4:53 am on March 14, 2007
rlemire Hi lee;

I just did a quick test using the preprocessor code and everything worked great.

I set two Activ Variables up in the Activ Variable panel

Variable = yourName
Value = Lee Brehm

Variable = YourSiteURL
Value =http://eaffiliateteam.com

Then on a second and third page I added the following code

<div id="LayerID">

Hi My name is [={yourName}] <br>

My web site URL is [={YourSiteURL}]


Finally I clicked on the files panel, right-clicked each web page and selected the preProcessor option.

After compiling my eBook the values were displayed in the correct place on each page.

I hope these instruction help


Posted on: 5:16 am on March 14, 2007
lee Ron, your my new best friend!

At first it didn't work. But I said, "hold on, it worked
when Ron tested it."

I looked at the code and you have a space in the
script tag. (< script>

I removed the space in both tags and behold...variable
values show on every page.

I owe you one bro.

Thank You

Posted on: 12:12 am on March 15, 2007
lee Ron,

The script will not make my url a link.

I emailed Sunil the aep yesturday as requested but no reply today.

I'd like to know why my vaules do not show on any page other than index. They show using your script!

If Activ E-Book is the best, what's the 2nd best ebook compiler that has a rebrander?

I want to build a viral traffic type ebook for my subscribers. It will have many url links. So each link needs two active variables, one for the url and one for the url title.

Can you make the script code url a link?

(Edited by lee at 12:59 am on Mar. 15, 2007)

Posted on: 12:56 am on March 15, 2007
rlemire lee;

Sorry about the spaces from my last post.. That was the only way I could find to display the "<" symbol because the parser for this forum wanted to display "&lt;" instead.

The following code is from the Activ E-Book help section
"Rebranding/ Example" and should do what you want.

<A HREF="[color=red][={yoursiteurl}][/color]" TARGET=_blank>[color=red][={yoursitetitle}][/color]</A>

I hope this helps


Posted on: 1:29 am on March 15, 2007
lee I know, thats exactly what shows up on every page except the index page.

I tried placing the script code inside the html for the link but it doesn't work. Its good your script shows whatever value I deem but the url has to be a link.

I know a little about html, I builthttp://eaffiliateteam.com,but I know very little about writing script code.

At the expense of repeating myself...
it works on the index page but not on any other
pages. I even copied and pasted the index.html source file right back into the ebook source folder and renamed it chapter 1.

I ran the build and the chapter 1 link on my index takes me to the mirror of index. The variable values do not  show up, just the code.

If I have two identical pages, why does the values show
on one and not the other. Why does the values show when I use your script but not the programs variables?

The only way the values show using your script is if the preprocessor is set to yes. So yea, it's set to yes.

Posted on: 2:21 am on March 15, 2007
lee FYI, I just emailed Sunil and webmaster@ebookcompiler.com
for a refund.

I'll give them 2 days for a reply before I iniate
a charge-back.

Posted on: 11:26 pm on March 15, 2007
rlemire lee;

Here is some inline code to use if you cannot get the preprocessor code to work. (remove the space from "< script>".

< script>
var URL1 = window.external.ActivGet('{url1}');
var linkID1 = window.external.ActivGet('{linkID1}');
document.write( ' <A HREF=" ' + URL1 + ' "> ' );
document.write ( linkID1 + ' </A> ' );

This is kind of cumbersome to use instead of the preprocessor code but it does work.

I don't understand why you are having trouble with the preprocessor code. It usually works great. I'd suspect that your Internet Explorer Security settings might be causing the problem or your Activ E-Book program itself might have become corrupted. You should try un-installing the program, downloading a fresh copy and then trying again. Clean out your "Temp" folder as well.

I understand your frustration, but this forum is monitored as a courtesy by Activ users who try to help as best they can. When confronted by a problem you want answers, that's understandable, but there might not be a solution to some questions or the Activ user who knows the answer only checks in once a week (if your lucky).

