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Archived Message:

Question about ebook compiler

ebfa Hi, I want to use activ ebook compiler but :

* I tried to change the buttons of the toolbar but the bottom is not transparent, I however used color 192.192.192, what is to be done?

* how to make when we must distribute more than 1000 ebook protected by password, is it possible to create more than 1000 password?

* How to block all ebook by password and not page by page?


Posted on: 1:00 pm on November 9, 2006
EBookCompiler 1. I assume you read this article:

Is your toolbar more than 16 colors, color-depth? This may be the reason

2. No, but you shouldn't need to, ,no matter how many users you have


3. Edit -> All Files -> Password Protect...

Posted on: 1:15 am on November 11, 2006
ebfa 16 colors only ?! it is not sufficient to have a nice toolbar !

(Edited by ebfa at 10:16 am on Nov. 11, 2006)

Posted on: 10:15 am on November 11, 2006
RiffRaff Ebfa...
If you look back at some of my earlier inane posts, you'll see that I also tried to alter the toolbar.
Let me put it this way - I gave up..........

Posted on: 1:00 pm on November 11, 2006
ebfa OK RiffRaff.
Please : Where to find a nice icones of 16 colors ??

Posted on: 10:44 am on November 12, 2006
Storyman Hi ebfa,

You might try a Google search for: icons "16 bit"

An alternative to icons is graphic navigation using Activ scripting and a little javascript. If you feel that is a little beyond your skills at the moment take solace in that the icons are not a readers main concern. The quality of your content is going to overshadow any 16-bit icons.

To take it a step further. There are publishers who believe that a slick cover will hurt sales on certain types of bound books. For example, a commodies trader writes a book on the secrets of commodies trading will be better off with a simple, bland cover than a glossy, professional looking one.

In short the ebook buyer is more concerned about content.

Posted on: 3:34 pm on November 12, 2006
ebfa Thanks storyman

Posted on: 4:17 pm on November 12, 2006
RiffRaff Storyman...
"The quality of your content is going to overshadow any 16-bit icons....In short the ebook buyer is more concerned about content"
**** ! So that's where I'm going wrong!

Yes, I tend to agree with Storyman....and as regards
16-colour icons, I eventually found some designs I liked and altered them down to 16 colours with Paint Shop Pro, and then to the required size.
I then spaced them out in the required order, placing them in a correctly sized bar.
I then looked at the result, and tried again.
I looked at that result, and tried once more.
I fiddled around with some settings before trying one more time.....
and that's when I gave up..... ‹(•¿-)›

Posted on: 11:27 am on November 13, 2006
Storyman RiffRaff,

Thanks for the laugh.

My experience is the same as yours.

Posted on: 3:22 pm on November 13, 2006
TechieTW A shortcoming for sure. My icons 'represent' my book on my customer's desktop. Shrugging it off as (they bougth the book and not the icon) would be unacceptable to me. In my opinion, they bought the icon too! I too am laughing when I read about solving the 16 color problem by using obsolete software. Yes, I'm disapointed with this limitiation. It would be nice for an update to bring Activ E-book compiler out of the stone age when it comes to icon support.

Posted on: 10:13 pm on November 26, 2006
RiffRaff TechieTW....
If your desktop icon is that important, I suppose you could always compile your book with another program (e.g. Natata - you can use any icon you wish, and even change the icon text colour with ease) and then recompile in Activ using the Natata'd exe rather than the individual pages...
Just a thought.....

Posted on: 10:20 am on November 29, 2006
TechieTW That sure is a good idea. My point is that an icon by definition 'represents' a file. So quality (which is extremely important) does matter. Thanks for the idea. It will work around the 16 color limitation in ACTIV E-BOOK.

Posted on: 7:17 pm on November 29, 2006
rlemire ebfa

Depending on how you construct your eBook, you only need to password protect one page.  Think of your index or first page as the main door to your eBook. If you lock the "door" everything else is safe.

Any "pre-password" material can be thought of as a screen door. This 'FREE" material they can look at and read, but they still need a key to open the main door.

Posted on: 5:15 pm on December 5, 2006


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