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Archived Message:

Can't Run eBook

johntw I have completed the ebook and everything the software indicated.  I hit the run and nothing happens.
I have gone through the whole process more than once.  It even asks to run ebook and nothing. Any idea why?  What did I do wrong?

Posted on: 3:39 pm on August 16, 2006
Storyman Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the source folder that contains all of the files for your ebook.

Right click on the index file (either index.htm or index.html). Select 'Open With.' Then select Internet Explorer. Does the page open?

Posted on: 8:25 pm on August 16, 2006
johntw No.  The file is empty.  Why?

Posted on: 8:59 pm on August 16, 2006
Storyman ALL of the files for your ebook MUST be in the Source folder. (BTW when creating a project for Activ it's often easiest to have Activ create the needed folders: include, output, source.)

Be sure all files needed for the ebook are copied into the source folder. There must be either an index.html or index.htm file.

If you use Windows Explorer to navigate to the Source folder, right click on the index file and select 'Open With,' 'Internet Explorer,' and nothing appears--then there is something wrong with your index file.

(Edited by Storyman at 3:14 pm on Aug. 16, 2006)

Posted on: 11:12 pm on August 16, 2006
johntw I put all the files into a folder named "index.html" Then the file "index.html" has to be opened since it can't be right clicked on (because it is a folder).  Then I see the eBook but it i a 'word' document.  I right click on it and open in IE and it opens the book with all the pictures.  Is that the right way and should I change the 'word' document to an index.html one?  Sorry for all the confusion and babble.

Posted on: 12:45 pm on August 17, 2006
jmiguy John,

Why don't you try using the Activ Quick Project program? It might make things go a bit easier for you.

It will automatically create a source folder (which is where you copy and paste all your ebook files into)

It will also create an "Output" folder which is where your finished ebook will appear after you build it.

The first page of your ebook should be an html file named "index.html." You don't need a folder with the same name.

It sounds to me like you should probably read up on webpage design an html coding before trying to assemble an ebook. You can find a ton of free html tutorials online that should help.


Posted on: 7:57 pm on August 17, 2006
johntw Thanks, will do that and try the quick project.

Posted on: 9:11 pm on August 17, 2006
johntw OK. I used the quick project.  I checked all the files and have an index.htm (which I can open from the source file).  I proceed to the 'build' button...'build successful".  Now the 'run' button.  The activ small screen appears and the meter ticks away.  Then nothing...not even a error message.  What did I miss?  I followed all the directions.

Posted on: 6:48 pm on August 21, 2006
Storyman Hi John,

Let's roll-back to basics and create an ebook with only an index page. Create an index for this test or use one you have already created.

1) Create a folder to hold your ebook project. Let's call it "Sample Ebook."

2) Use Quick Project to create you project file and the three required folders: include, output, and source.

3) Open Window's Explorer and verify that the Sample Book folder contains a file with the name of your ebook and the three folders: include, output, and source. Also, verify that the name of your project file does not contain any spaces. If it does rename it and use hyphens to replace any spaces. (To rename a file right click on it while in Window's Explorer and select Rename.)

4) For this test, copy only the index.html (or index.htm) file to the source folder.

5) Open the Source folder and right click on the index file that you just copied to it. Select 'Open With' and then select Internet Explorer. The file should open in an Internet Explorer window. If it doesn't there is something wrong with you index file. Otherwise close Window's Explorer.

6) Open the Activ ebook compiler.

7) Open the project file you created for this test. When the browse window opens you may to change the "Files of type:" from "Activ E-Book Projects (*.aep)" to "All Files (*.*)." Otherwise the folder "Sample Ebook" may not appear if it is a sub-folder.

8) Select the tab folder to verify that the index file is listed. If it isn't post back here.

9) Verify that the index file has a YES in the Contents column and nothing in the Exclude column. All other columns should be empty except for, of course, the File Name column.

10) Click on either the icon of the Airplane--to run your ebook. If all has gone well your ebook should open. Let us know.

Posted on: 7:41 pm on August 21, 2006
johntw OK I re-did 1-7 =everything OK.  8=file not there.  It is in the folder by itself.

Posted on: 8:57 pm on August 21, 2006
Storyman Hi John,

1) Verify that folder "Sample Book -> Source" contains the index file (index.html or index.html).

2) Open the Activ ebook compiler.

3) Open the Activ project file (name-of-test-file.aep) that is contained in "Sample Book" folder.  (File->Open...navigate to the Sample Folder and click the file that ends in aep.)

4) Click on the "Files" tab. If everything is working correctly you'll see: File Name = index.html, Title=Meta Tag Title (ie Untitled), Searchable=YES, Contents=Yes.

Let me know if this works.

Posted on: 11:29 pm on August 21, 2006
johntw it is still the same problem.  The source file has the index.htm file, but when I open the source file in the compiler it's not there.  In other words I got to Compiler - file- open - sample ebook - open source - no files???  Where did the index file go?  It is in the source file until I open the compiler.

Posted on: 12:12 am on August 22, 2006
EBookCompiler Please email me at webmaster@ans2000.com with your name, receipt number, and date you registered, as well as a copy of your ANS2000.INI (attach it) which can be found in your Windows folder.

Posted on: 3:39 am on August 22, 2006
Alaska Gee, it got quiet fast....

Posted on: 4:50 pm on August 24, 2006
Storyman Yeah. All you can hear are crickets.

Posted on: 5:56 pm on August 24, 2006
johntw Chirp, chirp. Sorry I was working on a deadline project.  I got it working! Not sure what I did, but it's OK.  Thanks for all your help.  Chirp,chirp

Posted on: 7:03 pm on August 24, 2006
Storyman Hi John,

Congrats on getting it done...and getting everything to work.

Posted on: 8:40 pm on August 24, 2006


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