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Archived Message:

Subfolder in a Project

chris taubmann I am not able to put all my stuff inside of one main folder. It dosent seem that ver. 5 support Subfolders (?), so here is my "solution" (i tested in the unregistered version: i had to test it before registering, because i have not so much money):

first pack your subfolder(s) to a .tar package (same name as your subfolder). put it in your project-folder. its an old package-format, so every packer should do that.

there is a nice small unpacker called untar.exe completely without licence-restrictions (and installation)!

put it in your project-folder as well

now comes the magic:
define two scripts (lets call them startup.as and exit.as)

in startup.as you have to write:

REM to avoid double extracting if our sufolder has not been deleted, check for a file within your subfolder


RUN('untar subfoldername.tar /p /t /b')

ok now we have our subfolder within or temp-folder. but on exit, we want to remove the whole stuff. so we set up our exit.as like that:

SET('exitstr','rd /S /q "../{esbn}.a2k"')

while unpacking, all the names are converted to uppercase. afaik is this no problem for ie.

the main tmp-folder will stay because the .bat file cant kill its parent.

there are some short dos-popups on start and on exit.

this is my first try with this compiler (absolutely newbie), so   forgive me this ****
py try (and my english)!

(Edited by chris taubmann at 7:05 pm on Jan. 27, 2007)

Posted on: 8:44 pm on January 25, 2007
Storyman Hi Chris,

Out of curiousity why is it you are unable to put all of the elements into one folder?  GoLive and Dreamweaver can both flatten a site to a single folder on export.

Posted on: 6:16 am on January 27, 2007
chris taubmann Hello

If you want to generate E-Books out of (dynamically created) Websites you will have to flatten a lot. AFAIK also some of the links (wihin CSS and Javascript) are not recognized by these Editors.

I know this approach is not very elegant. Especially the conversion of the file-names (DOS-style) is a problem. You will have to run untarren.bat after the unpack-process.
I am not familiar with this Compiler and have no Idea why it isnt able to handle Subfolders. But there are many People out there who need this feature.


Posted on: 12:24 pm on January 27, 2007
chris taubmann Update:
the DOS - drawbacks are solved when you use a 32bit unpacker like this one:
(german mirror is dead)
UNTGZ32.EXE in your folder
and call it with
RUN('UNTGZ32 subfolder.tar')

there is a source version with supports a quiet mode, but it is not compiled.

Posted on: 3:41 pm on January 27, 2007
Bradley I'm hoping that I am on the same page.
I just downloaded the trial Activ E-Book Compiler, to give it a try. Most of my books are built using html, with folders such as images. When I hit build, and then looked in the files tab, I noticed that all the folders associated with the book were not there. After I Ran the compiler no images were present.

Assuming that the first post here is a solution, I would think thatís a lot of work for the average Author.

Or have I missed something?

Posted on: 5:03 pm on January 27, 2007
Storyman Hi Bradley,

You will need to flatten your files so they are all in the same folder.

Hi Chris,

Both GoLive and Dreamweaver will make changes for CSS, images, or what have you. If you have neither program and need to flatten a large site an alternative is download the 30-day demo of either program and use it to flatten the files.

Posted on: 5:29 pm on January 27, 2007
chris taubmann Well again
i have some really nasty routines within my javascript (pathes declared as variables) and had also flash with fixed pathes.

I know this thing will break the idea of encryption
(to all: files wihtin these subfolders are not encrypted!!)

if you want to try the demo:


Posted on: 5:54 pm on January 27, 2007
Storyman Hi Chris,

Download a demo of GoLive. Import the site. You 'should' be able to then export the site flattened. I've done this in the past--albeit not with javascript--and the links were all updated.

Posted on: 8:45 am on January 28, 2007


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