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Archived Message:

IE7 anyone?

jaxz Dear All,
now IE7 has been unleashed upon us.

Did anybody yet try it to see how it works with AEC?


Posted on: 12:53 pm on October 27, 2006
RiffRaff Hope this isn't the start of many, Jakz!
Just had a buyer come back to me this evening : he's bought a new PC, installed IE7, and he's getting the following - 'Navigation to the webpage was canceled. What you can try: Retype the address'.
Rather intriguing, as it was a standalone presentation - simply a collection of HTML pages, with no link to any 'external' website, no flash graphics or anything fancy - simply a number of webpages with text and a few jpg's.
I re-sent a copy of the ebook file to him (just in case he'd perhaps corrupted some aspect of the original, copying from old to new PC) but same result....
He's not happy (but polite/realistic) but is this a new problem on the horizon for we Activ users?

Posted on: 6:35 pm on November 4, 2006
RiffRaff Further to the above, I now have screenshots of "error messages" that XP/IE7 has given my buyer when he tries to run his file...
The ebook navigation bar is shown (but doesn't work), and underneath it indeed states "navigation to the Webpage was canceled" (sic).
Any ideas anybody?
(Small consolation, but my buyer also has another ebook courtesy of eBook Creator, and that won't run either!)
Might pay us all to help out/pool ideas here, because in time our readers will no doubt be installing IE7 (the culprit? I'm not so sure, but my reader is convinced) and we might find a number of complaints rolling round!
Regards to all....

Posted on: 9:14 pm on November 4, 2006
Storyman RiffRaff,

Another consolation is that if you are a viral marketer you don't have to worry about IE7 buyers because they won't be able to open the ebook to purchase it.

You'll recall when XPs update came out all, but AEC, broke. I'm sure that Sunil will find a fix (have you emailed him a link to this thread?) as ASAP.

At the risk of sounding like chicken little I'm wondering what will happen when Vista is released.

Posted on: 11:01 pm on November 4, 2006
RiffRaff Yes, Vista...God help us all!
Wonder when MS will plug the plug on X support?!
Got dragged around Sainsbury's this afternoon, and rather than study something interesting on the soap powder section (which my wife was - don't ask) I wandered across to the magazine counter....
Do y'know that there's a 'preview mag' of Vista out - no trial software as far as I know, just info - at 4.99 a copy!
Check to see if your PC'll cope, but give us a fiver to see if you'll have to buy a new machine! Licence to print ....
To go back to the original subject, won't Sunil pick up on these threads anyway?

Posted on: 11:09 pm on November 4, 2006
Storyman MS supports two versions back. I believe they have dropped both Win 95 & 98 support. The next to go is ME.

I'm not so sure that people are going to rush out and upgrade as in previous version because the OS is 'good enough' for most businesses and individuals. A faster machine isn't going to make you fast any faster. It might crunch numbers faster, but is the cost of upgrading an office worth it?

Posted on: 2:00 am on November 5, 2006
EBookCompiler I have IE7

I have been able to confirm the following ebooks all work fine:

1. Activ E-Book Compiler 4.22's Help (which was compiled with Registered version of 4.22)

2. CoverFactory 2.11's Help

3. Demo book fromwww.ebookpower.com

4. Free ebook fromwww.traffic4me.com/ebook.php

5. A dummy ebook that I made using the unregistered version of 4.22

6. A dummy ebook that I made using the registered version of 4.22

Among the features that I test:

1. Internal hyperlinks
2. Next/Prev
3. Back/Forward
4. Search
5. Links made using ##NEXT() and ##PREV()
6. Book mark script
7. Full screen video usingwww.ebookpower.com
8. Pop up video usingwww.ebookpower.com

I didn't encounter any problems whatsoever

I also haven't received any email complaints any IE7 (which I would think that I would get if it was a common problem).

My best guess at this point is:

(a) there is something unusual about your customer's PC

(b) there is something unusual about your ebook

(c) you have an error in your ebook.

Do not discount option (c) as a possibility.

