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Archived Message:


toonsign When I followed the instructions for the rebrander, I uploaded the E-book to another folder and open the zip fiole. I tried the rebrander using a different name but saw no change.

The new E-book is in the same computer but different folder.


PS: Just made my first really GOOD E-book. It turned out great

Posted on: 12:31 am on November 25, 2001
EBookCompiler Congratulations on finishing your "good" book.

Did you read the other thread:


I'm a bit lost in understanding your explanation of where the problem is.

Could you try the other thread, follow it exactly, on a practise e-book.

Then if this doesn't help you spot the problem, post
(a) what you're aiming to achieve
(b) the steps you are using to try to get towards your goal
(c) what the result is, any problems you encounter, etc.

Posted on: 1:36 am on November 25, 2001
toonsign Hello Sunil,

Didn't mean to get confuded.

What I was trying to say was:
I followed the directions.

I places the zip file into another website and uploaded the zip file to my computer.

I then unzipped both the .exe and rebrander  files.

I ran the .exe file and looks good. I then used the rebrander to place a ficticious name to see the name change. I could not see any change nor find the fake name I tried to 'rebrand' into the file.

Pretty sure I folowed the instructions but I don't imagine so. Just can't find what I missed.

Thank you,


Posted on: 2:39 am on November 25, 2001
EBookCompiler Okay

Things to check (you might want to print this list, and maybe compare it to the other thread)

Did you setup a variable for your rebrandable text?

Did you put the variable's code in the HTML file?

Did you enable the preprocessor for that HTML file?

Posted on: 3:56 am on November 26, 2001
toonsign Hello Sunil,

Sorry to be a pain.

The variable: I entered my name as the variable.

I do not understand - Did you put the variable's code in the HTML file. Do I assume that whatever name I used as a variable, in this case my name, I would go into the actual HTML coding and enter my name in the Title or Author?

Would the same also apply is I use my URL? Go into the HTML code for the index page and enter/be sure the same url is entered?

I did enable the preprocessor for the file.

Again, my apologies but I feel that once I do it right, I can really move this along.

I have an idea I wish to discuss with you. I have created and am currently offering, my own E-book titled "Sublimatio n Basic". This is a free 10 page E-book that shows new people thinking or thinking about entering the T-shirt printing trade.

As I do have the fully registered version, is it permissable for me to allow other companies to place advertising in there, pay me for it and I then allow them to give away the E-books for free?

Thank You for helping...you really don't know how much this means to me. Kind of nice when someone takes the time to help others.


Posted on: 11:32 pm on November 26, 2001
EBookCompiler First off - yes absolutely, you can sell advertising in your ebook, and yes absolutely you can allow others to pass on your ebook.

Okay on the rebranding, I think we're homing in on the problem area.

There's two bits to understand

1. The name of variable

2. The value of the variable.

The name of variable is a string of letters and numbers that identifies that variable.  You can pick any name you like.  The user will never see the name. It's purpose is purely to identify the variable.

The value of variable - this is initially set using the field in the compiler, but can be changed latter when the rebranding happens.

For example,

You could make a variable called "myname"  (without the quotes).

Initially it could hold a value of "Fred"

When somebody rebrands it, it contains the value of "Sunil" (for example)

Now if this was the example, the HTML code would need to include the following (make sure you copy the brackets correctly)


Where this occurs in your HTML file, it will be replaced, when the e-book runs, by whatever value the myname variable holds.  So in this example, the e-book would say "Fred" here initially, and if I rebranded it, would say "Sunil" in that spot.

Does this make sense?

So the process for this example:

1. Inside any one of your HTML files insert the code [={myname}] where the name is going to occur

2. Do Add Variable, add a variable whose name is myname, with a description example, "Please enter your name" here, check the rebrandable option, and set the initial value, say to Fred.

3. Enable the PreProcessor on that HTML file

4. Click Edit Output, and check the Rebrander option, and browse a filename for the rebrander which is in the same folder as the main ebook, but a different file name, e.g. If your main e-book is called C:\MYBOOK\MYBOOK.EXE  you might call your rebrander C:\MYBOOK\MYREBRAND.EXE

5. CLick Build on the Build menu.

6. It should now build both your e-book and rebrander.

7. Run the e-book.  Whereever you inserted [={myname}]  in your HTML code, it should now say "Fred"

8. Close the e-book, and run the Rebrander, cange the value of the variable to "Sunil"

9. View the e-book.  Now where-ever it said [={myname}] in the original HTML, it should say "Sunil"

Try that.  Hopefully you should get it.

Next thing is the links.  To make a link rebrandable, you need a variable which contains the URL of the destination

For example, you could create a variable with a name of myurl,  and set it to have an initial value ofhttp://www.yahoo.com

In the HTML code, you need to use the variable in an HTML link.

In HTML code, a link looks normally like this:

<A HREF="http://www.yahoo.com/">Click here to visit a web site</A>

So to make it a link to a rebrandable destination, you'd do it like this

<A HREF="[={myurl}]">Click here to visit a web site</A>

Now in this case, if myurl started out containing a value ofhttp://www.yahoo.com/  this would be a link to Yahoo!

If myurl was rebranded, say tohttp://www.ebookfriends.com/  - then the link would lead to the front page of this forum

Posted on: 12:52 am on November 27, 2001
toonsign You are right.

Looks like you solved it for me. I was thinking that the variable "myname" HAD to be the name of the author.

After reading your post, now it makes clear sense.

Thank you for taking the time to help.


PS: I am pushing hard to sell the E-Book Compiler (clicklink affiliate)..Your compiler is really easy to create, just had a problem figuring the rebrander.

Again thank you.


Posted on: 1:39 am on November 27, 2001


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