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Archived Message:

eBook sales/distribution with 1/1000 password...

RiffRaff Just searched the forum's archive, but can't find the posting I'm seeking - I'm certain it's there, but perhaps a tail-ender to a different topic under a different title, so apologies for covering old ground!
In a nutshell, I want to sell my books from eBay only (I'm not really interested in selling from my website) and accept PayPal only.
My books are protected by the 1/1000 passwords.
So, ideal situation would be that I get notified that you've paid, and a "3rd party" not only sends you the book, but the correct password too....
I admit to being confused by all the mentions of Clickbank and similar : I just need advice as to the easiest way please!
All advice (preferably Noddy-style!) gratefully accepted!
Regards to all, and thanks in advance....

Posted on: 10:08 pm on October 16, 2006
RiffRaff Ah! It's OK...I've searched again and found it - Microcreations!

Posted on: 9:39 pm on October 17, 2006
Storyman You might want to also check out HYPrLock: http://www.hyprlock.com

Posted on: 10:11 pm on October 17, 2006
Storyman RiffRaff,

Just visited HYPrLock's site and noticed that he has a new product available -- HYPrLock Buy It Now. It gives you the ability to sell on eBay and when they download they can have the ebook unlocked without you doing a thing.

Posted on: 10:38 pm on October 17, 2006
RiffRaff Yup, just seen that too, Storyman....sounds just what I'm after. Just bought Microcreations APS, but never mind - might use that for something else.
Thanks again...

Posted on: 11:07 pm on October 17, 2006
rlemire RiffRaff;

As you started this topic about selling on eBay and Storyman was kind enough to mention my new product HYPrLock BuyNow. I'd like to point out that, if you do a search on eBay for "digital download" you'll get a very short list of all the products being sold using digital delivery.

You may be surprised to find that almost every product sold this way is listed for less than $3.00  The reason is that no one has found a way to password protect a digital download -- that is until HYPrLock BuyNow.

To qualify for digital delivery, eBay requires sellers supply a download link either directly or by email. Authors, using passwords, could never meet that qualification because of the number of steps required to set a password. With HYPrLock BuyNow, anyone with a digital product can meet eBay's digital delivery requirements.

With very cheap products you don't have to worry about password protection. But if you want to sell security sensitive material (as a digital download from eBay) HYPrLock BuyNow might fill the order.


Posted on: 5:26 am on October 18, 2006
RiffRaff Thanks Ron...
Agreed - the "new" Hyprlock seems to fit the bill....aim to splash out later this morning (DON'T tell the wife!).
That's an interesting point you raised - the majority of digital downloads being <$3 (<£1.50?), and also linked to the fact that most offer "full reseller" rights.
I don't know how "they" get away with this : yes, they cover themselves by saying that the info is freely available in the public domain, but I've often seen exactly the same product re-packaged time-and-time again, pretending to be a different item - in fact, I've even bought some!
I've challenged the sellers on a couple of occasions, not particularly over the expenditure involved, but over the fact that all they'd done was alter the title! Needless to say, I never got replies....
Will let all know how I get on with the Hyprlock system....

Posted on: 9:43 am on October 18, 2006
Storyman RiffRaff,

A feature that I really like with Ron's HYPrLock is that if the buyer shares the file with a friend the friend copy will be locked and display a "Buy It Now" page.

Posted on: 5:54 pm on October 18, 2006
RiffRaff Yes, Storyman, that's certainly a big plus...
I've dropped Hyprlock a line this afternoon though, 'cos I'm confused (not for the 1st time!) with one aspect...
At one point it's stressed that you should use a secure host to lodge your files so that nobody can download them "illegally", but elsewhere suggests that you should encourage your buyers to pass your eBook file around so you generate more interest/sales....
I don't understand why  a secure host is required - I thought that the lack of correct/any password would sort that, and if Hyprlock wasn't "advised" of payment by (say) PayPal, a password wouldn't be released!
Methinks I'm missing the (perhaps obvious) point, but I've yet to receive a reply, so........

Posted on: 7:03 pm on October 18, 2006
rlemire RiffRaff;

HYPrLock BuyNow consists of two systems. The first system targets the "Primary" customer. The guy who buys your product initially.  As this program was designed to activate a password the first time the customer opened the program, I was concerned that if your download site was not secure -- hackers could download your program and use it without paying for it.

I was unable to find a third party solution that solved the issue, so I finally had to develop my own web site security. By the time I was finished, not only was your HYPrLock website secure, it didn't even matter if it wasn't. I used "link back" technology so that a HYPrLock protected program would only download and open one time. Therefore if your customer passed his download link to someone else who downloaded a second copy. -- the second copy would never open.

The "secondary" system is for people who try to share your program. After the primary system is opened it switches to "secondary" mode. Now if the program is opened by a second party, an Order page will open and ask him to buy his own password.

Two bases are covered -- the primary link, and secondary sharing.

It should be noted that if you distribute your program as a zip file, the secondary system will probably never kick in. Why? because each time you open the "zip" file you get a new "primary" program. Only the original download can "spawn" secondary sharing.


Posted on: 10:27 pm on October 18, 2006

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