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Archived Message:

Custom Toolbar

RiffRaff Had a crack at customising a toolbar this afternoon...
Found suitable icons, scaled 'em down to 22x22 and 16 colours, lined 'em up with the originals and saved as instructed, (taking care to rename the original first!)
Compiled a test job and had a quick look at the result.....disappointed!
Icons fine (as far as they can be with 16 colours!) but I had them 'mounted' on a black background....and it wasn't on the finished article!
Any ideas why and how to solve, please?
Many thanks...

Posted on: 8:44 pm on September 6, 2006

I had them 'mounted' on a black background....and it wasn't on the finished article!

Please clarify.

Posted on: 2:20 am on September 7, 2006
RiffRaff Yes, sorry, Storyman! I've just re-read my post - it wasn't very clear, was it?!
I'll have another go!
Most pages on my eBook are black : thought it would be nice to have the button toolbar (running along the top) in black too, with new "button" icons....
Started with a 384x22 pixel bar (black) and then pasted my new icons in the correct position, "lining them up" with the existing toolbar for purposes of spacing, etc.
Each new icon is coloured and circular, but are actually on a black (22x22, 16 colour) square.
Because the black surrounding each button "disappears" into the black background, the end result is a row of coloured circular icons on a black rectangle of the correct size.....
I replaced the default toolbar on a test-run compilation, (and the buttons worked!) but the rectangle background was the usual grey again, with each icon showing up as a circle on a 22x22 black square.....
So why/how has my black "background" disappeared?!
I appreciate that this isn't a supported action, but I'm intrigued all the same!
Thanks for your attention, and regards to all.....

Posted on: 11:01 pm on September 7, 2006
Storyman Hi RiffRaff,

Have you seen this?

Does it help?

Posted on: 6:54 am on September 8, 2006
RiffRaff Ta again, Storyman...
Yup, had seen it - that's where I got the sizes from.
Everything seems to go OK when 'designing' - it's just the finished article that ignores the fact that it's meant to be a black background....It just reverts to the default grey....  

Posted on: 10:17 pm on September 8, 2006
Storyman Not absolutely positive about this, but suspect it has to do with IE and how it sets it the color scheme for the menu and scroll bar. I recall seeing info on changing their attributes in some CSS documentation. Haven't tried it myself so can't verify that it will work in IE--sometimes how (or if) they work depends on the browser and its version.

Posted on: 11:31 pm on September 8, 2006
RiffRaff No, I'm not sure about that either, Storyman....
As a matter of interest, I've just tried the exercise again, but this time settled on the default 128/128/128 grey background rather than black.
I then altered the backgrounds of each of the coloured buttons to the same grey, before cutting/pasting on to the grey bar.
Compiled a test book, and ran it....
That didn't work either!
The background was fine (if grey!) but now all the buttons were too, albeit a darker grey!
Will keep trying........stay tuned!

Posted on: 9:31 pm on September 9, 2006
Storyman RiffRaff,

Found info on changing scrollbar attributes, but nothing on the tool/menu bar. Also, looked to see if it was possible with DOM--alas, there was none.

Why not just turn off the menu bar and make your own? With javascript you could make it float in a fixed position. Not exactly what you were asking, but it is a work around.

BTW this is slightly OT, but thought it might be of interest. This site demonstrates changing the scrollbar colors.


(Edited by Storyman at 11:35 am on Sep. 10, 2006)

Posted on: 6:26 pm on September 10, 2006
RiffRaff Cheers again, Storyman....
Useful info re scrollbars, thank you : up to now I've used (when needed) J-Perk, which is another little program that features all sorts of tweaks and FX....clever stuff, and worth a look if you're that way inclined.(?!)
Take your point about own toolbar....at least you wouldn't be restricted to 16 colours, etc.
Just a thought - is there only me and thee currently reading this forum thread?!
Would've thought that there'd been dozens of other folk who thought that the default Activ toolbar was ...er....a bit....er....ugly (sorry!) and had altered it to one of their own.....or do they just not respond?!

Posted on: 8:30 pm on September 10, 2006
Storyman Hi RiffRaff,

Some time ago I played around with customizing the toolbar, but came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth it. Mainly because of the limited graphic quality. If higher rez was a real option then things would be different. In several years when there aren't customers with low-rez requirements I'll be more than happy to see a more attractive toolbar.

The bottom line is what works best for the customer. IMHO Activ's toolbar works for them. In those cases where the 'old-style' isn't suitable I turn off the toolbar and build the features into the navigation.  

Posted on: 9:04 pm on September 10, 2006
RiffRaff Hmmm...think I'm getting to the same point of view!
Might use something like Xara MenuMaker, that generates a javascript and looks "more professional" than anything I could dain to design!
What makes the toolbar question more irritating is that I've just been playing around with a certain Japanese compiler (a fair competitor to Activ) and you can change icons and toolbar colours literally at the touch of a button!
Off at a tangent here, but I was thinking of downing v.5 to have a play with - happen to know if it writes to a different folder than 4.22, or does it overwrite?

Posted on: 9:38 pm on September 10, 2006
Storyman I have both operating. There doesn't seem to be an issue.

Posted on: 12:13 am on September 11, 2006
Storyman The problem I've seen with other compilers is the lack of support for an automatic payment system, the thousand possible passwords, and integration with ClickBank.

Posted on: 12:18 am on September 11, 2006
RiffRaff Ah....well this "certain Japanese competitor" also claims to have the 1000 password facility, which is going to be useful for me when I have time to figure out how best to store and distribute! I can see me having problems getting mixed up with paying customers! No doubt there are some guiding threads on how best to organise - Excel? Must have a look later.....
The Clickbank aspect too.....Have had a quick look, but I admit it washed over me....will have to find a quiet moment to study properly.
Ta for your advice re v.5 - will give it a go.....more time I'll have to find!

Posted on: 12:41 am on September 11, 2006
Storyman Maybe someone who knows DOM javascript can let us know how to manipulate the appearance of the browser.

Posted on: 3:48 am on September 11, 2006
RiffRaff Apparently not!
(p.s. Have given up on the toolbar! Life's too short!)

Posted on: 10:39 am on September 12, 2006
Storyman That's the conclusion I came to. I was really hoping that you'd lead the way for the rest of us.

Posted on: 5:42 pm on September 12, 2006

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