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Archived Message:

PPT link in E-book Starter

Murray Comber
Posting a question I asked Harvey Segal directly. He suggested I join this forum which now that I am in, I see his wisdom in pointing me here.

Welcome everyone!!!

I'n not only trying to write an e-book but in reality, design a workshop within the book using audio and video media...but I need one that also compiles a ppt file with embedded narrative

I've got the demo's for...
1. E-book Starter
2. E-book Cover
3. E-book Compiler

and the one I'm asking about it

4. E-book Multimedia - This is what it says it does...but Powerpoint and PPT with narration isn't  mentioned. If you don't know I will have to e-mail them directly unless you know of a program that  does all of these things... plus...my powerpoint issue...

Multimedia Features

The Advanced Multimedia Extension for Activ E-Book compiler is an optional Add-On product that allows you to easily incorporate multimedia elements into your own E-Books.

The file formats supported are the standard Windows file formats, that you can create using your  favorite sound, MIDI, or video, editing or recording program.

Advanced Multimedia supports all of the following:
Wave Audio sampled sound files.
MIDI music files.
Video Files
CD Audio.
Control over Microsoft MCI-compatible multimedia devices.

Would you know my other question in terms of Printing. Can certain pages be printed and not  others.


Posted on: 9:19 pm on July 17, 2006
Storyman Hi Murray,

Rather than PPT have you considered PDF? Acrobat allows you to exercise quite a bit of control over multimedia. The bonus of using PDF is that you can lock them completely and insert them into an Activ ebook using HYPrLock (http://www.hyprlock.com/) which also has an automatic payment system.

I have no knowledge of PPT's security or even if it has any. That is certainly something to check into to. Let the rest of us know what you find out.

Using PDF layers you can also control what pages print and what on those pages will print. You can even add additional material that will only be printed, but never seen on screen.

(Edited by Storyman at 6:06 pm on July 17, 2006)

Posted on: 2:02 am on July 18, 2006
Murray Comber I "am" somehwat unfamiliar with specific technologies as they relate to e-books. I was going to write the book in regular print  but after I read a book of Havery Segals with all the hyper links which opened up other applications I saw the wider potential with the e-book format. I use ppt regularly in my workshops and am often asked if i have something for sale...but, obviously I don't. IF I were to use the "Hyperlock" you suggested would they still be able to open up a ppt type presentation and be able to hear the narration in the backgound. I have always assumed that pdf's were for written documents, and not any other application.

As I illuded to in my first post, I'm trying to see if I can make this beyond an e-book into an extended venue of being a "workshop". I'm sure I could put al hyperlink in an e-book that when clicked would open either Word for a Word doc or Powerpoint for at ppt presentation. I just wasn't sure how the e-book complier would handle that.

Regardless, I'll look at the program you suggested.


Posted on: 3:07 am on July 19, 2006
Storyman Hi Murray,

HYPrLock will not effect the way your ebook works. Besides being an Automatic Payment System it also locks PDF files so that the PDF file cannot be cracked by one of the many programs found on the Internet designed to do so. [More accurately HYPrLock allows you to take a owner/user password protected file and use it with Activ e-book without having to worry about the customer obtaining the passwords.]

Down the road you're going to have security issues around PPT. First, I'm not even sure that PPT offers any security and if it does if there are any cracking programs for it like there are for user password protect PDFs. For the moment lets assume it has bang up security with password protection. There is an inherent problem with all ebook compilers. They work fine with HTML files, but when you use PPT or PDF files it gets a little tricky.

When an ebook opens it must place the PPT or PDF file somewhere. For now lets say it is a temporary file. Just about any high school nerd intinctively knows the PPT or PDF file is in a temporary folder and knows how to locate it. Once they do locate it they have full access to it, which means if it isn't password protected (to a level that prevents the easily available cracker programs from unlocking) you might as well kiss your hard work good bye.

Now comes the rub. Taking a PDF as an example the question is how do you secure it so it cannot be easily cracked. The answer is to use both owner and user passwords. That's right; two passwords. Those PDF cracker programs will tell you straight up that they cannot crack owner/user password protected PDFs.

Now a real dilemma. You've got a owner/user password protected PDF. How do you get the secure PDF unlocked without giving the customer the passwords?

The only program that I'm aware of that allows you to use owner/user password protected PDF files without giving the customer the passwords is HYPrLock V3.

The good news is that you can import your PPT file into a PDF file. Think of PDFs as PPT on steroids.

An option might to be to forget PDF and PPT altogether and use HTML. Activ e-book compiler is quite secure with HTML.

(Edited by Storyman at 9:34 pm on July 18, 2006)

Posted on: 5:27 am on July 19, 2006
Murray Comber Thanks:

This has been very helpful. My plan is to use E-book compiler. Once I'm about ready to finalize my e-book for posting I will contact you again.


Posted on: 5:08 pm on July 19, 2006


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