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Archived Message:

Table of Contents

olgarose10 I find that when I do not use the click box to include something in the Table of Contents the file does not show up at all in the compiled file.  Please advise.  I want a file I choose to not include in the table of contents to still appear in the output file.

Posted on: 3:34 pm on August 9, 2006
Storyman Hi OlgaRose,

Just to be sure we're on the same page. All of the files for the Activ e-Book are in the Source folder. After opening the Project File and clicking the File tab all of the files in the Source folder are listed.

Above the listed files are headings; File Name, Security, Expiry, etc.

Under the heading 'Contents' those files that are to be included in the Table of Contents should have 'Yes' in that column. If you want the file to be searchable, then it too should have a 'Yes'.

Does this help?

Posted on: 6:08 pm on August 9, 2006
olgarose10 That does not help.  Yes, all of the files are listed.  Yes, the files I have so checked to appear in the TOC have a "yes" in the 'Contents' heading.  But, if a "yes" is not there, those files are also *not* present in my .exe.  Try having a file that is not in the TOC show up in the source folder *and* show up in the .exe.  It doesn't work for me.  But, I have noticed the file does show up as long as it is to be listed in the TOC.

Posted on: 6:30 pm on August 9, 2006
Storyman First, which version of Activ are you using?

Second, when you remove 'Yes' from Contents column what is it you expect to happen, but isn't? I removed 'Yes' from both the searchable and Contents columns in a project that has its own navigation page. Those pages still appeared when the links were clicked. So, I'm at a lost to explain what happening.

Are you getting "404 error - Page not found?"

Posted on: 2:35 am on August 10, 2006
olgarose10 It is not immediately clear to me which version of Active I have, but I downloaded and paid for it last month.

Although, "yes" in Contents should in no way be related to the file appearing, I have found they are.  I expect a file to not show up in the TOC but still to be in the book when I scroll through, using "next" to advance to the next page.  Although the files are still there in the list of files, I do not see these files (pages) when I scroll through the book when these pages are not part of the TOC.  Interestingly, the pages do come up when searched for.  I do not get a "404" error; the pages are simply not there when I go through the book.  I'll be happy to send you the file.  I really need to get to the bottom of this today.

Posted on: 3:24 pm on August 10, 2006
Storyman If you add your email to your profile I'll email you, then you can change it back to private.

I'll be checking every half-hour.

Posted on: 8:17 pm on August 10, 2006
olgarose10 Email me please.

Posted on: 8:25 pm on August 10, 2006
Storyman What solutions are others using for OlgaRose10's problem?

1) She would like only the first page of a chapter to be listed in the table of contents.

2) What she wants to avoid is having all the pages in a chapter to be displayed in the TOC.

3) What she would like to happen is when a user opens the TOC they only see the first page of each chapter. When they select a chapter and then click Next Page she would like to see the next page in the chapter.

4) Currently, if only the first page of each chapter is selected to display in the TOC, when a user selects a chapter and clicks Next Page the user is taken to the next chapter.

Posted on: 10:02 pm on August 10, 2006
Alaska olgarose10, Storyman -

 According to Sunil's help file, that's pretty much the way its supposed to work... "The Next and Previous options navigate...in the same order as the Table of Contents."

So, you'll need to supplement it with any number of navigation aids, or all of them...

- your own TOC discretely tucked on each page,
- a breadcrumb trail (those links across the top like "homepage>>category>>this_page" ),
- a browse sequence, which might be more along the lines you seek - and as posted in a previous thread:


You can also use frames to keep a single TOC page in the left pane, but, because Activ can't see past the frames to keep track of the pages, you have to be prepared to abandon Activ's navigation functions entirely.

Posted on: 8:03 am on August 11, 2006
EBookCompiler First all the files are include in the EXE.

The problem you have, is I think that you can't (easily) get to the supposedly missing files when navigating the EXE, because the supposedly missing pages are not listed in the TOC.

You will find, if you use Search, or have hyperlinks between the page, the supposedly pages ARE in the ebook

Here's how you solve what I think is your problem.

1. Include all pages in the TOC in the compiler settings (Files tab).  This way Next/Prev button will go thru them all

2. Hand-design your own TOC page in HTML

This could be a page which only link to the first page of each chapter

Place this HTML file in your source folder

In the compiler, use Edit System Pages, on Contents tab, go to TOC tab, and use "My Own Page", and select this custom page

Posted on: 11:01 am on August 11, 2006
olgarose10 Sunil, since you are the developer, I'd like to know why you designed the software this way and if you would consider changing it.

Of course the pages all show up when I search, but it is unfathomable to me why each page would have to be listed in the TOC in order to scroll through all the pages like a book.

The work-arounds for this design "feature" are an annoyance.  One of the things that drew me to Active was the automatically generated "Table Of Contents," which should be "Table of Contents," BTW, my boss noticed that mis-capitalization when I showed him a draft of the book I am creating.

Posted on: 3:16 pm on August 11, 2006
Storyman Annoyance?

OlgaRose, I for one would not like to see Sunil change this design feature. No one else seems to have a problem creating their own 'custom' navigation page.

When we spoke you mentioned that you use MS Word for creating the pages for your ebook. Either you are going to have to bite the bullet and hand code a navigation page or use a development program like Front Page, GoLive, Dreamweaver, or hire an outside vendor to do it for you.

As to why all of the pages show up in the TOC. Maybe you should be asking why it is 'unfathomable' that with all of the users of this program this has never been brought up before and why you seem to be the only one who has an issue with it. Hmmm? Go figure.

(Edited by Storyman at 11:24 am on Aug. 11, 2006)

Posted on: 3:53 pm on August 11, 2006
jmiguy I'm not exactly clear on what you're having problems with.

I'm quite certain the built in table of contents on the top menu bar only lists the first 20 pages of your book.

They're still in the exe, just not listed in the TOC. If this is the problem you're having, I would suggest you disable the built in TOC and include your own TOC page at the beginning of your book.


Posted on: 4:22 am on August 13, 2006
EBookCompiler The automatically generated TOC, can only be automatically generated if you have standard requirements.

The computer can't know what is in your head, if you want something unusual, unless you tell it what unusual thing you want.

If you want an unusual TOC page, you'd have to tell it how you want the unusual TOC page to look and what the unusual TOC page should contain.

If you have to do that, then you are effectively designing your own page anyway...

Posted on: 3:37 am on August 22, 2006

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