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Archived Message:


rlemire Hi Everyone;

I'd like to welcome you to the new HYPrLock  web site.  Highlighted are new HYPrLock programs with new code for even tighter security.

HYPrLock v4 combines both HYPrLock Pro and HYPrLock "BuyNow" for double the value.

HYPrPDF offers a complete PDF security and marketing solution with invisible passwords for complete security.


Posted on: 8:21 pm on March 6, 2007
HuskerMark Ron,

I was about to sign up for Electronic Deadbolt (http://www.electronicdeadbolt.com/index.html). A bit pricy, but no recurring fees.

I like the instant, hands-free password delivery and the security features are strong selling points for me. How does this compare to HyprLock?

If they provide two different functions, I'm sorry I got them confused. Information overload you know! Been researching this stuff for weeks!


Posted on: 7:46 am on March 12, 2007
rlemire Huskermark;

The Electronic Deadbolt system looks quite impressive but, as you say, a bit pricey. Here is how I would compare Deadbolt to HYPrLock.

1) Both systems use an electronic wrapper to protect your digital products. With HYPrLock that wrapper is the Activ E-Book compiler that sells for $29.95

2) Similar features are offered by both products. Digital Rights Management, Automatic Password Activation and Refund Disabling

3) Deadbolt offers "Tracking" and the ability to upgrade your digital products automatically. HYPrLock does not offer these options. see the article "Tracking Good or Bad" at my web site.

4) Deadbolt provides protection by using a dedicated online database. Your product must verify access with this database every time a customer tries to open your digital product.

HYPrLock operates differently. No online database is required. Everything in self contained. After issuing a password, HYPrLock never connects to the Internet again.

5) HYPrLock allows you to protect an unlimited number of digital products. Deadbolt might as well, but I couldn't find that statement in their literature.

6) HYPrLock offers an exclusive Ultra PDF Security System with invisible Owner & User passwords. Deadbolt does not have this feature.

7) HYPrLock comes complete with a "primary" and "secondary" Order system. When someone tries to open your product on an unauthorized computer, HYPrLock automatically opens an "Order" page to sell a password.

Basically, the Deadbolt system is like the Virtual Vault system in that they operate an online database service. I specifically designed HYPrLock so it didn't need to use an online database.

Ron Lemire

Posted on: 8:06 pm on March 12, 2007
HuskerMark Ron,

Thanks for the great comparison. So hard to cut through the marketing hype to get accurate documentation on how things work. I'll check your site for more information concerning the tracking. Thanks for that resource.

You've given me a lot to think about. I need to get up to speed on password creation for HyprLock and Activ Ebook to see how that relationship works and what is involved. Have to consider the security of the videos also.

Just received the content from my client and I'm going to have to give it a total rewrite. Even the videos are out of sync with audio. Juggling too many balls and getting out of my comfort zone with all the moving parts to this. I simply don't have the time to go down the wrong road. Thanks for the road map! (Now if I can just figure out how to fold it back up into a neat package...)

Cutting back on the coffee would help too! LOL


Posted on: 9:56 pm on March 12, 2007
RiffRaff Huskermark... First of all, let me make it plain that I'm nothing to do with HyprLock - I'm just a paying punter like you!
I went through exactly the same should I/shouldn't I process a few months ago, trying to compare quality/value/worth, and have to say that H won hands down.
I've been using it (with sales off eBay) since November last, and have to say that it's as impressive as it sounds. As regards back-up and advice, you'll also find that Ron Lemire is second-to-none.

Posted on: 11:21 pm on March 12, 2007
rlemire HuskerMark;

If you don't mind a little advice. Don't worry about getting HYPrLock or figuring out how it works. Just concentrate on compiling your material in Activ E-Book. For now don't even bother with password protection.

If you can get all your stuff into a working Activ eBook thats all you need for now. HYPrLock (or any third party security) can be added later. That way you have one less thing to worry about.


Posted on: 12:22 am on March 13, 2007
HuskerMark RiffRaff,

Thanks for your post. Glad to hear my faith in Ron (based on his other posts in this forum) is deserved.


Your last post lifted a mighty weight from my shoulders. It may take a while due to some just added audio content, but I will certainly be contacting you again when I'm ready to begin sales.