Imagine this scenario:

Suppose there is a hyperlink in your ebook which is mistyped, say, it says indxe.htm instead of index.htm in the URL, or something like that.

If a person clicks that link, they WOULD see the type of error screen that you describe in your customer's error report.

If a person clicks that link, and they were looking for possible problems in IE7, they might (wrongly) attribute the error message to being caused by IE7.

Even a programmer type person could make that mistake!

How do I know?  Because I made exactly that mistake when doing test 5+6 (the first 5+6) with the dummy ebook.

So, at this point, I don't think there is an IE7 bug.

If you want to take this further:

(i) Ask your customer to explain in detail what happened and what they did.  

My experience is customers often say "I got this error" without telling you crucial detail of what they did before they got the error.   It may well be that it is option (c), but you don't know enough detail to confirm it.

(ii) Ask your customer to download the free ebook fromhttp://www.traffic4me.com/ebook.phpand see if they get the same problem

(iii) Check all the hyperlinks in your ebook

(iv) If you email me with the URL of your ebook, and mention this thread in your email,  I will see if your ebook works on my IE7 install.

I activated all the IE7 security options and Norton AV on my PC, to make my tests  as demanding as possible.  As I say, it passed all the tests.

Posted on: 1:32 am on November 8, 2006
EBookCompiler I have now test a whole bunch  of additional ebooks on IE7, again all with no problems, so far.

The other thing that occurs to me, is it is possible that there is also some other problem on your customer's PC.  If there was, this could stop ebooks working, and he would attribute it to IE7.

One possibility for this type of problem is infection with Spyware/Adware.

All my testing has been on a new, clean, Windows XP SP2 machine, which came with IE6, and on to which I installed IE7 downloaded from microsoft.com

Posted on: 1:52 pm on November 8, 2006
RiffRaff Thanks, Sunil...
I've passed the URL for 117.exe on to my customer and told him to run it - but haven't yet told him why, just to report back to me.
His situation is similar to your test bed - brand new kit, IE7 newly installed.
Can't see he's got a problem with the ebook file : I sold him a copy earlier this year, which he ran on his old PC. Upgraded his kit, but then realised he'd not kept a copy of the book - Yes, you're ahead of me - and could he have another (without paying again, naturally!).
Gave him the download site, and he grabbed "another" copy.....and the problems he's had are as listed above.
(I've since downloaded it as well by the way - runs fine on mine, but then I'm not running IE7)
I'll let you know what happens!

Posted on: 3:29 pm on November 8, 2006
Storyman RiffRaff,

You've probably already thoght sending Sunil a link to your ebook. Let us know what he finds.

Posted on: 4:09 pm on November 8, 2006
RiffRaff Hadn't.
Have now!
(Better remove the password requirement - doubt he 'll want to buy it!)

Posted on: 4:20 pm on November 8, 2006
EBookCompiler I checked my email.  I don't see any emails from you.

Posted on: 6:57 pm on November 8, 2006
RiffRaff Sorry!
In answer to Storyman's mail, I meant "No, I hadn't thought about it" and then "Yes, I've thought about it now"!
Will see to it later this evening, don't worry!

Posted on: 7:03 pm on November 8, 2006
RiffRaff Can I have an email address for Sunil please?
Haven't got an non-passworded version for download, so think better to email it as an attachment....

Posted on: 7:15 pm on November 8, 2006
Storyman From on of Sunil's post click on profile and you'll see the email address.

Posted on: 7:22 pm on November 8, 2006
EBookCompiler I got your emails

Yes your 1.3 ebook works on my system (actually so does 1.2 made with a different compiler altogether)

And I understand that your customer says the book fromhttp://www.traffic4me.com/ebook.phpworks too

So I think there is no problem with IE7

Posted on: 10:13 pm on November 8, 2006
RiffRaff Confirmed Sunil....
Works on mine (IE6.x), works on yours (IE7).
Looks like my customer's got other problems....
Thanks for your assistance.
Regards to all.

Posted on: 10:28 pm on November 8, 2006

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