This forum is provided as a convenience to Activ users. Sunil does not monitor what goes no here on a daily basis. Quite often question are from inexperienced users with basic questions and get help fast, other times questions can be so unusual no one has a solution.


Posted on: 2:21 pm on March 16, 2007
lee Thanks Ron,

I deleted my temp file folder, uninstalled the program
and reinstalled it. I added the variables back in, set the preprocessor to yes on all pages and ran the build.

It's the same prob. The variable values show up on my index page, but not on any other pages. The values in the script you made work on all pages. Very strange.

It is frustrating. The activ help pages are very complete and easy to understand. The software features are wonderful. I really wish it worked.

This is the end of day 3 waiting for reply from Activ admin.

Posted on: 11:39 pm on March 16, 2007
rlemire Hi lee;

Activ E-Book, like many eBook coompilers depends on Internet Explorer to function so there is a couple of more things you could try.

1) Disable any popup filter software, adware or anti virus programs that might prevent Activ E-Bopk from functioning fully. See if that clears up the problem..

2) Download this "gif" file IEsettings.gif. It is a list of IE security settings from a system that preprocessor works on. To check these settings go to the Internet Explorer "tools" tab / Internet Options / Security / and click the "Custom Level" button.

You can print out this "gif" settings list, and use it as a guide. Keep a record of everything you change on the list. After making any changes click OK to save them. Now test Activ E-Book again.

Windows setting are going to be much more of a problem once the "Vista" version becomes widespread. The "Vista" security solution is lock down the computer "tight" to prevent any chance of infection. It's going to be a real challenge finding a way to use your computer the way you want.

I hope this helps..


Posted on: 1:51 pm on March 17, 2007
lee Ron,

I really appreciate the time you've taken to help me.

Your settings do not match mine. I have Windows 2000
with IE version 6.0

I placed gifs of my settings on a web page.


I'm running Symantec Antivirus, I'd rather not disable it.
I don't have any popup blocking installed. When I want popups disabled I use FireFox.

I did get a reply today from Sunil.

My 3rd email to him stated my prob again, and that I wanted a refund.

His reply was simply, "Your refund is being processed.  You will receive an email from ClickBank shortly containing the confirmation."

I find it odd there was no attempt at helping resolve the problem I am having with the program. His reply to my second email was to ask for the books aep file, which I sent, but no word back on that...

I find it very strange that I can copy and paste my index page right in the source folder, rename it to chapter 1, run the build, run the book, and see my variable values on index but not on chapter 1 (the mirror of index) with the preprocessor set to yes.

Well, I guess its all for nothing now since he's sending a refund.

Take care Ron,

Thanks Again!

Posted on: 11:54 pm on March 17, 2007
kinL lee, could you just clarify if you are having the same problem as me please.

I have created a very simple script that uses the SET statement to set a variable.

I am executing the script through the 'On Start' Event Handler.

The Preprocessor is set ON for ALL HTML files.

In my HTML I refer to my variable using the [={variablename}] notation.

When I compile and view the page all I see is [={variablename}], not the value that I set the variable to in the script (btw, this is for all pages including index.html).

Is this the same problem that you originally described?

If I set a 'Compile Time' variable in the 'Activ Variables' tab, all is well and the [={variablename}] notation displays the correct value.

Previous replies to your post suggest using JavaScript, but what if the end user has disabled JavaScript in their browser?

Like you, I would not be happy if users had to change browser settings or disable security features just so my e- book will run!

Have you any further info to share?


Posted on: 4:11 pm on March 19, 2007
lee Ken,

Thought I'd reply...

I know just enough about code to be dangerous. And that's HTML, forget scripting.

Ron seems to know and I saw he's replied to your other thread.

I have found that the software works, as defined in the muplitude of HELP resources. In my case, the trouble was user error. Me.

Anyone reading this be advised.
Garbage In = Garbage Out.

I figured, if it worked for everyone else, and it didn't  work for me, then I was doing something wrong.

Posted on: 9:38 pm on March 20, 2007

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