Did I also see a post from you regarding PayPal payment software? I think it was ASP or something. I have a PayPal credit card account from another project and will need to work through all that later. Was using A-Secure Cart as shopping cart service. I really like those guys - unbelievable personal service. Hoping to utilize their service again. They did all my payment gateway coding at no extra charge and in just a few hours. You and Sunil remind me a lot of them - excellent help and product at a very good price. When I get closer I'll have them check out HyprLock and see what they think about incorporating it into my shopping cart system.


Posted on: 6:04 am on March 13, 2007
rlemire HuskerMark;

Yes, HYPrLock works with PayPal for both "primary" and "secondary" customers. It also provides a PHP interface to work with a shopping cart service.

I do not supply the shopping cart code but an example is supplied with the program.  Troy Williams also has a tutorial for using HYPrLock with the FREE osCommerce shopping cart service on his web site http://store.williamsdigital.com.

Posted on: 3:04 pm on March 13, 2007
HuskerMark Ron,

How does HyprLock work with a partially protected ebook? We will have some pages, templates and forms to print and main text as "read only."


Posted on: 11:17 pm on March 19, 2007
rlemire HuskerMark;

I'm not sure what you mean by a "partially" protected eBook.

HYPrLock works in two different modes.

In the "Buy" mode customers pay before they download the program and they get their password as soon as they open their eBook. There wouldn't be reason to  protect some pages with this system. After a customers has paid, what would be the point.

HYPrLock's "Try" mode is designed for "Demo" or "Try before you Buy" eBooks. Customers download the program first, check out your material and then decide if they want to buy it. This is the only mode that it would make sense to have some pages protected and some not.

For "Try" mode you designate what pages are protected and which page are not protected. Usually I have a link "Click here for the Protected material" When customers click such a link, an "Order" page opens and asks if they want to "Buy" a password. Pretty straight forward actually..


Posted on: 2:34 am on March 20, 2007
HuskerMark Sorry my post was a bit cryptic. "Partially protected" should have read "partially protected from printing."

What I was trying to ask is if it would interfere with the print on/off settings for certain pages. The main educational text will not be available for printing. Only the forms and templates will be printable.

Since HyprLock is a protection system for redistribution/copying the book, I wanted to make sure this would not be an issue.

Posted on: 4:19 am on March 20, 2007
Storyman Hi HuskerMark,

If the forms are something that are useless without the content have you consider making the content a seperate download--perhaps a PDF?

Posted on: 5:53 am on March 20, 2007
rlemire HuskerMark;

HYPrLock does not effect any of your eBook content. Think of it as an extra strong padlock for your door. It only works until the door is opened with the right key.

What kind of house you live in and kind of furniture you have is irrelevant to the padlock. Just make sure you have the right key.

How the rest of your eBook functions depends on you, your capabilities and the capabilities of Activ E-Book.


Posted on: 3:05 pm on March 20, 2007
HuskerMark Ron, excellent. Thank you. Look forward to annoying you with more questions in a week or two when I implement it! LOL (Please see note below.)

StoryMan, not "useless" information.  They are a secondary benefit of using our product to obtain their solution.  

NOTE: However, you bring up an interesting point. If we were to bundle all the printable forms into a secondary book, could they be "locked in the same house?" Or in other words zipped into one download?

Posted on: 4:12 pm on March 20, 2007
Storyman Hi HuskerMark,

Didn't mean useless.  Poor word choice. I meant that the material would be useless without the main content. I've seen several audio books use this approach. The forms are unusable without the benefit of the information in the audio book.

Zipping the two ebooks sounds like an excellent idea.

Posted on: 6:45 pm on March 20, 2007
rlemire HuskerMark;

I'll add my two cents as well..

There are two different ways to handle multiple eBook distribution.

1) You can bundle the eBooks into a zip file and the customer can choose which eBook they want to open.

2) You can add any supplemental eBook "exe" programs right into the main eBook source folder. That way you can add a clickable link to "run" the eBook or make the material available. This has the advantage of distributing just one eBook instead of a "zipped" collection of eBooks.

Addressing the security aspect of grouping these eBooks together you want to make sure they are all password protected and they all require the same password to open.

When customers open the "Primary" eBook and activate their password this will automatically register the password for any additional eBooks. ( if that's what you want of course )....

BTW: There are third party programs available for protecting individual "HTML" pages. That way you might be able to prevent anyone from printing your content but still let them print your forms.


Posted on: 7:56 pm on March 20, 2007

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